Are Polarized Sunglasses Better

The question that concerns while buying a perfect pair of sunglasses is whether or not you should buy “polarized” sunglasses. If yes, then why does one need polarized sunglasses? What is so special about them? Are polarized sunglasses better? Even if yes, What’s so special about them,

Are Polarized Sunglasses Better

Before we answer the question, let us clear a few concepts. Such as what polarization is, how polarized lenses work, when to use them, etc to make you understand what you are getting into so that you shape your wishlist accordingly. So, let’s get started. 

So, what does Polarization mean?

what does Polarization mean

Polarization can be understood as a feature that applies to cross-waves that indicate the oscillations’ geometrical direction. In simple words, while considering light, we can say polarization is the division of light into two orientations e.g horizontal and vertical. These divisions filter out the light which enables us to see better.

Since the light travels in waves, the fact that you’re in an extremely bright area, such as the sun, might be difficult to view. The image is not only damaging to the eyes but also confusing, which is why it is important to polarise. You may see more clearly and easily in the sunny and extremely lit surroundings without any haziness, via polarizing light, in particular that of a horizontally oriented one.

How do polarized lenses work?

Polarized lenses or polarized sunglasses imply a thin chemical that filters out light. It has vertical straps that allow only vertically oriented light to pass by while blocking all the light coming from horizontal orientations. Thus, By doing that, polarized lenses eliminate all the glare disturbing your vision and provide a darker, vibrant and clear vision possible to sight in heavily lit environments. 

Activities to wear polarized sunglasses in:

You can wear your favorite pair of polarized sunglasses on an almost regular basis when you are out in the sun, due to its valuable advantages (also described below). Although, there are few activities for which polarized lenses are most recommended where you can examine the sorcery it does. 

polarized sunglasses in fishing

Fishing/ Boating: polarized sunglasses were specially designed for the sole purpose of water activities for the first time by Costa. click here and check out the best costa’s. Due to its glare-eliminating feature, you can see inside the sea as clear as crystal. Additionally, you can protect your eyes from eye strain by wearing a polarized pair since they are way too comfortable on the eyes.

Polarized Sunglasses while driving

Driving: if you’re driving, especially at night, the backlight of the vehicles tends to bounce which makes it unclear to see properly. Polarized lenses align the light transmission hence protecting your eyes from extra focusing plus you can drive smoothly without any mishap. 

Other outdoor activities

Other outdoor activities: polarized sunglasses also come in handy for other activities involving the sun or bright environment. It helps you not get tired of the light plus a fashion criterion would be met as well. In addition, they are also useful for snowy environments.  

Advantages of Polarized lenses 

Wearing a polarized pair of sunglasses rather than a regular one would bring about numerous advantages. Starring from a glare-cutting factor, which is impossible to get in any other kind of sunglasses. People who use polarized sunglasses at beaches or the sea for relevant water activities will always benefit from polarized lenses. ( find out the best-polarized fishing sunglasses here)

The basic function of any eyewear is to protect the eyes in the first place and there’s no technology better than polarized lenses to perform this function in the best possible way. It further reduces eye strain, eye fatigue and goes well with sensitive eyes which is not possible to get in any other sunglasses. It clears the vision, thanks to its contrast-enhancing factor. The vertical straps plus the chemical coating works like magic, as a result, you’ll be able to view your environment in the most vibrant and definite colors. 

Disadvantages of Polarized lenses 

It’s all great and cool with polarized lenses until you use your cell phone and voila ! There’s nothing you can see. The reason is polarized glasses block light from horizontal fluctuation, digital displays and screens are difficult for people to comprehend when wearing them.

This is the reason why pilots, computer operators, and other users of digital gadgets do not wear polarized glasses. Its filtering does not allow them to interpret the displays and GPS devices that may be problematic if you have polarized lenses. Furthermore, you cannot use an ATM or dashboard with them on your eyes, which is most likely regarded as a disadvantage of having sunglasses with polarized lenses. 

Not to mention, polarized sunglasses requires additional maintenance for keeping them for a longer period. however, there we have got to cover. just click here and get to know the simple steps for how to clean polarized lenses.

Pros & Cons of Polarized Sunglasses

  • Eliminates stress and tiredness of the eye
  • Makes a bright vision possible
  • Improves color variation
  • Enhances contrast
  • Enables you to clearly see in the water if you buy them for marine activities
  • Enriches clarity
  • Removes strong light smear and haze
  • Might create trouble for reading LED screens
  • Does not protect you if you look directly into the sun
  • Highly Expensive


Nonetheless, the question that concerns “are polarized sunglasses better” answers polarized sunglasses might be a better option or not. Because it very much depends on the situation and circumstances as a whole. 

For instance, if you choose it for outdoor activities, sunny activities, or aquatic activities, there is definitely ain’t a better choice. In the meantime, examine the inconvenience carefully, if the environment alters, before you begin to regret buying one.

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