Best Baitcasting Rods for Bass Fishing

When buying a casting rod for your reel, the matter won’t just get sorted for the length, and power it provides. The rod needs to have an action that suits your bait, the strength that holds up the fish you’ve cast, grips that provide endless comfort, guides that keep the flow even and smooth, and sensitivity that you crave! We label such a rod as the best baitcasting rod and we are excited to bring a collection of 11 rods reviewed in this article.

Best Baitcasting Rods

Well, fishing rods are generally divided into two broad categories; one is a baitcasting rod and the other is a spinning rod. Both of them vary according to the fishing condition, lures, and reel you’re using, so you gotta look out the rod you’re getting is baitcasting to make your baitcastor work. Along with that, there are certain considerations-worthy factors and key components that we’ll be covering in the purchasing guide.

11 of the Best Baitcasting Rods

  • Stainless Steel Guide
  • High-density EVA Handle
  • Texas Rigged Hook Keeper
  • Advantages:
  • Smooth Casting
  • Comfortable
  • Corrosion-resistant
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  • Winn Split Grip Handles
  • Titanium Oxides
  • Multi-layer Construction
  • 85 Modulus Graphite Material
  • Advantages:
  • Solid Built And Stylish
  • Incredible Grips
  • Heavy-duty Performance
  • Great Sensitivity
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  • Fuji Stainless Steel Alconite Guides
  • Custom Metal Accents
  • Quality Hook Keepers
  • Advantages:
  • Incredibly Responsive
  • Premium Quality Construction
  • Sensitive Feel Yet Solid
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  • Aluminum-oxide Rings
  • Split Grip
  • SCIII Carbon Construction
  • Benefits:
  • Great Action
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
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  • Hybrid Design Construction
  • Stainless Steel Guide
  • Cork Handle
  • Benefits:
  • Leveled Up Inserts
  • Comfortable
  • Ultra-lightweight
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  • Stainless-steel Guides With Zirconium Inserts
  • Eva Split Grips
  • Anti Line Twist Tips
  • Benefits:
  • Highly Versatile
  • Power Transition Ability
  • Ergonomic Reel Seat
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  • Winn Grips
  • Fuji Guides And Reel Seats
  • Winn Grips
  • Benefits:
  • Excellent Cranking Power
  • Quality Construction
  • Allows Casting Farther
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  • Fuji Reel Seats
  • High-Density Cork Grips
  • High Modulus Graphite Built
  • Benefits:
  • Greater Cast
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Sturdy And Durable
  • Saltwater Friendly
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  • Titanium Alloy Guides
  • 3 M Powerplux 300 Blanks Zirconium Inserts
  • Split Cork Grips
  • Advantages:
  • Greater Sensitivity
  • Powerful And Solid
  • Lightweight And Greater Number Of Guide Tips
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  • 45 Bias Graphite Construction
  • Fuji Painted ACS Reel Seat
  • Un-sanded Micro Pitch Taping Blank
  • Benefits:
  • Dual Power Tips
  • High-Density Eva Grips
  • High-end Performance
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  • Dual Power Tips
  • High-Density Eva Grips
  • Extreme Exposure Reel Seat
  • Advantanges:
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Stylish
  • Comfy And Performance-oriented
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1. LEW’S CUSTOM LITE HM85  – Best Baitcasting Rod Overall



  • Material: 85 million modulus graphite 
  • Handles: Winn split grip handles 
  • Length: 7’3 
  • Available sizes: 4
  • Guide: 9+tip 
  • Power: medium heavy 
  • Action: fast 
  • Line rating: 10-25lb 
  • Lure weight: 1/5 – 5/8 oz
  • Titanium oxide inserts

Lew’s is the most popular fishing gear that has been producing one of the quality rods just like their reels. Among their many rods, we chose custom lite HM85 because of its style and sturdy construction which makes it stand out in the entire top baitcasting rods lineup.

