Best Baitcasting Reels For Fishing Fanatics | Updated 2022

Are you switching your fishing reels from a spinning one to a baitcaster? Or do you want better line control while casting? It’s fine because we will equip you with a guide about the best baitcaster reels in the market with all the necessary facts and figures. A baitcaster is 2x at every aspect in the world of fishing reels. Professional anglers will agree here that a good baitcasting reel can make your fishing experience a whole lot better.

Best Baitcasting Reels

Since numerous brands are offering a million baitcaster reels based on quality and effectiveness, therefore, it is confusing to choose one. Nevertheless, the best baitcasting reel enables the anglers to have control over the lure, handle heavier lines and cast a long distance all in a deserving price factor.

Whereas, from comparing weights to analyzing drag power, from the bearing system to magnetic brake system and the all-over design and material used in the products. Ensuring you with the most detailed guide, we also have chosen the three best picks with reasons followed by detailed reviews of baitcasting reels with required specifications while answering all your queries in FAQs.

Top Picks: Top Three Baitcasting Reels

However, if you are in hurry, you can consider picking up from our top three namely, Abu Garcia Revo Beast x for its excellent gear technology, smooth braking system, and a large number of ball bearings.

For the second-best, we chose Daiwa Tatula CT for its magnificent drag and smoother casting system. Finally, Shimano Chronarch MGL for its extremely technological features and components. The reels have been further reviewed in detail below along with the remaining reels.

Abu Garcia Revo Beast X
Abu Garcia Revo Beast X
  • Greater Number Of Ball Bearings
  • The Centrifugal Braking System
  • Duragear Technology
  • Standard Gear System
  • Features Dual Hand Orientation
Daiwa Tatula CT
Daiwa Tatula CT
  • Unique Technology For Bearing And Controlling Systems
  • Efficient Utd Drag
  • Extensive Ball Bearings
  • T-wing System
  • Anti-abrasive
  • Zero Backlashing
Himano Chronarch MGL
Shimano Chronarch MGL
  • High-tech Magnumlite Spool
  • X Ship Gear Technology
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Braking System
  • Easy To Install And Control
  • Highly Durable

1. Daiwa Tatula Elite – Best Rated Baitcasting Reel

Daiwa tatula elite
Daiwa Tatula, heavy-duty or classy? ELITE what it is!


  • Body: aluminium 
  • Ball bearing: 7+1 
  • Available gear ratios: 6.3:1 , 7.1:1 , 8.1:1 
  • Weight: 6.1 oz
  • Color: black 
  • Hand orientation: ambidextrous 
  • Fishing line: Fluorocarbon  
  • Mono capacity: 12/150, 14/125, 16/110
  • Braid capacity: 30/140 , 40/ 110 
  • Max Drag: 11lb  

Daiwa Tatula Elite is one of Daiwa’s elite baitcasting reels with a feathery weight of 6.1 oz and three different gear ratios that allows casting at a larger distance while employing fairly less effort. It is the most upgraded one and the finest of the Tatula’s lineup. Moreover, it has every feature in 2x quality.

The top feature of the elite is its T wing system, which enables the line to be the smoothest while retrieving. With the T-wing system, there’s no friction and obstruction. That is the basic requirement for pro-level fishing since retrieving a big fatty catch is impossible with a quite restricted line which you can mostly find in any average baitcasting reel.

Nothing but the fish and fun! that's all that Tatula Elite can give!
Nothing but the fish and fun! that’s all that Tatula Elite can give!

Then comes, a magnetic brake system with a zero adjuster with which a smooth rotating system throughout the cast is possible. We are not hesitant to say that this is one of the features that make these reels a premium kind. Furthermore, they have an 8 ball bearing reel system that helps you fish as smoothly as possible. Plus, the greater line capacity makes it all possible to fish at a farther distance and a bit deeper from inside for the bigger catch at less effort. 

They have a functional tension knob as well that is easy to control and operate. The knob put enough resistance and control over the spool allowing free backlash fishing without any hassle. Though you can also visit, how to cast a baitcaster to have a more efficient experience.

