Best Fishing Sunglasses Under $100

The more important it is to have fishing sunglasses to fish, the more difficult it is to find the best fishing sunglasses under 100$ in 2022 that are easy on the budget and heavy on the duty. While finding a pair you must be extra sure because various local fishing sunglasses are infiltrating the market providing the worst quality.

Best Fishing Sunglasses Under $100

Regardless, every angler whether novice or expert naturally looks for a variety of lens colors to suit the diverse fishing environments, he also makes sure they are polarized and guard against harmful rays such as UV, UVA, UVB, and extra blue light. Not just that, he also wants his pair of sunglasses to last for a good period of time. Hence, to cut the risk factor, we have reviewed quality sunglasses from sound brands ranging from $20 to $100 that meets all your requirement.

Costa Del Mar Fantail
Costa Del Mar Fantail Polarized Sunglasses
  • Features: Impact-resistant lenses Hydrophobic and oleophobic Scratch-resistant 100% polarized UV resistant coating Rx-able
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Kastking Skidaway
Kastking Skidaway Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
  • Features:Top quality Grilamid frames UV resistant coating Reduces eye strain and fatigue Distortion-less vision Unique color options Meets US-ANSI standards
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Hobie Floating Sunglasses
Hobie Floating Polarized Sunglasses
  • Features:Premium quality polycarbonate lens Excellent fitting mechanism TRFE floating frame ype Integrated hinges Extremely lightweight Repels water and oil
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Best Fishing Sunglasses Under 100

1. Rivbos Polarized Sunglasses – Best Color Hues Under 100

Rivbos Polarized Sunglasses


  • Frame material: TR90 
  • Lens width: 64 mm
  • Lens height: 40 mm 
  • 400 UV protection 
  • Mirror coating 
  • Features limited time guaranty 

Stylish, polarized, sturdy, and worthy. This is how Rivbos fishing sunglasses actually are. Their wide variety of color ranges is their eccentric specification. Almost every shade can be found on this with polarization. You don’t have to worry about the glare if you prefer day-night, red, or even pink.

Then, they allow prescription lenses which we think are the lovely features of sunglasses indeed. You can add a prescription to your fishing sunglasses for better clarity. This is the rarest quality that isn’t even featured by many expensive sunglasses. 

The lens has a mirror coating that protects from UV rays including UVA, UVB, and UVC plus increases the life of your sunglasses. On the top, the frame is resilient yet stylish so you don’t have to compromise your looks as well with a well-contrasted high definition vision. 

  • Available in many shades for lens
  • Flexible yet durable
  • Rx-compatible
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lenses are not scratch resistant 

Rivbos is just simply an amazing pair of sunglasses to own. The quality, the features, and the not-so-cheap look make them a fantastic choice to compliment any angler whether expert or novice so it’s a “buy ‘em already” kinda deal.

2. Costa Del Mar Fantail | Top-Quality Budget Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Fantail


  • Material type ( frame): bio-based nylon
  • Polycarbonate lens: (580P)
  • Width: 59mm
  • Height: 14mm
  • Lens colors: copper silver, sunrise silver, copper green, grey, blue, camo, grey-blue, and more. 
  • UV coating 

Every angler is a fan of Costa without any doubt, apart, from having them under $100 is what could be fishermen’s utmost desire, No?

So anglers, Fantail is the one. The best sunglasses for the price, for the features, and the brand flex. First of all, every shade that exists in the world of the fishing arena be it silver sunrise, copper-silver, green, or even grey. The contrast is maximum. In addition, the color ensures vibrant visuals vary from environment to environment. 

Costa Del Mar Fantail content

The fit featuring a lens width of 59 mm paired with 38 is up to the mark featuring a wrap-around style that goes well not-too-tight and not too slippery. They are like Blackfin in small size and great comfort. Though, you can also read about blackfin at polarized sunglasses for fishing.

The lenses are polarized and entail an impact and scratch-resistant coating. It allows zero particles and scratches. The temple is wide like all other Costas yet they are feathers like the light in weight. 

  • Optimum coverage
  • Strong and sturdy frames
  • Impact-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Repels oil and water
  • Allows for prescription
  • Does Not feature side vents

Costa is an angler’s best choice for water sports and getting them in just 100$ is like a heaven’s deal that no one can afford to miss. Fantail gets you all covered with its extinguished features plus they are trustworthy and durable to last for years.  