The reel features a medium-heavy power so that you can use spinnerbaits, crankbaits, spooks, and alike that weigh between 1/5 to 5/8 ounces with a line that measures up to 10 – 25 pounds with zero difficulties at all. There are four models in this lineup with rod lengths of 7′, 7’3, 7’4, 7’6, and all of them are of longer lengths to fish from the beach pier or casting from the surf.

The titanium oxide inserts keep the line flow super easy and smooth. Also, they are anti-corrosive, so they do not get rough if you are planning to get a reel for long-term fishing activities. Whilst, there are Winn split grip handles that provide an ultimate solid grip under wet conditions so you don’t have to care about the limits and can freely fish to what extent you want. 

  • Durable
  • Incredible grips
  • Solid built and stylish
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Great sensitivity and power
  • Fairly expensive

In a nutshell, Lew’s custom lite HM85 is the most sturdy and well-constructed rod to own. Besides the outlook, it has a solid construction and top-quality features that will be worth every buck you spend on it.

2. ABU GARCIA VENGEANCE – Best Budget Baitcasting Rod



  • Material: 24-ton graphite
  • Handles: EVA
  • Length: 6’6”, 7’0”, 7’6”
  • Guide: stainless steel with titanium oxide inserts
  • Power: heavy, medium, medium-heavy
  • Action: fast, moderate-fast
  • Rod weight: 4.7 oz

Abu Garcia vengeance is a premium series to get the best baitcaster rods from having high-quality features in various length sizes. 


The reel comes with a 24-ton graphite material, which is known as one of the best reel materials that make the reel sturdy yet durable plus it provides the best sensitivity that most anglers crave to have in their fishing gears.

In addition, the reel is extremely lightweight featuring a total weight of 4.7 ounces. Combined with a lightweight Abu Garcia reel, your entire fishing session will be super comfortable and easy. 

Besides, the reel is super comfortable and easy to hold, thanks to the EVA foam grips that feel soft while tough as we speak of the durability. Furthermore, the reel has the ultimate power that will get you cover for landing the toughest fish at premium ease. 

For the best results, use lightweight lures such as jigs since the reel has a fast action tip and will work best with smaller lures providing the fastest operation while you can catch up the heavy bass under the sea beds.

  • Comfortable
  • Solid guides
  • Smooth casting
  • Budget-friendly
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Not suitable for heavy lures

For a few bucks, Abu Garcia vengeance is remarkably the best baitcasting reel with the desired longer length and the extreme power for the incredibly amazing fishing with light lures. 

3. MEGABASS LEVANTE – Impressively-Constructed Baitcasting Rod



  • Length: 7” 
  • Guide: 8+tip 
  • Power: medium 
  • Action: fast 
  • Models: 9
  • Line rating: 8-20 lb 
  • Lure weight: 1/4oz – 3/4oz
  • Material: fuji stainless steel, metal 

Megabass Levante is a kind of elite rod to own and it is one of our favorite reels from this list having certain unique features and functionality that we’d like to bring up here. 

Starting from its variance, it has 9 models all of which feature different power and action and are designed to complement all types of fishing lures whether it is crankbaits, jigs, rigs, spinnerbaits, etc. 

The reel is manufactured with different top-quality materials for different parts of the reel. For example, the Fuji Stainless Steel Alconite guides keep the line feeling smooth and silky plus it makes sure of the quality as well, so it won’t feel rough after a while. 


Along with that, there is Megabass original reel seat that features ain’t no side so you don’t have to worry about the frustration many rods come with. Then there are hook keepers that add to the durability of the rod. 

Finally, its quality is amazing, it feels super lightweight and is highly responsive and it never corrodes no matter what plus the reel looks very stylish and has a whole different vibe that one can’t resist. 

  • Incredibly responsive
  • Sensitive feel yet solid
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Premium quality construction
  • Pricier

To conclude, we’d suggest that if you prefer quality over the money then stop right here and get this rod and have the most premium fishing sessions offshore, inshore, or even in freshwater rivers and ponds ahead without caring about the weather, condition, and even the reliability of the rod.