  • Lightweight
  • Spool Inertia is comparatively lower
  • Allows fishing with laser effort and greater distance
  • Allows compatibility for both hands
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • No formation of bird’s nest
  • Appears to be a bit costly

If you are planning on a long-term useful investment, then without looking further, choose Daiwa Tatula elite already. With an effective T Wing System, greater ball bearing as well as weightless design, they are an angler’s solid consideration. Under the price and features, they never disappoint for real.

2. Abu Garcia Revo Beast X – Best Selling Baitcasting Reel

Abu Garcia Revo Beast X
Abu Garcia Revo Beast, a fighter fishing reel for the most challenging Bass fish.


  • Material type: Aluminium 
  • Ball bearings: 7+1
  • Reel weight: 9.35 ounce 
  • Magnetic system: centrifugal/ magnetic 
  • Gear ratios: 5.8:1 , 7.3:1
  • Duragear 
  • Max drag: 30lb 

Baitcasters manufactured by Abu Garcia have been known as the best baitcasters for over several years because of the quality built and the smooth casting ability.

Beginning with the gear system, the biggest benefit is, it is available in 2-speed options. With 5.8:1 we were amazed how it finely and smoothly worked for the pitching and flipping at nearly ¾ ounce jigs or more. While the 7.3 was a monster for real for big fishes like cranks catfish or even tuna. 

Then, the carbon-fiber drag system was brilliant. It was easy to change and land the fish without getting any messier. In addition, you can trust Revo beast to never backlash, thanks to their many stainless steel-made high-quality ball bearings.

The externally adjustable magnetic or centrifugal gear system makes them super attractive as well. Besides, the hand orientation is worth mentioning, as you can get it for both left and right-handers. So you can say goodbye to your hand injuries due to over-extension.

With all these features, they are extremely lightweight than any average 240/14lb mono capacity. The horsepower is more worthy than any other Revo’s and above all, Its noteworthy duragear technology is its iconic feature that offers an excellent casting system. With the combination of any Abu Garcia’s heavy rode, it’s absolute fire.

Abu Garcia Revo Beast X with a classic ergonomic design unboxed.
Defending the “Revo” name with a classic ergonomic design.
  • Available in both of the hand orientations left and right 
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • High-Quality ball bearings
  • Efficient drag system
  • High-end Magnetic braking system
  • Fairly costly

As a whole, Revo Beast is a real monster that you might need for heavy flipping and worthwhile fishing. The workhorse, durability, comfort everything about the Revo Beast makes you love your passion for fishing even more. 

3. Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel – Best For Robust Drag

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel
Piscifun Torrent reel that drags like no other reel!


  • Material: carbon 
  • Hand orientation: left
  • Gear ratio: 7.1:1
  • Max drag: 18lb 
  • Weight: 8 ounce 
  • Line Retrieve: 30 inches/ 76cm 
  • Ball bearing: 5 + 1 
  • Side plate oil port 
  • 0-10 magnetic dial
  • Braid capacity: 30lb / 120yards
  • Mono capacity: 10lb / 120 yards 

Piscifun Torrent is one of the top affordable casting Reel in 2022, with all the features you might desire in a pricier reel for medium to heavy fishing. First of all, we loved its manufacturing, the larger handles, and a great grand drag system. The retrieval it offers is fine and smooth and it doesn’t backlash for sure.


The carbon fiber drag system is where the superiority lies. Its 18lb drag is higher than even any expensive reel. You can compare it to the above-listed Daiwa Tatula Elite and see the visible difference of 8lb drag

Whilst, the notable feature is its side plate oil port that makes it smooth and sleek to use by lubricating it. It requires notably less maintenance with great durability and accessibility. Also, it has elongated handles, which provide additional flexibility and balanced control over the lure. 

It has double wind shafts, which is a double line winding support instead of a single line that ensures amazing stability for the reel as well as your cast. In addition, 7.1:1 is a gear ratio for which the fastest fishing is practicable. It compliments the best for quick and fast fishing covers and techniques. 

