About Us

Greetings and a warm welcome to Fishing vogue. First of all, we are honored to see your interest in learning more about us. While you are here, let us walk you to our founding, mission and values, working procedures, and many other things that make us unique among the traffic of self-proclaimed fishing experts. 

Fishing vogue is an online website that aims to provide the most effective and accurate information about fishing methods, tactics, and places, as well as the tools, tackles, and gears that help in getting the most of it. 

We have seen the difficult-to-access sites and the emergence of new anglers being providing half or completely irrelevant information over the internet. Both of them have brought significant disappointment to the fishing community, (even for a few of our members when they started fishing as a career). This was the reason that soon became our motive to initiate Fishing Vogue – reviews premium website of fishing ears and accessories that has access to all. 

Though, the least we believe is keeping the fishing arsenal professional and for business purposes only. What we think is that fishing is the liveliest and most fun-full activity that should be enjoyed above everything else. This is the reason we came up with fishing tips as well as gears that make the activity fun as well as easy. 

Our vision: 

Our core vision includes providing the following: 

  • Thousands of valuable fishing techniques 
  • Reviews of the Top-rated reviews on fishing tackles, tools, and accessories 
  • Hundreds of Guides start from how to fish to where to fish and everything that comes in between. 
  • Hot news and updates that constantly influences the fishing community. 

“All in all, we strive to provide the fishing community with the easiest means to get the information they need to fish with premium gears and tackles along with tips and tricks that gives them success.”  

Working procedures of fishing vogue: Our reviews and guides:

Fishing vogue specializes in giving forth the expert fishing techniques, the most tactical tips, and fishing strategies that can help beginners, as well as the expert anglers, make the most of their fishing trips. We gather all these tips from the professional anglers in our team that has been in the fishing arsenal for ages. We also keep updating all these tips, and strategies to give you the latest information about the popular and easy tactics being evolved lately. 

Whereas, a significant portion of our entire work emphasizes reviewing the fishing products and accessories that our professionals use. Though we don’t only rely on the products that we own, but also take huge surveys and research on what fishing gear has the most features, what is currently in the top ranks in the fishing industry, and what fishing gear is capable of certain special types of fishing such as bass, walleye, or trout. 

We just don’t start writing a review based on the research and surveys only, instead, the process is elongated to one more step. A few members of our team go on the fishing spots and test these gears so give you our personal opinion because we care about the authenticity of the information that reaches you through us. 

We are also a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and that’s how we make earnings through this site. We do advertise products though, but that’s totally on our personal experiences. We only take those fishing gears and tackles from amazon that we have had experience with. In addition, we don’t have a direct link with any company or brands that we review products from. 

Other than the reviews, we cover secondary topics, such as the best weather for fishing, fishing spots, fish species, and their pros and cons to make up a complete and comprehensive directory of fishing. 

Our team: 

Shannon Clinton – founder and editor-in-chief 

Shannon Clinton
Shannon Clinton

Meet Shannon Clinton, the editor-in-chief and founder of fishing vogue. He had by-birth fishing skills that he soon identified earlier in his childhood when he used to go fish with his father. Growing up, he started his career as a software developer in a corporate office. However, the heavy loads of work there and his growing interest in fishing elevated him to leave the job and develop the website off fishing vogue. 

This was a key turning point in his life where he turned his career and passion altogether and made this ultimate portal for fishing enthusiasts where he shares his interest as well as helps build the community with positive changes.


Ethan Bell – Writer, angler, and researcher: 

Ethan Bell
Ethan Bell

Ethan Bell is an all-in-one and the key contributor at fishing vogue. He has been in the fishing arsenal for 8 years plus he has done a bachelor’s in creative writing from George Mason University. He has put both of these two skills altogether and started his career writing blogs here on fishing vogues. Among all the members he gets the highest credit for the success of the page. 

Myles Dawson – researcher and former angler 

Myles Dawson
Myles Dawson

Myles Dawson is the oldest one on the board and he has experience fishing all over the world – both in freshwater and saltwater. He owns a large inventory of fishing gears that includes top-notch reels, rods, lines, and even accessories such as fishing sunglasses and effective fishing baits. He often helps the writing and research team with his experience to write reviews of these products. 

The writing and angling crew: 

We have one writing and angling crew composed of 3 anglers and 2 writers. These works inter-connectedly. The anglers share their experience and strategies while the writing department uses this information and turn them into the most effective way to be read, understood, and comprehended by the readers at ease.