4. ST CROIX MOJO – Best Offshore Baitcasting Rod



  • Material: SCIII carbon 
  • Handles: casting split/cork 
  • Length: 7’1” 
  • Guide: 8 + tip 
  • Models available: 15
  • Power: medium heavy 
  • Action: fast 
  • Line rating: 12-20 lb 
  • Lure weight: 3/8 – 1 
  • Rod weight: 4.3 oz

With an amazing build and mighty 7’1 length, Mighty Croix is the next to add value to your fishing tackle box. 

The rod is one of the slimmest rods we have ever fished with. Whilst, it might look like it could be hard to hold and manage, there is a split grip that makes it quite strong despite the fishing condition whether inshore or offshore. There are no transitional points in the rod, Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) Tooling Technology.

The rod flexes well, having a fast action. With a medium-heavy power, you can tie a variety of lures. Not just that, the rod is also very highly responsive and lightweight that making the entire process smooth and comfy.

It has 15 models having all sizes from 6.8 to 7.5 inches having medium and fast actions and powers ranging from medium, medium-heavy and heavy that perform exceptionally for offshore fishing applications.

Kigan master hand 3D guides are another hallmark of the rod. It is smoother to use and has a quality you can depend on. Plus the rod is sturdy so don’t worry about fighting the bigger fishes without letting the rod break. 

  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • Great action
  • Decent built
  • Handles are a bit short

ST Croix Mojo is a versatile option for fishing with jigs and baits, has a smooth sensitive feel, and a decent weight and length mechanism. Above all, it works best for offshore and deep waters which should be your basic concern, after all, so you can consider it a safe purchase. 

5. BERKELEY CHERRY WOOD – Best Small-Sized Baitcasting Rod



  • Material: composite 
  • Handles type: cork 
  • Length: 5’6” 
  • Models available: 8
  • Guide type: stainless steel  
  • Power: medium 
  • Action: fast 
  • Line rating: 10-17 lb 
  • Lure weight: 1/4 to 3/4 

Berkeley cherry wood is a small-sized rod with max comfort made with top-quality composite materials. 

Some of the mention-worthy aspects of the reel are its lightweight construction composed of stainless steel guides and inserts that don’t bend whether you’re an arrogant angler who loves to fight the daring fish. Among its 3 length options of 5’6, 6’6, and 7′, we loved the performance of 5’6″. It can hold up to 10 to 17 pounds of line with optimum length with the light lure that weighs up to 1/4 to 3/4 ounces such as topwater and crankbaits. The sensitivity at the tip is amazing with the fast action. 

Plus, the reel has an attractive red shade that adds beauty to the reel and makes it attractive to the eyes. Though, it is available in various length sizes and power if you like to fish with a longer rod to cast a little longer. Nevertheless, you can also opt for the smaller ones to keep the gears under-controlled.

  • Comfortable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Levelled up inserts
  • Fewer guides

If topwater lures are what you constantly fish with, then Berkeley Cherry Wood is the best casting rod you can get that will neither ask you to compromise on the budget nor the quality. 

6. PISCIFUN TORRENT  – Rod with the Best Line Guides



  • Material: IM6 Carbon 
  • Grip type: EVA 
  • Length: 7.6 inches 
  • Guide: 9 + tip 
  • Power: heavy 
  • Action: fast 
  • Line rating: 15-65 
  • Lure weight: 3/16 to 2 ounces 

Piscifun Torrent is another popular and cost-effective rod with the most decent and incredible features. The torrent rod is made with IM6 carbon combined with resin which makes the rod extremely lightweight and durable. You won’t believe how it enables a lot of strength and elasticity throughout the rod.

The tip is sensitive while the action is fast but still you can make your mind for the heaviest fishes cause’ the rod is SOLID! Whilst there is a power transition option that allows for optimum control. In addition to that, there are EVA grips that make the rod gripping mechanism comfortable and still. 