3. Kastking Skidaway – Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Kastking Skidaway


  • Material type: Grilamid 
  • Frame colors: matte black, gloss black, matte demi, matte orange
  • Lens color: smoke, copper, amber, brown
  • Mirror available in: chartreuse, ice, scarlet, white-steel 
  • Lens width: 2.5 inches 
  • Polarized lens up to 1.0mm
  • UV resistant 

Skidaway from KastKing is a valuable, name-worthy best budget sunglasses. We’ll start from the fitting factor, the design is quite similar to that of wrap-around with a standard width of 2.5 inches with a nose pad for an extra grip. The lens colors are a kind of sweet, featuring copper and amber with an exquisite mirror coating. Due to the different shades, the combination is really worth experiencing the surroundings in such vibrant colors.

They are durable. The coatings include scratch resistance, to shield against any damage to the lens. They are impact resistant as well, go beyond protecting your eyes and reduce the chances of getting a headache at the sea. 

One interesting fact about Skidaway, based on our personal experience, is that they don’t break no matter how hard you try. Stretch them to the limit and they’ll fit on your head like a newly bought pair. All in all, KastKing Skidaway ultra-lightweight sunglasses not only offer high-resolution graphics but also ensure they stay on your head without you even feeling them. 

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue
  • Distortion-less vision
  • Features pretty lens shades
  • Meets US-ANSI standards
  • Stylish frames
  • Not suitable for saltwater fishing 

With the maximum glare reduction plus UV protection, Skidaway is an attractive deal.

4. Hulislem S1 Sports Sunglasses – Best Polarization

Hulislem S1 Sports Sunglasses


  • Lens material: TriAcetate cellulose  
  • Width: 68 mm 
  • Frame material type: Polycarbonate 
  • Lens color: black, blue, smoke, silver, green, purple 
  • Frame colors: white, blue, silver, purple – with black matte blue 
  • Mirror coating ( UV400) 
Personal Hulislem S1 Sports Sunglasses
My Personal Hulislem S1 Sports Sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses from Hulislem stands out in terms of looks and style. They are way too stylish plus provide ultra clarity with polarization, the frame design is truly on fleek. They aren’t only smart in looks but work the same though. 

The lens tints ensure the wearer gets to sight deeper in the sea with the maximum possible contracted visuals. Plus,  AR and impact-resisting coating ensures blur-free and smudge-free vision throughout. Additionally, if you’re not into dark and black frame colors, you can choose a sophisticated combo such as blue or white, or maybe silver. There’s another funky purple in case you’re into kinky colors. 

Hulislem S1 Sports Sunglasses content

They are excellent guards against the devil sun or the disturbing glare. One can wear them for almost a whole day without even noticing they have something on the eye while seeing the sea with all its species to spot and catch the smartest fish.

  • HD visuals
  • Fancy frames
  • Zero distortion
  • All-day wearability
  • Flimsy and feathery
  • The frame is sensitive

Hulislem polarized sunglasses are a very considerate choice for a fishing river, lakes, or the sea under the extreme sun. From polarization to the looks department everything’s so perfectly smooth that you’d never regret having them for your fishing trips. 

5. Nitrogen Fishing Sunglasses – Most Versatile Pick for a 100 Dollars

Nitrogen Sunglasses 


  • Wraparound design 
  • Unisex 
  • Hydrophobic
  • Polarized 
  • UV coated lenses
  • Lens colors: blue mirror, smoke, Revo orange, Revo red, rose gold, brown, purple
  • Frame colors: in crystal; blue, red, purple, green, orange, clear, grey, electric blue, and gloss black
  • Width of the lens: 66 mm 

Just like Nitrogen air is productive for the environment, Nitrogen, being a brand, manufactures sunglasses useful for fishing. The lenses are made of plastic therefore it achieves durability and would stay the same on a long run near the beach under the sun. Nitrogen is like cool cheap sunglasses that give a crystal look and compliments your fishing needs the color range is quite vast and fancy. 

They are polarized, claim the manufacturing of lenses in a UV protection coating plus the colors are cool. They are lightweight and feel flimsy as well because no one should feel the weight on their face during any water activity. 

The fit is fine and flexible specifically for large-sized heads as you’ll get 66 mm width per lens. Interestingly, they feature a warranty and a full refund policy in case you’re unhappy with the purchase. So you’re good to go! 