8 ounces on the weight is extremely lighter both on the reel and on price. Being not heavy allows great comfortability plus safe and secure fishing as many anglers with many other reels return from the sea with heavy arm pain. So, you don’t have to worry about the management under a price as low as 40$.

  • Budget-friendly
  • An exceptional drag system
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Doesn’t weight much
  • Have built-in oil ports for additional maintenance
  • Double line winding support
  • Gears a bit noisy

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel, from design to working, is everything an angler would ever need. INCREDIBLE it is, whether you see them from a quality perspective or price perspective. A pure class that deserves the ownership of a passionate angler.

4. Penn Squall low profile | High-End Casting Reels

Penn Squall low profile
Squall for the saltwater that gets you a filled tuna and halibut buckets.


  • Ball bearings: 5 + 1 
  • Bearing material: stainless steel 
  • Drag system type: HT-100 
  • Weight: 8.3 oz, 9.3 oz
  • Gear ratios: 6.2:1 , 6.6:1 , 7.3:1 , 7.6:1 , 8.0:1 , 9.2:1 
  • Reel size: 200, 300, 400 
  • Max drag: 24lb/ 10.8kg 
  • Magnetic casting brakes 
  • Brass gears 
  • Available in both hand orientation

Penn squall is a low-profile heavy-duty saltwater fishing reel whether it is salmon, tuna, or halibut, they work just splendidly. There are a thousand reels on the market that allow great functionality and all but when it comes to saltwater, they got just numb.

In contrast, Squall was truly made for saltwater while working fine on freshwater as well. It doesn’t require greater maintenance due to a fully resilient metal body having brass gear technology being composed in. 

The stainless steel ball bearings amounting to six ensure smooth control over the reel. You don’t have to worry about the backlash with Squall and can roll the baits to fish bigger and better. 

The drag system knob of the reel is simply a feature we cannot forget to bring up here. It comes with a double knob crank handle with a star drag because of which friction and rotation are possible in the most useful manner. Not only does it cranks with a power of 24 lbs very smoothly but it is also easy to set up.  

Penn Squall, with a matte-black outlook, is a first-class reel that never fails to add elegance to your style. The long-lasting colors with a golden logo on the side speak every time you take them with you on fishing.

Composed of a full metal body, each and every component is individually solid and sturdy with Minimal wear and tear. They are available in numerous gear ratios ranging from 6.2 to 9.2 per rotation. The options are for optimum versatility for flipping pitching as well as deep water fishing. 

  • The smooth and sound drag system
  • Double larger knob
  • Easy to control and set up
  • Stainless steel ball bearing
  • Highly durable
  • Required low maintenance
  • A bit pricier

There is no baitcasting reel other than Penn Squall to be practically the best one for fishing in various waters, be it fresh or saltwater for deeper and heavier as you desire. Have one Squall and you are all set to bring home a wide variety of fishes in significantly lesser effort. 

5. Daiwa Tatula CT – Baitcast Reel with the most Decent Built

Daiwa Tatula CT
The Aluminum-built Daiwa Tatula CT is a bet for offshore anglers!


  • Reel weight: 0.6 pounds ( 7.2oz)
  • Handle material: aluminium 
  • Gear ratios: 8.1:1 
  • Mono capacity: 14/120, 16/100 
  • Braid capacity: 30/130, 40/100 
  • Max drag: 13lb 
  • Ball bearing: 8+1 
  • Drag system: UTD 

Another one from Daiwa on the list proves the standard and peculiarity of the brand. Since fishing requires accuracy above all and that is exactly why you should opt for the Tatula CT. Their gear controls with the 9 balls bearing system allow you to be comfortable and easy with maximum correctness on the sea since you can’t fish if you can’t be exact.