There is also an anti-line twist tip, unlike many long-size rods that get the line tangled in between the cast and ruin the whole fishing vibe. The best thing about the Piscifun rod is its line and lure rating. It holds up a way heavier line as such of 65 pounds. Interestingly, you can use lightweight lures as 3/16 ounces and as heavy as 2 ounces with great power and control. Combined with the piscifun torrent reel, it results in a complete bomb combo that will best complement any fishing technique under any fishing condition with an outcome of a lot of fish in the bucket. 

  • Cost-effective
  • Ergonomic reel seat
  • Power transition ability
  • Sensitive and lightweight
  • Might get scratches after a while

Best Quality and Best Price! That’s what you will get with Piscifun Torrent. For a variety of lures and casting at a longer distance with the heaviest line on the market, get this rod without breaking the bank. 

7. KASTKING DEMON SPEED PRO – Highly Responsive Baitcasting Rod



  • Material: carbon, graphite 
  • Length: 7’10” 
  • Guide: 12 + 1
  • Power: medium 
  • Model available: 14
  • Action: moderate 
  • Grip: Winn grip 
  • Rod weight: 7.5 
  • Line rating: 10-30 lb 
  • Lure weight: 1/5 – 2 oz 

Kastking has been in the fishing game for several many years producing heavy quality fishing gears loaded with advanced features and technologies. Speed demon pro is among the best baitcasting rods for bass that are known for their mighty length and incredible results.

The feature that makes the speed demon stand out is the moderate action designed for deepwater fishing. Though it can hold greater pounds of a test line, you can use the max of 30 lbs, plus the guides are composed of fuji that enables smooth and even flows of line. 

Besides, there are 15 different models of the speed model featuring different fishing techniques. Though, we love the deep crankbait one. The reason being, its feel is amazing, it’s robust and helps a lot with heavier species with heavier lures. 

With a Winn grip, it makes sure your grip on the rod stays still and you don’t lose control even if you are contacted with the matter or fighting with the toughest bass in large rivers or trout in the saltwater.

  • Incredible power
  • Allows cast farther
  • Quality construction
  • Excellent cranking power
  • The color is not so attractive

Kastking speed demon is a reputable yet affordable reel to purchase. Above, the features speak for their quality you can trust on. For a passionate angler, we’d highly recommend purchasing this rod combined with the Kastking speed demon to witness the delicate results!

8. DOBYNS ROD FURY SERIES – Best-Rated For Its Accuracy



  • Material: high modulus graphite 
  • Handles: Cork 
  • Length: 7’3” 
  • Guide: aconite 
  • Power: heavy 
  • Models: 10
  • Action: fast 
  • Line rating: 10-17 lb 
  • Lure weight: 1/4 – 3/4 oz 

Dobyns Fury series is the best all-around baitcasting rod that you can choose for capturing the bass from its most complicated covers. 

The best thing you can get with this rod is its pinpoint accuracy.  Unlike the sensitivity factor that you can only feel at the tip, here in this rod, it is adequately distributed in the entire rod from tip to end. The reel seat is made of fuji material that allows the reel to sit firmly at the rod. Results? you will get complete control! Plus the quality is amazing and it also allows you to use the reel without letting the sides interrupt in between. 

The size we have chosen for the Dobyns is 7’3” which allows for greater strength and control to cast at a longer distance. Merged with a heavy power this rod performs incredibly. You can use it for frogging, swimbaits, and flipping. The working of this model is worth experiencing. 

The blank part is made of high modulus graphite that keeps the quality of the rod. Plus, it is anti-corrosive so don’t hesitate to bring them into the saltwater. Finally, for the best gripping mechanism, the rod has the Cork grips with EVA butts that feel soft and tacky on the hands and does not let loose the grip no matter how wet your hands get while pulling up the heavier bass or trout from the saltwater. 

  • Control-oriented
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Saltwater-friendly
  • Enables the highest accuracy
  • Line guides might bend easily

Dobyns is a good choice if you consider getting a long rod with a good free seat and decent build. For this we can certainly remark, No one can go wrong with a Dobyns combined with a good reel for both saltwater and freshwater.