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable
  • Sweet tints
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Might not fit well to small heads

At this price, they are simply unrivaled. They’ll set you to fish in a well-contrasted glare-less environment. Due to their tints, they function amazingly in cloudy, dawn, or dusk the most preferred environment for anglers to sight and max their favorite fishes.

6. Huk Eyewear – Siwash (Best Budget)

Huk Eyewear - Siwash


  • Lense width: 56.2 mm 
  • Height: 43.5 mm
  • Arm: 17 mm
  • Bridge:  140 mm 
  • Fit: medium to large
  • Material: plastic 

Huk has been manufacturing affordable quality sunglasses for different kinds of phishing environments and fishermen. Among their valuable sunglasses, Siwash stands out due to the following reason. 

First of all, the fitting is great having a per lens width of 56.2 mm combined with a height of 43.5 mm. They sit on the ear and nose pretty amazingly unlike those local sunglasses that just started to slip away after 2-3 times of use. The look is fantastic, no one can figure out the price by looking at them. Along with this, you’ll get a glare-free view to sight your favorite fishes which, we guess, is why fishers wear sunglasses, right?

For keeping your eyes at rest and tireless, it implies an effective UV coating that protects your eyes from the scorching sun. Their frames along with lenses are sturdy for real, they don’t get scratched easily, nor get broken no matter how harsh you’re on them.  

  • Premium coverage
  • Repels water and oil
  • Impact less vision
  • Less distorted visuals
  • Scratch-free lenses
  • Too big for little heads

Siwash is a total bargain in every aspect, whether you put them for backups or consider them as your first priority, they just never ditch. Quality being taken into account, these are 10/10 fishing sunglasses for normal to large heads. 

7. Attcl – Best Polarized Wrap Sunglasses

Attcl Polarized Wrap Sunglasses


  • Frame type: TR90
  • Color available for frame: black, camouflage, blue, green, red, grey 
  • Size available: 56 mm (width) , 42 mm (height) 
  • Style: wrap 
  • Mirror coating 
  • Integrated nose pads 
  • Polarized lenses 
  • Limited time warranty 

Plastic ain’t supposed to be dumped at the sea but to be worn at the sea. That being said, a plastic as in sunglasses must be polarized and resilient just like ATTCL polarized wrap sunglasses to tone with the fishing conditions as well. They have nose pads and the temples are bent from the end like a wrap design which makes them an ideal fit – sunglasses no matter what head size you possess. 

The mirror and polarization coatings on the lenses are solid and durable. It restores original colors to your eyes due to the maximum contrast enhancement so you can make a maximum of fly fishing. Though, you can carelessly go out fishing without worrying about how the sun will affect you. 

They can be worn for fishing at the seaside or even clear lakes due to the lens color varieties. A maximum of fishes can be seen and caught with clear blue or green-tinted lenses. They offer a limited-time warranty without any complicated procedures, you can have a replacement or get a refund if for any reason you are likely to have some issues.

Attcl Polarized Wrap Sunglasses content


  • Supreme clarity
  • Super lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Glare-free vision
  • Solid and resilient
  • Does Not provide much coverage from the top

Attcl is one of the most stylish sunglasses on the market. They are ideal for any angler who loves spending time in different water conditions since they are light, comfortable, and have many color hues. 

8. Olieye Men’s – Most Cheap Polarized Sunglasses

Olieye Men's Sunglasses


  • Frame type: TR90 
  • Sunglasses shape: square 
  • length( frame): 144 mm
  • Height (lens): 45 mm
  • Width( lens): 59 mm
  • Sunglasses weighs: 0.059 pounds
  • Coatings: Ultraviolet light protection 
  • Anti-glare

Olieye manufactures sunglasses specifically for fishing. In these, you can get all the tints most recommended for fishing like amber, brown, grey, and even a good quality blue. Unlike many cheap sunglasses that don’t offer much range. 

The best thing about the sunglasses is their frame design. The temples are long and don’t curve from the ear which we usually find irritating. Plus, its square shape gets you all covered so you won’t be getting any light whether it’s top or bottom. 

The polarization layer is not very thick, which allows the anglers to use their cell phones and digital devices. In the meantime, it does not affect the clarity. You can fish as much as you want without getting disturbed by any percentage of glare. 

  • Maximum UV protection
  • Repels water and oil
  • Unbreakable TR90 frames
  • Almost weightless
  • The nose pads are nonadjustable e.g fitted in the frame

For 20 dollars, there are no better sunglasses than Olieye in way better lens tints and quality. Olieye is a safe purchase and ensures a quality fishing time that regret is never a thing with these sunglasses. 