TWS or the T-Wing System like the Tatula Elite is totally remarkable. It works the same in the CT reducing obstruction and friction while allowing a smooth cast and a smoother retrieve as well as slinging farther and deeper. Also, a less restrictive and less resistant line makes it possible to lure down the bait without spooking and awaking the fish.

The specialized drag technology, known as UTD is one of the most effective drag technologies that is incorporated in the reel. It is more durable, smooth, and steady than ordinary drags. In addition, a higher gear ratio i.e 8.3:1 enables fast and quick fishing that saves time and effort. A quality that mostly an expert angler must consider in a reel.

Magforce Z magnetic casting for internal and external magnetic systems simply stands out. It stabilizes the control throughout the casting period and ensures zero mess inside and out of the water regarding the cast. Plus the weight at 7.2 really makes it easy to handle and manage.

  • UTD drag system for butter-like smooth casting
  • Zero backlashes
  • Requires less effort for control and manage
  • Comfortable and easy to operate
  • Technical magnetic casting system
  • Like any Daiwa’s, they are heavy on price

With Daiwa, you definitely can’t go wrong. Their baitcasters speak for their unique features and functionality out on the harsh water for heavy casting. Unique technology for drag, bearing, and controlling systems makes the CT a solid consideration for an angler as passionate as you. 

6. Shimano Chronarch MGL | High-End Baitcaster Reel

Shimano Chronarch MGL 
Small yet diligent! Shimano Chronarch MGL is to die for!


  • Weight: 0.8 pounds (6.7 oz) 
  • Ball bearings: 8+1
  • Gear ratio: 8.1:1
  • Graphite frames and side plates 
  • Hand orientation: ambidextrous  
  • Retrieve rate: 34 inches 
  • Mono line capacity: 10/120, 12/110, 14/90
  • Braid capacity: 20/150, 30/135, 40/105
  • Max Drag: 10lb 

A reel that guarantees you catch all our favorite fish at the sea is the reel we call Shimano Chronarch MGL. 

The very first reason is its delicate weight of 6.7 oz, having a Magnumlite Spool, which turned it to be one of the lightest reels we ever fished in. It allows you to get settled with any kind of rods, has easy settings to install, and is even easier to control. 

Shimano Chronarch MGL with an irresistible style
The irresistible style that gets even the daring fish species scared!

Shimano’s MicroModule gearing is a top-class gearing system that allows rotation and overall control of the reel in a silky smooth way imaginable without any noise. Plus, the gear involves a total of 9 constructed ball bearings in the reel for an additional sleek retrieve without employing any effort. 

Chronarch is specifically designed for freshwater yet it doesn’t disappoint on saltwater due to anti-corrosive technology for increased maintenance and healthy life. Having a Shimano with a gear ratio of 8.1:1 and drag power of 10 pounds is a huge flex whether you fish at muddy saltwater, fresh, or near the banks. It dominates the world of fast and finesses fishing reels in such classiness, we are obsessed with it from the first glance to the very end. 

  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to set up and control
  • Magnumlite spool technology for a low inertia
  • Does Not form any birds nest
  • X ship gear support technology
  • Nearly weightless
  • Cannot drag more than 10lb

Being an angler at any level, if you constantly report dull and roughcasting, tough control, and extra added tiredness at fishing, Do yourself a favor and get this reel. It provides you with easy settings, lesser weight, and much compatibility – all you would have ever wished to have in a fishing reel.

7. Lews Mach Crush Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

Lews Mach Crush Speed Spool Baitcast Reel
Features, Quality, and Color – with all, Lew Mach Crush rules the sea!


  • Body material: aluminum 
  • Colors available: orange
  • Reel weight: 7.8 oz
  • Hand orientation: right hand
  • Gearing ratio: 7.5:1 
  • Ball-bearing: 9 + 1
  • Max drag: 20lb 
  • Mono Capacity: 12/150  
  • Braid Capacity: 150/150 
  • Bearing material: Stainless steel 

Lews Mach is a multi-purpose reel for all your fishing types with a more gear ratio, ball bearings, and sound quality. Having ball bearings amount to 10 is a big deal with all of them being manufactured from high-quality stainless steel that is being understood as the top quality material for a smooth buttery fishing experience.