9. ABU GARCIA VERACITY – Most Versatile Baitcasting



  • Material: aluminum 
  • Handles: cork 
  • Length: 8” 
  • Guide type: titanium with zirconium inserts  
  • Number of guides: 11 
  • Power: extra heavy 
  • Action: moderate fast 
  • Line rating: 20-30 
  • Lure weight: 1/2 – 2 oz 
  • Weight: 5.2 oz

Abu Garcia Veracity is the new model of their old villain rod. Due to its newest features and its increased style, we have picked it as one of the best casting rods. 

The most notable feature about the rod is its powerplux blank material which is many times more sturdy and resilient than average blanks. It is what makes the rod super solid and firm that you can go after the most mysterious fish in the sea. 

Among many sizes, we have chosen the 8” as the best one due to its incredible power and flexing ability. The reel can bend pretty incredibly and you can use the heaviest lures with the optimum power that you can’t even think of. 

The guides are smooth as well, the inserts are made of zirconium material that keeps the line flow smooth. Also, the tops are greater in number that allowing for even pressure throughout the line without friction.

  • Durable
  • Greater sensitivity
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Has a lot of power
  • Comfortable grips
  • Expensive

Well, there are several reasons which make the Abu Garcia veracity a top consideration despite its heavy price tag. The rod is extremely powerful and gives you the strength you need at the sea, plus it has features that won’t disappoint you in the longest run.

10. DAIWA TATULA XT BASS – Best Bass Baitcasting Rod



  • Length: 7’4 
  • Guide material: aluminum oxide 
  • Number of guides: 10 
  • Power: heavy 
  • Action: X-fast 
  • Line rating: 55- 80 lb 
  • Lure weight: 1/2 – 2 oz 
  • Material: high volume fiber (HVF) 
  • Grip type: split grip design with EVA foams 

Quality is the name of the Daiwa. Ther fishing gears are the most preeminent and popular that any collection of the best bass rod is incomplete without a gear having the logo of Daiwa. Tatula XT bass features high-volume fiber (HVF) construction that is regarded as the top material for rod construction. Plus, the rod is not too thick, it has a sleek design that you will love to flex. 

There are split grips with EVA foams that work for the comfortability you require to hold the rod with good strength. The power rating is heavy so that you can equip them for all types of bass without caring about its stout covers. 


Like some of the high-quality rods here, you can use your favorite heavy and deep crankbaits with it and other heavy lures that measure up to 0.5 to 2 oz. The action it has is extremely fast, the trip is sensitive and it has some speed that you’ll love if you are an impatient type of angler. Besides the feature, the rod features a warranty, since it comes with a substantial price tag, and considering the fishing enthusiasts who literally break their rods in one session or two, so here the warranty will get you covered for any misfortune.

  • Reliable
  • Excellent guides
  • Powerful yet sensitive
  • Can use heavier lures
  • High-end performance
  • Pricier than other rods on this list

With Daiwa Tatula XT not only can you upgrade your standard but also add speed and quality to your cast. The moment you’ll pick the Daiwa, you’ll know you are going for a worthwhile and valuable rod that will back you up for retrieving heavier species.

11. ENTSPORT E SERIES – Dual-Tip Baitcasting Rod



  • Material: carbon 
  • Handles: split cork 
  • Length: 7” 
  • Guide: 6+1 
  • Power: medium and medium-heavy 
  • Action: moderate to heavy 
  • Line rating: 10-26 lb 
  • Lure weight: 0-1 -1.1 oz 

ENTSPORT is the last best baitcaster rod to review. ENTSPORTS rods may not be as popular but they are one of the good casting rods in the market today that you can consider for all types of fishing purposes. 

Before going into the features, let us mention this is a kind of all-in-one rod that has many benefits in a single piece. It has two tips that feature both medium and medium-heavy power to go fish for a variety of species. Plus you can have all the actions you might desire from moderate to heavy. 

