Best Baitcasting Rods Under $100 with Premium Features

Baitcasting rods should not always be expensive to work well. That being said, we can assume that perhaps you need a rod that does not ask you to break the bank while also never disappointing you. However, it requires a lot of time and research if you are out to get the best baitcasting rods under 100 dollars. The rod, besides being inexpensive, should also perform well, has a quality you can rely on and entails standard features.

Best Baitcasting Rods Under $100

The characteristics mentioned above are exactly what you’ll et from here. We have reviewed the best casting rods under $100. So scroll down and get the best match to your reel.

Six Best Baitcasting Rods Under 100

  • 30-ton Blanks
  • Titanium Oxide Semi-micro Guides
  • Eva Handle Grips
  • Custom Reel Seat
  • Advantages:
  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Great Casting Ability
  • Enables Accuracy
  • Has The Most Solid Construction
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Stainless Steel Guides With Sic Inserts
  • 40-ton Graphite Blanks
  • Premium-grade Cork & Eva Handles
  • Advantages:
  • Can Use In Both Saltwater And Freshwater
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Excellent Control Factor
  • Graphite Blanks
  • Cork Split Grips
  • Titanium Oxide Ring Guides
  • Convenient Hook Keeper
  • Advantages:
  • Better And Solid Guides
  • Comfy Handles
  • Control-oriented
  • Greater Sensitive

1. SHIMANO SLX – Most Versatile Budget Pick



  • Material: 24-ton carbon 
  • Handles: EVA grips 
  • length: 7’5” 
  • Size available: 2
  • Guide: 9+tip 
  • Power: medium heavy 
  • Action: extra fast 
  • Line rating: 15-30 lb 
  • Lure weight: 0.5 to 1.5 oz 

If you’re a regular angler who’s been in the game for a long time. You’d know how popular and classy Shimano gears are considered in the fishing world.  For a rod that is constructed well, comfortable, and entails quality features, we couldn’t find better than Shimano SLX, and though, we have rightly ranked it on the top. 

Shimano SLX features 24-ton carbon material for the entire construction meaning that it will be strong and sturdy enough that you can rely on the rod.


The guides being 9+1 in number are also greater allowing for the smooth flow of the line without any friction and roughness. It is also because the guides are composed of titanium oxides that are additionally corrosion resistant as well.

For a comfortable feel, the rod has EVA grips that ensure the tacky grips go well despite the weather and temperature. plus, we also have a whole detailed article on the best Shimano baitcasting reels from which you can choose the reel that best fit the Shimano SLX.

Lastly, the rod size we’d suggest is mighty here. Having 7.5 inches that cast greater, has the ability to hold heavier pounds of line, and also you can use medium-lightweight lures with it that weigh 0.5 to 1.5 inches.

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Great cast
  • Solid built
  • Sensitive
  • Cannot use in saltwater

Shimano SLX is the most reputable and high-profile rod having extreme power and offering an ultimate performance that will get your fishing game up to the height of dopeness. Honestly, at this price factor, this is the best cheap baitcasting rod that you can get.

2. CADENCE CRB7 – Best Full Grip Baitcasting Rod



  • Material: 40-ton carbon 
  • Handles type: full 
  • length: 7’0” 
  • Size available: 9
  • Guide type: stainless steel with SIC inserts  
  • Power: medium-moderate 
  • Action: fast 
  • Handle type: full 
  • Line rating: 12-20 lb 
  • Lure weight: 1/4-3/4 oz

With a number of features, Cadence CRB7 is the perfect rod for any baitcaster that you can use for multipurpose due to its number of benefits. The best aspect of the rod is the full handle that allows you to involve both your hands over. With this rod, one can have maximum leverage and control, which you will value when you will get stuck with a tougher fish.

Then with fast action, it features medium-moderate power that offers great distance without sacrificing accuracy. Plus that guides are made of top-quality materials, it is one of our parts in the rod too. With the guides, there are SiC inserts that add durability as well as beauty to the rod.

The rod, on the other hand, can be used for all-purpose fishing as it features 9 models for various lengths and power modes that allow for crankbaits and alike jigs so made a better choice and has better features and durable quality.

  • Excellent control factor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Amazing hooksets
  • Saltwater-friendly
  • Not enough stiff

Cadence CRB7 is an all-in-one rod you can purchase for your baitcasting reel. Whether you are casting a smaller distance or longer, saltwater or freshwater, summer or winter, it will all get you covered with its incredible workability.

