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Thinking of when is the best time to go fishing to have the maximum casts? Well, the guide here can help you know the best fishing times along with the right fishing seasons and days that can help you better decide to make your fishing trip actually count.

best fishing times

Best Fishing Times in a Day:

“Dawn” and “Dusk” are preferably the best fishing times but there are many situations and many hours in the day that help you get your catch. These are one of the following;

  • During the sunrise and sundown.
  • One hour before and after for both high tides and low tides.
  • When the water is still (a few hours since the sunrise).
  • When the moon starts to rise or set down.
  • For fly fishing: when the adult insects come on the top (hatch of flies).
  • The breeze coming from the quarter west direction.
  • Anytime when the fishing speed barometer operates on the rise.

Well, you should also be aware of the fishing times that are least effective to keep you away from a frustrating day. Among them, high temperatures are the top. An extremely sunny day and an extra cold day can give you the worst possible fishing experience because fish are sensitive to excessive temperatures.

Other than that, the windy and stormy day is not your best day to go on the water because not only does it mess with your reels and fishing line but also very dangerous for yourself. However, (for the wind condition) the right reel and the right bait for some specific fish (as bass) can benefit you from this condition.

Best Fishing Days:

Weekends and vacations can be great for fishing but they are not the best days. So, before you go out, check out online tools for the daily fishing forecasts and fishing calenders. You can check these sites for detailed know-how of weather conditions along with the fish being active or lazy. However, here we got you covered with the best fishing days of 2022 so mark the dates below and check out “is today a good day to go fishing”?

MonthsBest Fishing Days
January2 to 17 
February 1 to 16
March 2 to 18 
April 1 to 16 and 30
May 1 to 16 and 30
June 1 to 14, 28, 29, and 30
July1 to 13, 28, 29, 30, and 31
August1 to 11; 27 to 31 
September1 to 10; 25 to 30 
October1 to 9, 25 to 31 
November 1 to 8, 23 to 30 
December1 to 7, 23 to 31 
A trout caught on January 14 at outer banks

Apart from these, a cloudy day is your best bet to have a number of successful casts to count. A little rain is better too as it’ll give you more clarity and create a feeding binge for the fish by washing the insects and baits on the sea into the water. However, be careful and keep on checking on the weather as you don’t want the storm to ruin everything.

Best Fishing Season:

Well, there’s no such season to generalize as the best for fishing since it varies from fishing variant as well as the technique. However, spring and fall are known to be the best season for fishing (mostly for beginners) since the fish are most active in these seasons.

Summers and winters can be great under certain conditions. summer days can be best if you are going in the early mornings since the water will be warm and you’ll have a lot of fish bites while using a baitcaster.

Likewise, the winter season is a bit tough for so many fish types since their metabolism is low due to low temperature. However, it still is great for ice fishing with the right reel and rod.

So when is the Best Time to go Fishing?

Well, the simple answer is “dawn/ dusk” or “early morning/ evening” while the detailings goes all the way to your personal preference since any day can be one of the best fishing days or anytime (unless extreme temperature) can be the best fishing time if meeting the criteria given in the article.

However, the environmental changes plus the temperature have a role to play in altering the conditions so make sure you go through the tools for a safe side. Also, you can share your experience as to what you think is the best time to fish when the fish is most biting, and how was your experience in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you!

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