Best Costa Sunglasses for Fishing

When we speak about costa, all that comes to mind is some kind of top-tier fishing sunglasses for people who are born ready for water activities yet live to be on the sea. Even though all of their fishing sunglasses are polarized and promise a glare less vision. It’s hard to choose a perfect pair from costa and call them the best costa sunglasses for fishing 2022. 

Best Costa Sunglasses for Fishing

The brand was officially founded for the sole purpose of manufacturing highly functional polarized fishing sunglasses. It has been remarked as the first brand to develop polarization technology for sunglasses. The company has manufactured thousands of valuable sunglasses that cannot be neglected in any terms be it functionality, style, or quality. Regardless, a proper product check is important before any investment. So, the first thing we do is to have a read on what exactly makes COSTA a top-selling fishing sunglasses brand. 

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Costa Del Mar Tuna alley
Costa Del Mar Tuna alley
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • High-end glass lens
  • Polarization and UV protection up to 100%
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Unique lens color range
Costa Del Mar Caballito
Costa Del Mar Caballito
  • 100% polarized
  • Rx compatibility
  • High-tech glass lens
  • Hydrolite nose pad
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Reduces eye strain and damages
Del mar’s Ballast
Del mar’s Ballast
  • Irresistible style
  • Frameless design
  • Prescription availability
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic
  • Excellent fit
  • Ultra-lightweight

8 Best Costa Sunglasses (Most Popular)

1. Costa Del Mar Mag Bay

Costa Del Mar Mag Bay

Due to Mag Bay’s extra coverage and additional clarity, it is one of the top-rated Costa Del Mar sunglasses. Not only are all the lenses polarized but also available in glass. In addition, the color variety is cool and can add glam to your style while 100% polarization is guaranteed. 

They are rectangular, which is so far the most ideal shape for fishing sunglasses. And, also they are XL in size with 63 mm width and 42 mm height. Nevertheless, the fact that makes them the most prominent is that they are not heavy besides being built-in glass lenses and are large-sized. 

  • 580 glass lens
  • Scratch-proof
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Aesthetic lens color range
  • Polarization and UV protection up to 100%
  • Non-Rx-compatible

For inshore, offshore, saltwater, full sun, or sight fishing these pairs are the best available Costa’s sunglasses having basic features of a quality sunglass that adds value. Also, you can get a limited-time warranty which guarantees your price investment plus justifies the price-quality factor.

2. Costa Men’s Cat Cay

Men’s Cat Cay is a large frame costa del mar sunglasses offering 61 mm width and 41 mm height, as we consider the fishing whether frustrated or successful, depending upon the fitting mechanism of your sunglasses. Besides, they are bio-based nylon frames, as the majority of the time, it is the frame quality and compatibility that decides the comfort level. 

Overall, the reason for choosing Cat Cay; apart from its flexible frame shape, is the maximum variety of color range. Matte Caribbean, shiny tiger shark, and blackout are among its most popular and nearly the best costa frames. In addition, the lenses are 100 polarized incorporated with 580 glass to sight the sea species clearly.

  • Snap hinges
  • TR90 resin frame material
  • All the lenses are polarized
  • Availability of replaceable lenses
  • A wide variety of lens shades and colors
  • A bit heavy
  • Not suitable for small-sized faces

If style variance is your top priority then you’ve come across the right product from costa. Because with all the styles it offers maximum polarization and clarity plus UV protection which one must not compromise on. So pick a shade and enjoy the best possible fishing trip you can.

3. Del Mar’s Tuna Alley

Del Mar’s Tuna Alley

Fishing sunglasses are all durable and worthy until they are to function in saltwater where several sunglasses fail to work. Understanding the sensitivity, Costa made Tuna Alley, the all-purpose costa del mar men’s sunglasses with several coatings including the anti-corrosive. Not only the quality is unrivaled, but they are manufactured in such a way that blocks almost every harmful ray yet also provides a fog-free view, thanks to the three-hole mechanism. 

Though, costa sunglasses are pricier so they require a heavy budget. Yet, you can also check cheap polarized sunglasses for more affordable sunglasses in standard quality.