9. Hobie Floating – Polarized Sunglasses with Best Frames



  • Lens width: 54 mm 
  • Lens height: 54 mm 
  • Frame color: satin black
  • Lens color: copper- green mirror, green-blue mirror 
  • Frame type: TRFE floating 
  • Lens type: polycarbonate 
  • Integrated hinges 
  • Hydrophobic 
  • Oleophobic 

Hobie floating polarized is yet another best fishing sunglasses under $100 in 2022. Since it is commonly understood that inexpensive means a so-so backup or somewhat not so durable. Hobie, besides being the opposite, is a quality sunglass that you won’t feel any substandardness at the beach.

The frames are resilient yet cool, the quality speaks for itself when you wear them. They have a high-quality hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that’s where all of the worth lies. They don’t let any water or oily substance ruin your whole fishing session by simply affecting your vision. 

The fitting they offer is amazing with the lenses composed of 54 mm wide and large. They have integrated hinges that guarantee their life in the long run. The coatings stay the same as well without any additional care. Plus they are quite flimsy when you equip them. 

  • Keeps water and oil at the bay
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Excellent fit
  • Lightweight
  • The frame is available in one color only

If you’re willing to spend a good amount of money for having a classy, valuable, and worthy pair of eyeglasses, Hobie floating sunglasses is the one. Along with all the qualities, they have the vibe and essence that appear on the face of anglers while they wear them. 

10. Flying Fisherman Polarized Magnum – Sunglasses with the Best Protection


  • Frame material: Grilamid TR90 
  • Frame colors: shiny black, crystal rust, pearl white, shiny tortoise 
  • Lens color: amber, smoke, vermillion, smoke-blue, amber-green
  • Coatings: UV, Scratch resistant, mirror 
  • Polycarbonate lens 
  • Polarized 
  • Unisex 

Magnum by Flying Fishermen does not only have fleek frame styles but also is one of the best fishing sunglasses under $100 in the world full of fishing accessories. The manufacturer claims to offer premium sun protection in Magnum. The polarization layer is thick, yet you can see your eyes through the lenses. 

Built-in nose pads add value to the gripping mechanism. The sunglasses don’t slip from your face no matter how long you stay in the water or sweat under the sun. Overall, we love the design of Magnum, and how the temples are wide in shape protecting the eyes from additional exposure to the disturbing rays while trolling from the boat.

Features a maximum durable period which allows you to use them for as long as you want. They imply a scratch-resistant coating that ensures you have a blur-free, smudge-free view every time you wear them at the sea. However, these do not contain an Anti-reflective coating which probably, is the only drawback that the glasses have.

  • Reduces eye strain
  • All-day wearability
  • Impact-free lenses
  • Highly durable
  • Scratch proof
  • The nose bridge is a bit small
  • Does Not have AR coating

If you’re one of those anglers who love fishing but are rough on their sunglasses, this is perfect for you. Magnum from flying fishermen is the only way to go when your priority is polarization, protection, and ultra coverage. 

11. Bea Cool Fishing Sunglasses – Polarized Sunglasses With The Coolest Design


  • Frame: polycarbonate 
  • Lens technology: TriAcetate Cellulose (TAC) 
  • Lens width: 2.7 inches 
  • Frame shape: rectangular 
  • Frame Colors: matte blue, black-red, black silver, black yellow, grey, white blue, white red 
  • Padded nose piece 
  • Lifetime warranty 

Bea Cool, like its name, has a very cool variety of sunglasses. Though, we like this sporty-ish one for some valid reasons. Starting from its glare mechanism, the polarization seems very nice, with zero glare, and 10/10 clearance.

Not only polarized, but they also have a long-lasting and effective UV coating that functions amazingly. They are pretty comfortable as well. We love how Bea Cool keeps eyes relaxed and cool under the worst sun rays. The size is bigger being incorporated with each lens of 2.7 inches.

Overall, the colors may be quite exhausted to darker tints yet they provide the maximum contrast if you require them in a heavily lit environment. Onto the water, the anti-slip nose pads work exactly as required. They tighten the grip, that too without giving marks on your face so for a fit we say SMOOTH!! 

  • HD visuals
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Scratch-free coating
  • Lightweight
  • Sporty stylish look
  • A bit sensitive

With a cool design, attractive price, and quality lenses these are just as amazing to own. Besides their functionality and overall features, they are durable and currently the best sunglasses for the price that is worth the consideration. 