3. DAIWA PROCYON – Most Sturdy Guide Rings



  • Material: graphite 
  • Grips: cork split  
  • length: 6’6’
  • Guide:
  • Guide material: titanium oxide 
  • Power: medium-heavy 
  • Action: extra fast 
  • Line rating: 10-20 lb 

Procyon is another best baitcasting rod under 100 from a popular brand with its medium-sized length and full of features. The rod is stylish and pretty from the outside while it is built from high-end graphite material which makes it solid from the blank and the bottom.


The construction also involves a guide made of titanium oxide material and counts to 9 which makes it possible for the line to pass frictionlessly and evenly. It has greater hooks that are powerful making it complement baitcasting as well as any electric fishing reel.

Though the rod has medium-heavy power and is designed for freshwater fishing and has heavier line ratings, therefore you can use it for heavy bass, northern pike, and a lot of catfishes at maximum ease.

  • Accuracy and control-oriented
  • Better and solid guides
  • Comfy handles
  • Great hooks
  • Sensitive
  • Cannot operate in saltwater

Daiwa Procyon is everything for freshwater fishing you need from a solid build to covering mighty distances and better performance. It is because of its quality, you can’t really ask for a better one.

4. UGLY STIK GX2 | Best Cheap Anti-Corrosive Baitcasting Rod



  • Material: graphite and fiberglass 
  • Handles: EVA grips 
  • length: 5’6 ft 
  • Guide: 6
  • Power: medium 
  • Size available: 15
  • Action: medium 
  • Line rating: 8-20 lb 
  • Lure weight: 1/4 – 5/8 oz 

To add variety here, we have added a smaller length of Ugly Stik GX2 which is also our favorite bass fishing rod.

The smaller size in length does not compromise the casting distance. The power is the mighty medium here, control is efficient and you can tirelessly capture and land a number of sea bass, salmon, and tuna with little to no effort.

The rod is pretty comfortable, thanks to the cork handles. Plus, it uses high-quality fiberglass combined with graphite material for rod construction. Not to mention, fiberglass is top-0quality rid material, and it is rare for an affordable rod to come with fiberglass material.

Above all, the rod is pretty stylish and anti-corrosive too so the colors do not wear off in the long run. In addition, the rod is also lightweight due to its size so you also don’t have to go back home with wrist aches.

  • Strength yet sensitivity
  • Sensitive yet solid
  • Lightweight
  • Tacky grips
  • Durable
  • Fewer guides as compared to other rods on this list

For bank fishing and bass with thicker vegetation, this is the perfect rod you can get under 100 bucks. The rod is incredible in its performance and it also functions the way you direct it or want it to, therefore for a serious bass angler, this is a top-recommended rod.

5. PISCIFUN SERPENT – Most Robust Construction



  • Material: IM7 carbon 
  • Handles: anti-slip golf grips 
  • length: 7’9 
  • Guide: 8 + tip 
  • Size available: 6
  • Power: medium-heavy 
  • Action: fast 
  • Line rating: 15-65 lb 
  • Lure weight: 1/2 – 3 oz 

Piscifun serpent is another good cheap baitcasting rod being perfectly incorporated with advanced features. 

One of the things that we like the most in the Piscifun serpent is its gripping mechanism. The handles, having anti-slip grips that depict that of the grips in golf, are what they have invested in and they are some of the most comfortable handles in the fishing rod game. 

There is an anti-line twist tip as well that allows for a longer cast despite the rod also keeps the line straight and sturdy and shields against any damage so you can safely fish with it. 

Fuji O rings are another hallmark of the rod that maintains the quality of the rod while allowing the line to safely travel with zero friction. 

Though choosing the length and technique is much of a personal preference but with these rods, we’d suggest going with the extra-large size that we have mentioned in the specification bar. 

It, however, allows for better casting abilities and you can use swimbaits and rigs and other heavier lures for heavier species at premium ease.

  • Excellent casting ability
  • Anti-friction line flow
  • Higher-strength
  • Anti-slip grips
  • Might feel heavy

Piscifun serpent is undoubtedly the best budget baitcasting rod for its capabilities. For fishing at ponds, lakes, and large rivers with over vegetation, this is the exact tool that you require to make the process successful and fishful.

6. KASTKING PERIGEE II – Best Lightweight Affordable Rod



  • Material: 24-ton carbon fiber 
  • Handles: EVA keepers 
  • length: 7’0” 
  • Guide: 9+tip 
  • Pieces:
  • Size available: 15
  • Power: medium-light, medium 
  • Action: fast 
  • Line rating: 6-12 , 8-14 
  • Lure weight: 1/8 – 3/8 , 1/4 – 3/4 

As for the final best casting rod under 100, we have Kastking perigee II having dual tips and in two-piece form. 