It is extremely light when you pair it with your favorite rods, and easy to set up and manage. The best part is it allows fishing at a larger distance from your current position, enhancing the casting distance at max with a great braid capacity of 150/150.

The standard gear ratio, as 7.5 per rotation allows flipping and pitching nearer even under the dirty covers. Plus zero reverse one-way clutch bearing, operates on a light-speed, eliminating all the backlashes, rolls back at lightspeed with a big beautiful fat catch on your hand the next second, one of the amazing features we encountered in any reel though. 

A reel that not only looks good but works better!
A reel that not only looks good but works better!

The next feature to drag here is the drag system being at 20lb (greater than many reels) that you’ll be blessed with for going deep-sea fishing. It plays its part well with a weight of 7.8 oz to deal with tricky catches and won’t let you miss any chance. Unlike black, you can have your reel in an attractive orange that looks good plus work better. Additionally, half a pound as weight is delicate yet solid. It’s fishing without aching. 

  • An efficient bearing system having zero reverse one-way clutch bearing
  • A higher drag system
  • Lightweight
  • Robust and sturdy
  • Have a large number of stainless ball bearings
  • Easy and smooth to use
  • Not goes well with left-handed people

Lew’s Mach crush with its big bang drag system, high technology zero reverse bearing system, catchy colors, and a smooth mechanism is perfect for any angler looking for the best baitcaster at mid-range. In our opinion, getting such a worthy gain is a Big enough deal you shouldn’t leave unconsidered.

8. Abu Garcia Zata – Highly Robust and Cool Baitcaster

Abu garcia zata baitcasting reel
One Abu Gracia and an end game for the Bass and Marlin.


  • Reel weight: 9.52 ounces    
  • Material type: graphite  
  • Gear ratio: 7.1:1 
  • Color: green 
  • Hand orientation: both left and right   
  • Ball bearings: 10+1 
  • Max drag: 20lb 
  • Drag system: carbon matrix 
  • Gear type: duragear 
  • Mono capacity: 135/10 110/12 95/14
  • Braid capacity: 145/20 110/30 75/50
  • Bearing material: stainless steel 

If you tend to get attracted to a reel by its number of ball bearings, then Zata is your pick. They have the most number of ball bearings that count to 11 designed under robust technology to get the reel to be faster, smoother, and sleeker which totally exceeds your desires and expectations. 

With their dense mono capacity, you can farther and a bit deeper. You don’t necessarily have to fish in the banks since you can drag up to 20 pounds effortlessly. Similarly, Zata with greater gear management and control efficiency enables you to Lures your cast further and smoother. 

The Infini brake system allows you to have an extra added control throughout your casting, rotating, and retrieving period. However, the efficiency of the reel is mostly on the gearing system of 7.1:1 because it doesn’t let any backlash happen no matter how careless you get on the reel while your total focus is on the fish. Besides, the overall weight of 9.5 oz can be a bit heavy.

Abu Garcia’s specialized gear technology known as the duragear guarantees the life of the reel along with the effective non-rustable gearing system for a long and healthy time.  

Besides, it looks very professional and classy in a mighty dark green color on the outside but it also works just the same as it seems. If you’re concerned about how the reel would affect your personality and appearance, have one Zata for both works and looks.

  • Have the greatest number of ball bearings
  • Being composed of solid graphite material
  • Note-worthy duragear system
  • Heavy drag system
  • Slightly heavy than normal fishing reels

Where there’s Zata, there are no injuries, no regrets. Abu Garcia makes use of heavy technology for all the components of the reel, resulting in a well-efficient, robust baitcaster for fishing that never disappoints you for thousands of years if you live. A highly recommended reel for many valid reasons, after all. 