Factors to make sure of in a 100$ polarized sunglass: 

The following factors should not be overlooked to ensure the fishing sunglasses you are getting are of optimum quality.

Eye protection:

The basic reason to wear eyewear is to protect the eyes because, without it, the sunglasses serve no purpose. Though not all sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful cataracts, strain, or fatigue, therefore, you must look at several key characteristics in your fishing sunglasses. First and foremost, UV PROTECTION. Until and unless your sunglasses are not coated with a UV protection layer, you won’t be saved from any harmful rays or even blue light.

UV coating minimizes sunlight and extra harmful rays entering from the center of your glass lens that directly attacks your eyeball. Whereas, the coating serves as a guard against all the UV, UVA, and UVB light to keep your eyes miles away from getting any sort of cataracts. 

Eye protection

Frame Material: 

To be precise, the two choices for frame material are either plastic or metal. The reason, is they are extremely lightweight and corrosion-resistant yet also less expensive. Although, there are several varieties among them as well. 

For metal, titanium is most preferred due to its durability, lightweight, and sturdiness. They are the best kind of metal frames to escort even those who are allergic to metal (nickel, specifically) since they are hypoallergenic. In addition, they are the most ergonomic ones.

For plastic, nylon is a considerable choice. Reason? Ultra-flexible, lightweight, and durable plus they can be easily molded. Most of the wrap-around designs are manufactured in nylon due to this reason.  On the other hand, Cellulose AceTate frames work just fine if you’re not going for a heavily priced pair. 

High-Definition visions: 

If you want to attain high-end visuals, you need to make a calculated choice from the lens of the color for your respected environment. You can’t have a well-contrasted vision if you wear blue or any dark-base lens for a less lit environment. That being said, the vision depends upon the color of the lens.

High-Definition visions

If you’re going to fish under the scorching sun, choose blue or grey for the best vision. Overall, amber or copper is the best choice for having an amazing HD vision for low to medium light fishing. In addition, anti-reflective coatings are a must for an impact-less and non-disturbing clear vision. It focuses on the usually blurred structures enabling you to sight them unambiguously. 

Polarized or Non-polarized: 

You must be wondering what kind of polarization would be available for under 100$? Even either available or not? Relax, the priority of any cheap fishing sunglasses is to offer optimum polarization since no style matters if there’s no polarization. 

Polarization, as everyone knows, reduces the glare, thanks to its vertical strap coating. Without polarization, even the highly-priced sunglasses won’t help you at the sea. But, sorry to speak it up but there’s a fun fact, that polarization does not allow you to use your favorite gadgets such as cellphones. Not so fun fact, it also does not protect against  UV rays.

So, in a polarized lens, your primary focus would be on fishing. Plus don’t forget to make sure it’s UV protected for safety. Because all you’ll get is the high-contrast glare-less vision that makes your glasses the best fishing sunglasses under 100$. For more information, read the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses.

Maximum contrast:

The percentage of your lens tint affects the contrast you’ll receive. For this, a simple formula would work. The greater the percentage of tint, the higher the contrast.

Besides, an ideal percentage is between 80-90. And more besides, green is the color that ensures a well-contrasted vision due to its natural dark effect. Also, learn how to choose the best lens color for fishing.

Side vents: 

Side vents may be less rated but a very considerable feature to look at in your sunglasses. All it does is allow air to vent in and stable the temperature by equalizing it. As a result, you’ll have a fog-free view throughout, regardless of the weather condition. 


If you’re fishing, sunglasses being non-polarized have zero worth. They’ll just lower the light to some extent but do not reduce the glare. 

You should always keep your sunglasses in a safety box or pouch( usually come with sunglasses) when not wearing them otherwise it’ll affect the quality for sure. 

It is not a requirement though, however, sunglasses do provide extra coverage but they may or may not cover your eyebrows.

It must be borne in mind that polarization doesn’t necessarily mean UV protection. sunglasses don’t protect your eyes unless they have a UV coating along with polarization. 


Despite the price factor, sunglasses are an essential accessory without which fishing is nearly impossible. Since investments are risky thereupon we have reviewed affordable quality sunglasses that any angler will be proud of buying. For ease, you can choose any of the following top three from the above list. 

We hope the article helped you get the best fishing sunglasses under 100$ with all the features you might have always wanted.

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