Among all the costa sunglasses, they are regarded as the top-selling glare cutting sunglasses. it offers the fitting mechanism keeping the lens width at 62 mm, arm at 125 mm, and bridge at 13 mm. Moreover, the color range is not exhausted plus they are Rx able which means you have your prescription adjusted in that perfectly. 

  • Hydrophobic coating
  • 8-base wrap around
  • Availability of glass lens
  • Maintains fog-free vision
  • Side vents for heavy sweating
  • Might be uncomfortable sometimes for people with small heads

Tuna alley from costa is blindly trusted sunglasses for all fishing activities. Due to their beautifully constructed frame along with excellent ventilation system, many anglers prefer tuna alley to almost all another costa.

4. Polarized Caballito By Costa

Polarized Caballito By Costa

Famous for its durability and longevity, Caballito is one of the best costa del mar sunglasses for fishing. The frame structure of Caballito consists of hydro lite nose pads, bio-based nylon plus the lenses are made of 580 glass hence, no impact, no scratches. Due to their UV and hydrophobic coating, it doesn’t disappoint in new waters.

Also, their frame colors are similar to that of Tuna Alley with a medium fit of 59 mm width and 36 mm height which makes the all-in-one product from Costas. 

  • Rx able
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Diverse color range
  • Perfect fitting mechanism
  • Reduces eye strain and damages
  • The glass lens is only available in blue shade

Not only do they fit perfectly but cut the price factor without decreasing the features comparatively. Overall, Caballito is a perfect costa del mar for small faces. 

5. Men’s Spearo Square Sunglasses

Men’s Spearo Square Sunglasses

Spearo, named from spearfishers, is among the most popular men’s costa sunglasses due to its small size while extra coverage factor since the structure is defined as decreased width at 56 mm and increased height up to 42 mm of lenses. Along with 100% polarization in all the lenses, it is to state that they are available in both e.g costa’s 580 glass and plastic. Plus point, the sturdy acetate material used in a frame being hypoallergenic provides the best color patterns to be worn at any water activity, be it surfing, fishing, or normal beach day.

  • Anti-glare
  • Unique frame style
  • Repels water and oil
  • 580 glass/ plastic lenses
  • Hypoallergenic acetate frame material
  • Probably get scratches after a while

Spearo has been remarked as the most elegant costa sunglasses style, in regards to their unique frame design. Anglers who wish their sunglasses work as smartly and efficiently as they look then Spearo is definitely the one.

6. Costa Slack Tide

Costa Slack Tide

Before the all-day wearability, polarization, and high-quality lens and frame material we consider Slack tide by Costa the most underrated yet best del mar sunglasses for a number of reasons. 

The most lovely feature is the 580 lens technology that neither the lens gets scratched nor gets heavy so the choice is flexible here considering the cost factor. Along with the basic Costa features, like providing 100 % UV protection, anti-glare vision it features a huge variety of color ranges that cover almost every shade to try for fishing at Florida keys, Kona Hawaii, and other fishing spots in all available frame designs.

  • Prescription compatible
  • Ventilation beyond perfection
  • Excellent glare cutting factor
  • Allows for replacement lenses
  • 30+ different shades and colors available
  • Might be quite tight on the nose

Wanna test some new colors for new fishing environments? Here you go! Costa’s slack tide features one of the highly functional, best Costa frames with high-quality materials made for daring anglers who want to explore the unordinary.

7. Corbina By Del Mar

Corbina By Del Mar

Corbina, aggressive like its name, is made for serious anglers to fish in lowlight, highlight, and on sunny days. They have wide temples for preventing extra light. They are polarized, have a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to maximize their lifespan. the frames are wide measures at 62 mm for width and 38 mm height.

It also features no-slip hydro lite so the professional anglers could have uninterrupted fishing sessions throughout. Not just that, Corbina is also one of the most popular costa del mar sunglasses for providing excellent color enhancement. It enables the fishermen to spot even the tiniest fish in the sea. 