9. 13 Fishing Concept Z – Best Rated Reel for Flawless Functionality

13 Fishing Concept Z
13 fishing concept Z giving off 13 hundred reasons to be a valuable addition.


  • Weight: 0.38 pounds 
  • Gear ratio:  7.3:1 8.1:1 
  • Colors: tequila sunrise 
  • Material (body, handle, and bearings): aluminum
  • Braking system type: centrifugal 
  • Ball bearings: zero 
  • Line capacity: 12/ 135 
  • Max drag: 22lb 
  • Line per crank: 32 inches

Our list of top baitcasting reels is incomplete without 13 fishing concepts Z. it’s incredibly amazing in every aspect from bearing, gearing, and braking to even spool technology.

Our favorite part of the reel is the CZB a.k.a Concept Zero Bearing Technology that smoothly cuts off traditional ball bearing systems. With it, you can fish for a whole day if you want, without worrying that the performance will diminish even if you’re at your 1000th catch. HEAVY, right? 

Having this reel with a gear ratio of 7.3:1 at freshwater totally benefits you while it won’t let you down at saltwater as well due to its ocean armor saltwater protection technology that protects the reel in the saltwater with maximum catches including Bass and trout fishing. 

Moreover, 22lb is the maximum possible bulldog drag system paired with 6.7 overall weight that you can avail of in Fishing Concept Z for the easiest drag adjustment mechanism. Also, the dead stop anti-reverse system does not allow fish to swim in other directions. A guaranteed catch is exactly what the reel offers. 

As additional specs, it has a 6-way centrifugal braking system that controls the moves with the successful cast. The soundproof cut gearing system is also a plus point in the reel. Finally and most importantly, it is as light as an angler aspires a reel to be.

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • High-end magnetic cast controlling system
  • CZB technology for bearing system
  • Having a 6-way centrifugal high tech braking system
  • Excellent anti-reverse technology
  • A higher price factor

Concept Z is a concept of advanced technology, aluminum resilient, and robust on techs and components while lightest on weight. Due to its various worthwhile technical components, to be efficient on all kinda waters, it’s one of the most valuable purchases since Concept Z won’t ditch you for any fish, at any sea.

10. Okuma Serrano SRN 101-A | Best Cheap Baitcasting Reel

Okuma Serrano SRN 101-A
Okuma Serrano SRN 101-A is a winning reel that costs no arm and leg!


  • Reel material: aluminium 
  • Gear ratios: 6.5:1 
  • Color: multiple colorways 
  • Hand orientation: left 
  • Weight: 7 ounce 
  • Max drag: 11lb 
  • Line capacity: 120/12 (0.31), 110/14 (0.33), 90/16 (0.37)
  • Ball bearings: 6+1
  • Retrieve rate: 26.8 inches

Our final baitcasting reel and the highly considerable one, since an aluminum-made Okuma Serrano 101-A is a top to toe advanced and easy-to-use reel for all levels of anglers. It has a magnetic casting for the braking system that stabilizes the control in accord with the Serrano’s spectacular anodized spool. Plus, there’s no line spinning when you move the line during the whole cast with a feathery weight of 7 oz.

It has multi-disc drags that are highly functional as well as durable. 6.5:1 as the gear ratio doesn’t get the reel rough despite water conditions and extended time period. Moreover, Corrosion-resistant ball bearings being made of stainless steel and an anti-reverse technology make possible a smooth and sleek casting and retrieving mainly when the fish is stuck with bait underwater and you need a speedy, steady retrieve without any backlash.

Another noteworthy feature is its Handle knob. Being composed and developed from gulf grip materials is comfortable, though, it is one of the components on which the whole performance of the reel depends.

Outstanding design and Magnificent life-span
Outstanding design and Magnificent life-span – simply the Okuma things!

Finally and most importantly, they are affordable plus cover you up with a year of warranty while complimenting you for any fishing you go for, be it bass or trout.

As per the durability, it stays longer than you expect the reel to be without any issues. That, for the price, is the best feature despite everything.