With this rod, you can cover a larger distance with 26 bs test line as you want, whether you wanna fish in deep covers or shallow water, pick this rod and let it get you all covered. The split corks handles are made of premium quality as well as the rod is anti-corrosive which adds to the quality of the rod to be used for ponds and lakes as well as in saltwater. Not just that, there are 6+1 tips that keep the friction minimum on the reel while enhancing the flow.

  • Dual tip
  • Comfy grips
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Unique and stylish
  • Performance-oriented
  • It May not last longer

ENTAPORT E series offers one of the most incredible rods at such cheap price tags. The quality is cool too, so pick your line length and you’re good to go to catch bass and catfishes with a variety of lures.

Pre-purchase consideration for a Baitcasting Rod: 

Although, a baitcasting rod might look like ordinary equipment that you can randomly purchase from any online store.

 With sincere apologies, it’s not. In fact, there are several features and complex components that need to be studied and understood how they work, what their function is, and how efficiently they could keep working. 

In order to make your purchase wise and get you the right rod that you can actually label as the best baitcasting rod that also complements your reel well, we have made this guide based on our own research and experience. 

Power of the rod:

The power of the rod is the strength and force that is required to lift the rod. Though it is the most important factor of the rod, it will tell what lure, distance, and fish you’re going to choose for your fishing activity. 

In simple words, you can also say power is the synonym of pressure for the baitcasting rods that need to apply to a rod to get it bent. Power usually comes in ultralightweight, light, medium, medium-lightweight, medium-heavy and heavy. Though some rods also offer extra heavy as well that entails different benefits. 

However, power also varies from brand to brand so there are no generalized criteria for that. Nevertheless, you can find the power mentioned on the rod as;

  • Ultra-Light

Ultra-light power is for the lightest lures and casting at a smaller distance. These are rare though. 

  • Light

Lightweight is similar to that of ultra-lightweight. The only difference is it provides more flexibility of using the lures that weigh less than 1/16 oz. It is designed for pulling smaller fish at the desired speed. 

  • Medium-Light

Medium-light power is the most common one in the fishing world. These rods are usually equipped by novice anglers. It helps a lot with lures ranging from lightweight to 0.18 oz or 3/16 oz for pulling out the bass. 

These are the rods that are used for finesse fishing using split shots and drop shots.  

  • Medium

Medium power rods offer medium line ranges from 5 to 12 lb. It allows a variety of lures to hook with. The common lures you can use with the medium rods are topwater, jerk baits, crankbaits ( lipless), grubs, texas rigs, and all others alike that weigh between 1/8 oz to 3/8 oz. One thing to remember, avoid the heavy covers with medium rods to eliminate frustration and disappointments. 

  • Medium-Heavy

Medium-heavy power adds extra pounds to the line you’re using. With medium-heavy rods, you can use lines up to 17 pounds and 0.25 oz to 0.75 oz lures that include spinnerbaits, crankbaits, buzz baits. Above all, they are best with Carolina jigs. Though, medium-heavy power rods are specifically designed for bass fishing. 

  • Heavy

They are one of the most common rods in the market. (you can also see the rods we have reviewed mostly have heavy power). Heavy power rods allow for the heaviest lures and allow for casting the farthest and pulling out the toughest fish from the covers without getting the rod broken. With heavy rods, you can use large topwater jigs, deep crankbaits, hollow frogs, and alike. 

Actions of the rod:

Most people confuse power with action. The action of the rod is defined by where the rod will bend or flex when the weight is placed on the tip. Though, it also involves how the rod will recover when you will remove the weight from the tip. 

Normally, you will get rods with three actions e.g slow, medium, and fast. The new rods also have medium-fast and extra-fast action as well to submerge a variety of techniques in a single rod.  The different rod actions are to be chosen based on your fishing techniques and what species you’re going to fish in. In addition, it also affects the hook set you’re going to use and how you are going to land the fish. 

  • Slow:

Slow action is for slow lures and setting the hook slower in the fish’s mouth. The action usually resembles that of a parabola you might have seen in algebra classes. 