  • Steel hinges
  • Highly durable
  • 100% polarized
  • Hydrolite nose pad
  • Magnificent color enhancement
  • Non-availability of polycarbonate lens

For regular anglers, to whom extraordinary durability and reliability are the musts, Costa Del Mar Corbina is an ideal sunglasses with all of its style and comfort altogether. The sunglasses also offer a variety of aesthetic color ranges due to which Corbina has had an upper hand in both professionalism and functionalism altogether. 

8. Costa Del Mar Ballast 

Del mar’s ballast, which has been featuring the most popular costa style due to its non-frame design, is another best fishing sunglasses. Its thin temples are both lightweight and classy. It furthermore allows irreplaceable lenses, and are polarized to cut the glare beyond expectation. Although the color range is quite limited but offers basics like copper, green, blue, grey cutting the contrast issue for almost all kinds of seawater fishing. 

  • Rx-able
  • Suitable fit
  • Irresistible style
  • Frameless and weightless
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic
  • No side coverage for extra light

Buying Guide

Ideal fit

The first thing to consider while buying Costa’s sunglasses is to make sure you chose an ideal size for your head. If you choose a short frame, it might get too tight on your nose. Other than that, the coverage is not possible in short heightened frame size.

The consequence comes in large frames as well. They tend to slip from the face constantly and furthermore entails many adjustment issues. Hence, you must select a sunglass based on the measurement e.g height and width that goes right by your face. 

Costa’s 580 technology

Costa glasses are nothing without 580 lens technology. Being the first brand to introduce polarized lenses, it features two types of lens technology though: 400 and 580. Although, 400 is much lighter in weight, thinner, and less costly than 580. Yet it can’t compete with the features of 580.

The polarization is exceptional. The contrast enhancement factor is magnificent plus it pretty smoothly cuts all the UV, blue and yellow light. Having Costa without 580 technology is like traveling miles for a beautiful place and not exploring its best part.

Prescription or not?

Prescription can be a matter of concern as the sunglasses available in costa are both glass and plastic so a thorough consideration is necessary. 580 polycarbonate is lightweight and durable while 580 glass offers more clarity and scratch resistance while maybe a bit more weight. Although, in costa, for Rx compatibility, you can either choose trivex lenses for ultra clarity and reliability.


Since all of the Costa sunglasses are heavy on price factor while fishing is not an easy activity to go by. So it’s a must to check for the warranty from your buyer before purchasing your favorite pair to avoid any inconvenience. 

Additional features 

With costa come a million expectations, therefore, the following must be considered to get a pair parallel to the best costa sunglasses for fishing in 2022 because no one wants their cost to go wrong in any case. 

  • Frame material:

Tr90 bio-based resin frames are a priority if you need durability along with flexibility. Acetates go well with all-day wearability plus they are solid too. It also features rimless frames, like that of ballast, if you need an extremely lightweight frame. Lastly, you can have a mixed material frame if you prefer. 

  • Hinges: 

Hinges must be tested before buying a costa pair. You can either choose one of the four available hinges according to your comfort level; integral, five-barrel, snap, or optical. 

  • Color combination:

Even though there are a variety of color lens options you can choose from yet the combination stops at 7. Among the seven unique color combinations from costa you may choose; blue, green, grey, copper, copper-silver, grey silver, sunrise silver adaptable to the fishing environment. 

Give a read to what is the best lens color for fishing for pinpoint accuracy in choosing the best shade.


Costa is a high-quality fishing sunglasses brand that is not only durable, toughly structured but also goes along with fashion.

All the costa sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty, though you might need some shipping charges to return the product in case of defects. 

The 400g and 580g are the lens technology Costa implies for the sunglasses. 400 glass is lighter and thinner, on the other hand, 580g is more significant than 400g in every aspect. 


In the end, as we have reviewed the best of the best costa sunglasses for fishing, we’d like to list our top 3 picks from the above list.

  • Costa Del Mar Tuna alley; as for overall purpose.
  • Costa Del Mar Caballito; for its unchangeable quality control.
  • Del mar’s Ballast; for its unique frameless structure. 

We are pretty sure, with the aid of the above information, you cannot go wrong while having the best pair of yourself as a result.

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