  • Adjustable magnetic cast control system
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Fast and quick anti-reverse mechanism
  • Golf grip handle knob
  • Fairly affordable
  • Not available in right-hand orientation

If you want to play safe but exceptionally for fishing, you have just found the right reel for yourself. All the way up to flipping and pitching requirements and slightly deeper fishing. Amazing workhorse and premium features. And guess what? you can have the feel at a fair enough price. Neither sacrificing on budget nor on quality.

How to make the right choice in selecting the Best Baitcasting Reel?

Well, there has been a debate over the internet that a gear ratio and the size make the baitcaster best or worst. Though, the statement can be true to some extent because these two are simply not the only thing you can rely on. So, let us brief out the ins and outs of a baitcaster reel that makes it worthy for you.

Things to consider before buying  Baitcaster Reels
A gear ratio is the heart of the reel, so get the one you can control before it controls you.

Gear Ratio:

An effective gear control depends upon the suitable gear ratio. Even the professionals have second thoughts while buying a new baitcaster, consequently, there are a lot of different choices to select from. Well, the process of selection might be profuse but the right choice can take you a long way.

Generally, a three-digit number usually written as 6.3:1 or 5.6:1 is a gear ratio. It simply means you can rotate the spool 6.3 or 5.6 times in 1 rotation. In order to have an efficient gear mechanism, there’s not just one factor that will escort you throughout. For this purpose, you must bear in mind certain factors.

Knowing the speed best suits your handling mechanism. As in general, if you’re a novice you should go with a smaller ratio e.g 5.0:1 to 5.9:1 or 6.0:1 are enough to get you all covered. Whereas, the ideal gear ratio is somewhat between 6.3:1 and 7.2:1 which makes the best baitcasting reels. It helps the anglers, especially medium to experienced ones, to fasten the fishing with an increased amount of lure and jigs. 

Meanwhile, it is also likely to depend on the fishing type as well, for example with fishing like crankbaits you need to be patient and there’s when a slow ratio comes in handy. There’s usage and application for every gear ratio: 

  • Low (5.0:1 to 5.5:1): For spinnerbaits, deep crankbaits, and swimbaits.
  • Medium (6.1:1 to 6.4:1): castable umbrella rigs(shallow), mid-depth crankbaits, shallow spinnerbaits.
  • High ( 7.1:1 to 8.3:1): jigs and big worms, texas and Carolina rigs, topwater, and jerk baits. 

Braking system:

A baitcaster, to be highly effective, needs a braking system made of a magnet. Though, they are easily obtainable since almost all the manufacturers now employ magnetic braking systems in baitcasters.

This is how Magnetic Braking system looks like
B for Brilliant in brakes to eliminate the Burst of Backlash!

So what does a magnetic braking system exactly do? Simply, it stables the spool control in accord with the breaks. Since the more it is close to the spool, the more you’ll be able to slow down the spool and control your catch without line spinning. As a result, you’ll have balanced control over the spool with no backlashes, since without control fishing is pretty frustrating for sure.


If you’re looking for the baitcasting reel, you must prioritize the maximum drag power. We’ll suggest that drag is the key part of a baitcaster. Basically, drag is a star-shaped device like a set of plates that produces friction which is connected to the reel near the handle. The main purpose of drag is to adjust the tension and to control the amount of line that comes out while wrestling a fish. 

Most the anglers go with the hit or miss method, they feel the tension and use their senses to adjust the right amount of drag but an improperly set drag can cost you your dream fish. So, what is the right amount of drag and how can we get it without the hit or miss method? 

Most likely in every reel, we turn right to tighten the reel and left for losing it. We need to use a digital scale or spring to measure the drag but the ideal settings are 8lbs to 15lbs you can easily get a 30lbs fish through this setting. The baitcasters we’ve put in our top 10 list have the max drag of 22lbs, which means you don’t need to worry about those big fishes escaping the lure.

Chart by Visualizer

Spool and the line:

Generally, there are 3 types of lines available based on stretching properties, diameter, visibility, and weather conditions. They are monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid.