The dual tip (one with medium-light power and one with the medium) is probably the best feature of the rod as far as our inspection of the rod goes that allows the highest compatibility to use a wide variety of lures and cover different distances just as you like it.

The line guides are also greater in line so you don’t need to worry about the line handling in these rods. Besides having fast power, the rod bends nicely if you’re stuck with the heavy fish and it recovers amazingly in its original position. 

Above all, these are some of the lightest rods you can get under 100$ that also provide the smoothest cast, strength, and various options of power and action that simply can’t get any better than this one for the benefits.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • High-end construction
  • Cast smoothly
  • Lightweight
  • Not much durable

Kastking Perigee II is a rod that is dedicated to giving the anglers supreme power and the anglers. For some hundred bucks this is the rod that won’t ever regret purchasing for good.

Things To Consider Before Buying Good Cheap Baitcasting Rods

Even though you are going for the cheap baitcasting rods, does not mean you can settle for a rod with forged quality. However, there are a few factors and considerations that will help you figure out what is the best baitcasting rod for you.


The material of the rod should be strong and sturdy and can hold up heavy weights without getting broken and this is what carbon fiber can do for you.

Carbon fiber is known as one of the most solid materials for the casting rod. It gives the strength that is required to handle the big bass under the covers. In addition, carbon fiber is durable and gives the sensitivity that the anglers desire.

Pure graphite is also a suitable choice but it is a little brittle so if you’re going for the graphite, make certain you are using lightweight lures with it.

Lastly, aluminum is a good option. It is lightweight though, strong and solid but this is very rare. Though, you can see our best baitcasting rods for the best-quality aluminum rods along with some other trendy rods.


Guides are the most important yet critical part of the rod. It happens to ensure the line flow in the rod and eliminates friction. Guiders also perform the function of keeping the line safe and secure from the sun and the heat when you’re fishing in the summer.

As for the standard quality consider the rid with the most number rings because the more the rings, the less are the chances for the line to loosen up and cause friction.

Plus, check out the inserts as well. Some of the high-quality reels have SiC, zirconium, and other materials that contribute additional value to the guides.

Durability and construction:

Any best baitcaster under 100 should be enough durable and sturdy that it can last for years. The rod must be anti-corrosive, not to mention all the rods reviewed here are highly anti-corrosive so they will last for a good period of time.

Also, make sure the construction is solid since the materials of high quality aren’t enough. It must be built using heavy technologies so the components keep in alignment and rigid.


A rod, no matter cheap or expensive should be comfortable above all. It should allow you to expand your limitations at the sea and see how far you can get with your techniques.

Furthermore, it should have comfy grips, that is what makes the rod comfortable after all. So look out for EVA grips or the cork type whenever buying a less expensive cheap baitcasting rod.

Also, there are three different designs e.g full, split, and pitchers. Full and pitchers are a bit uncommon due to several reasons but you can easily get the split design and it is, comparatively the comfiest and tacky grips among them.

Reel seat:

The reel seat is where your reel is placed on the rod. It should be well-constructed and must have the ability to let the reel adjust tightly. For more accuracy, consider having a screw in it for extra safety.

Though there are Fuji reel seats that are considered one of the best reel seats currently and you can find one here, the rod we have reviewed with the name of Cadence CRB7 has the best reel seat you can ever find.


If you are mostly Flippin and Pitchin, heavy rods are best for you. With them, you use jigs and plastic worms and also cast at a good distance.

No, you cannot put a baitcaster on any rod, there are special casting rods that are designed for the baitcasters. However, if you install a baitcaster on a spinning rod it will likely make the rod bend in the opposite direction and gets it broken when capturing the bigger bass.

A heavier rod can hold up to 30 plus pounds of line and the lures that weigh all the way to 3 ounces and more. Though their retrieving power is strong as well, you rely on the weighty fishes on them.


Now, we’ll conclude this article with our top picks along with their reason. Yet, any rod from the above will complement your fishing technique and style.

However, we have chosen SHIMANO SLX as our top pick, due to its quality construction, amazing sensitivity, and durability. On the second, there is CADENCE CRB7 for its loaded features and quality components. And finally, we’d like to list DAIWA PROCYON for its excellent casting ability and maneuverability.

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