Slow action rods end a lot from the tip to the end and that is the reason they are mostly used for fishing heavy salmon and largemouth bass so that the rod doesn’t get broken during the retrieve. In addition, slow rods also help in casting at a longer distance and give a lot of flexibility to fight and pull up the daring ones out in the water.  

  • Medium:

Medium action rods normally bend at the middle of the rod or from the top to the half. They are one of the easiest rods for all types of anglers whether beginner or expert. With a medium or moderate action rod, you can use medium to heavy-sized lures. It is best for letting bass out using the crankbait. It allows you to slow down the process in order to let the bass get its lips around the trebles which you won’t be able to do in a fast action rod though. 

  • Fast:

Fast actions are rod usually gets bent at the tip and provides the best hook set. These are the rods that can easily and instantly recover back in their position after the retrieve. 

In addition, the backbone support in the fast action rods is maximum in these, they are one of the most sturdy reels in the market today, and the reason you’ll mostly find the rods with fast action often. Plus the rod has the most sensitivity and lifting capabilities that you can also use these rods for bass fishing as well at huge distances. 

Line Guide:

The rings on the rod are known as rod guides. Through the guides, the line is passed and it is one of the most critical components of the rod. Certain things are needed to make sure of the guide. Starting off with the quantity, the more guides on your rod, the more the line will be straight and evenly spread. 

The material also matters a lot since the rough guides tend to rough the line as well, and it will create trouble in the reeling. Fuji guides are one of the best guides in today’s market. Line guides also minimize the friction on the line. Also, keep the quality of the line as well and make sure the line does not heat up in the most heated moments of the fishing. 

Along with guides, inserts should also be considered carefully. There are several materials for the insert but don’t get settled for any less quality material other than titanium or silicon carbide. These materials are corrosion-resistant, antifriction, and allow the line to flow smoothly. All and all, metal is also a considerable choice for the inserts.  


Carbon, graphite, aluminum, and fiberglass are the materials available for the rods yet they are into forms, you might have seen IM6 graphite, SCIII carbon, etc. these are the different levels of the materials that we’ll discuss here. If you need a rod that performs well with heavy fish, is sturdy, and is also lightweight then carbon is your pick. Carbon rods are nearly weightless, they are inexpensive too, and have a sensitivity you crave. 

Graphite or carbon fiber is the same as pure carbon. They are lightweight, have the sensitivity you require, and aren’t durable. The only downside is that it is a little brittle so you need to be careful when using it to pull out big bass. Aluminum rods are very rare, although it is the toughest material for making rods. They are lightweight and anti-corrosive and durable as well. The feel you can get with the aluminum-made rod is totally unmatchable. 

Finally, there is carbon fiber which is undoubtedly the best rod material that ensures the quality as well sturdiness of the rod. You can use the fiber rods for the biggest fishes without letting any mishap happen to the rod. 


The length of the casting rod is much of a personal decision. The length too, has an impact on the lures, distance, technique as well as comfort level. Yet, the power, action, and the guide have ultimately increased the distance without involving the length. 

However, there still is a lot of work that the length has to do. Usually, the longer rods add to the distance and provide more reach while retrieving the fish. Baitcasting rods generally start from 5 feet all the way to 14 or 15 feet. rods yet the common sizes are 6.0 to 7.7 feet. It’s hard to find a rod less than 6 feet. But if you need one, scroll up and get the Berkley Cherry Wood. 

Smaller woods that range 5 to 6’5” feet provide the best control. It is easy to use and manage and allows for the accuracy you need. You can use smaller rods for low-hanging branches. 

Rods with a longer length, for instance, 6.5 to 7’7” are best for using larger lures such as crankbaits, topwater lures. The reach, as mentioned above, is great with longer rods. They provide a lot of leverage when the fish is difficult to capture and pull up. The rods range from 9 to 14 feet are used by surf anglers. Their distance is amazing, power is incredible but it quires a lot of proficiency to maneuver it. 