  • Monofilament is a kind of elastic line, the most stretchable of the three. They have several benefits such as lighter weight, ability to hold any kind of knot well enough, zero visibility, easy casting, and non-abrasive. Also, they are the least expensive among all the fishing lines.
  • Fluorocarbons, as compared to monofilament, are less elastic which is an advantage in many fishing conditions. It resists abrasion as well as UV rays excellently, is invisible, and offers good knot strength for all kinds. It’s denser and doesn’t absorb water which makes it a solid consideration.
  • Braid is a non-stretchable fishing line having no memory. Just like fluorocarbon, it is UV resistant and does not absorb water. However, it is a bit hard to spool braided line, but don’t worry you can learn it through how to spool a baitcaster for spooling it correctly. It has less diameter among all the lines. The only drawback is that the braided lines are visible, yet it can be minimized by camouflaging them i.e choosing a color similar to water.

Now, you would have figured out your requirements for the line. Whereas, the spool size depends on how heavy the line is. The larger the line, the larger spool you need. Normally, larger spool sizes are a choice for a non-backlashing reel.

Reel size:

It must be borne in mind that bigger is not always better. How useful a reel size is most likely depends upon the fishing situation or kind. With this, don’t forget the availability since the most common ones are 150 yards and are generally understood as the ideal one, in terms of handling.

If you’re out for bass or trout fishing, consider the smaller reel size as 50 or 100 because it’s easy to handle and is more effective. For saltwater choose nothing less than 300 otherwise you’ll regret going with your small sized-reel. Whereas, 400 is the best way to go for inshore crankshaft fishing.


The best materials for a baitcasting reel are the materials the following.

  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • Carbon-composite

These are highly durable, long-lasting, and offer supreme functionality in all kinds of fishing.


A baitcaster reel, above all, must be light in weight. Heavy reels, alternatively, are not only difficult to manage but also very uncomfortable and ineffective. The weight of a fishing reel depends on what material it is manufactured from and also the length of the reel. The weight of an ideal fishing reel should not exceed 12 oz that too if the reel size is around 400. Otherwise, try to look for 5 to 9 oz for supreme comfortability.

Ball Bearings:

Professional anglers might agree that bearing counts are the first thing that concerns a buyer of a baitcaster. The number of bearings tells how smooth it will be to cast but keep in mind that a lot of bearings does not mean a lot of fish.

Just know that the more the ball bearings, the greater the functionality. Plus, the quality should be fairly acceptable since low-quality ball bearings tend to get defective and obsolete in long run, so you won’t be having a smooth frictionless control no matter how much they are in quantity.

Also check, that the ball bearings are corrosion-resistant because many are not. Plus, on the safe side keep the number 5 in your mind as the ideal quantity of ball bearings. Last but not the least, they should be made of stainless steel for the best results. Ceramics can be a fair choice though.

Based on the above guide, you can choose any of the mentioned baitcasting reels. You’ll find all features stated above in them without going for a complex search.


For a beginner, it can be hard. Also, if you are using a low-quality reel, it won’t help with fishing no matter what level of fishermen you are.

Before buying a baitcaster, certain specs such as gear ratio, bearing, braking system, spool, and line capacities are very important to know otherwise you will regret the purchase.

25 to 30 is the normal range, any angler of the average skill can cast. However, it depends upon the setting on your reel as well as your control management.


For efficacious and heavy level fishing (specifically farther and deeper) an angler requires nothing other than a baitcasting reel. Although we tested 20 plus baitcasting reels and enlisted the top ten reels with detailed reviews. However, for a particularized purchase, you can pick from our best 3 from the best brands.

  • Abu Garcia Revo Beast X: for a greater number of ball bearings, centrifugal braking system, duragear technology, and standard gear system.
  • Daiwa Tatula Ct: for unique technology for bearing and controlling system, efficient UTD drag, and extensive ball bearings.
  • Shimano Chronarch MGL: for various technologies such as Magnumlite Spool, X ship gear, lighter weight as well as bearing and braking system.

We hope you find it useful and fish-full.

Clinton Shannon

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