Reel seat:

The reel seat is the place where you will adjust your reel. Only because the place will be occupied by the reel, doesn’t mean you can neglect that component while purchasing a rod. Just like the entire rod, the seat should be well constructed with a top-quality material. Above all, it should allow the reel to fit tightly into that area. Lower-quality material flexes a few times and then the reel starts falling every time you fish with it. 

For a reel seat, consider it has some screws so that you can additionally secure it. Plus, there is a cut-out design that some of the expensive reels offer, make sure your rod has it if you’re going for a pricier rod. Remember, your reel performance is somehow dependent on how it is adjusted on the rod otherwise your entire fishing session will go in vain. 

Grips or handle:

Imagine a high-quality rod that is both stylish and well-constructed, casts well, and keeps the flow as smooth as you want but you can’t hold it because the grips are not comfortable and are itchy. It’s useless, right? 

That’s how important grips are no matter how minor of a component that is. Though there are two types of grips that are considered elite or best for the grip and that is either cork or EVA. Eva grips are lightweight and soft, fishing reel handles also use this on their handles to keep the ergonomic feel alive. While cork grips are second to none in providing a soft feel and comfortable hold. 

Both Eva and cork handles are weather-friendly which means you can use them in the scorching sun or the icy winter and have a mild grip without letting the weather destroy them. Plus they also work fine in all conditions whether your hands get wet or slippery, the grips will be sturdy. In addition, they keep the strain away from your hands so you don’t have to go back with itchy wrists. 

Secondly, length and control also matter in the grip, and in that term, it is divided into three types; full grip, split, and the pistol. Here too, the full grip will allow you to involve both your hands over the rod. The control and leverage are maxima here and also you can cast farther due to its longer length. 

Split style is the medium-sized grip, it is easy to hold and is ergonomic as well. You can use medium-heavy lures and have an average control with these grips but the comfort is maximum. The pistol is the shortest grip you can get on the fishing rod. It is in a contour shape so it is easiest to hold. Lightweight lures are what you can use with them and they fit in the hand perfectly. 


Price comes as the most important factor. Previously fishing rods used to be expensive, especially those which are incorporated with increased technology. Nowadays, different diverse fishing rod brands have come about manufacturing high-quality rods at such decent price tags. Normally, mark up your budget to a hundred dollars if you need quality as well as performance. 

Though there are rods that go to 300 dollars as well and that should be your pick if you consider a rod that complements all your fishing techniques, has loaded features, and also lasts for a longer period. 


A rod that is well-constructed and is manufactured with the highest quality materials lasts decades and keeps the strength anew just as you bought it yesterday without getting snapped or broken.

The durability of the rod also depends on the usage, if you fish on a regular basis, that might decrease durability somehow, but considering that rod from a reputable brand gives you leverage here, and neither does it corrode and get obsolete even if you use it constantly. 


Medium baitcasting rods are designed for casting at a larger distance without sacrificing power. They are generally used to cast that involve treble hooks for example crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and other topwater lures. 

For bass fishing, medium-heavy rods are highly preferred since they provide adequate power and control to let out the bass from tough seat covers. Plus, it will also allow you to involve a variety of fishing techniques. 

For bass, the ultimate color contrast would be black and blue. The reason being, they give the bass a target, and also it works well in water full of stains. Additionally, you can use black and blue jigs in the low-light condition for bass for the best results.


As for the summary of this huge article, we’d like to mention three of the best baitcasting rods that you can blindly choose for any fishing condition and technique. But before that, please remember the best baitcasting rod for bass is the one that suits your reel better and allows you a comfortable grip and reach. 

Here are our top picks from the most reputable brands. 

  • ABU GARCIA VENGEANCE for its durability and solid build. 
  • LEW’S CUSTOM LITE HM85 for its features and technological components. 
  • MEGABASS LEVANTE for its elite standard and performance. 

We hope you have made a purchase already, and yes, have a fish-full and fun-full experience ahead!

Clinton Shannon

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