Best Maui Jim Sunglasses For Fishing

The reason that Maui Jim has been in the market for 30 years speaks to the trustworthiness and quality of a brand for why you are here. Having numerous pairs of stylish, aesthetic, and functional sunglasses, it’s hard for the anglers to choose one because chances are they are most likely to end up loving all of them. Hence, we made a detailed guide based on our experiences and fishermen’s choice to obtain the best Maui Jim sunglasses for fishing in 2022.

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses For Fishing

Well, Maui Jim has been producing one of the finest fishing sunglasses since 1980. They are strong, durable, lightweight. Maui Jim fishing sunglasses uses premium nylon, the best possible material for all types of water. Patented polarizedplus2 technology, unrivaled and classy. And, the frame styles are like nowhere else to find. Despite them being cool and useful, there are certain factors and features to take into account which exactly we’ll get you covered in this article.

Top Selling Maui Jim Sunglasses – 2022

  • Features: Nylon frame, Unisex frame design, Top tier color scheme
  • Advantages: Glare-free vision, lightweight and comfortable
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Maui Jim Worldcup
Maui Jim Worldcup
  • Features:8-base wrap-around design, Glass lens, Hydrophobic, and oleophobic coating
  • Benefits: Increased contrast, Extremely light, Excellent fitting mechanism
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Stingray Rectangular
Stingray Rectangular
  • Features:Polarizedplus2 lens technology,100% polarization, glass lens
  • Advantages: Ideal frame size, Rx-able, HD visuals
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Men’s Makoa
Men’s Makoa
  • Features:UV protection, Mirror Coating, durable nylon frames
  • Advantages: Lightweight, Allows for prescription, Reduces eye strains
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Peahi - Maui Jim
Peahi – Maui Jim
  • Features:UV protection up to 100%, Wide variety of colors, polarized glass lenses
  • Advantages: Weightless, Repels water and oil, glare-free vision
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Wiki Wiki Aviator
Wiki Wiki Aviator
  • Features:Rx-compatibility, titanium frame, composite lenses
  • Advantages: Reduces glare up to 100%, extremely Comfortable, Offers maximum coverage
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1. Maui Jim Hikina

Maui Jim Hikina

Consisting of a thin nylon frame, Hikina is both lightweight yet stylish. We love how Hikina complements fashion sense and does not neglect even a 10% on quality to give you an edge to see the sea clearly and spot its species.  

It ensures 100% UV protection, glare-free vision, and also increased height at 44 mm of the frame assures optimum coverage.

Although Maui Jim’s sugar beach and hikina both consist of an irresistible frame style, yet choosing hikina is truly based on its lens color options e.g seven diverse color options for any fishing activity. 

  • Lightweight
  • Stays durable
  • Glare-free vision
  • Top tier color scheme
  • Unisex frame design
  • Not suitable for small heads

2. Maui Jim WorldCup Polarized

Maui Jim WorldCup Polarized

WorldCup has been one of the finest by the Maui Jim manufacturing. The reason is, they are naturally made for water activities, no matter how long you stay in the water or how harsh the water might get. 

Due to the nylon frame and polarizedplus2 lens technology, the functionality in saltwater or freshwater is worth the price and consideration. Along with that glare vision and eye care are also ensured.

Lastly, the 8 base wrap around along with nose pads for extra grip is all you could look for a perfect fitting mechanism. They enhance the contrast to that sort of vivid type, which enables you to spot fishes more clearly. 

  • Glass lens
  • Extremely light
  • 8-base wrap around
  • Excellent fitting mechanism
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobicn
  • Does Not feature a wide color range

3. Stingray Rectangular – Maui Jim

Stingray Rectangular – Maui Jim

One of the hardest parts of finding the best pair of sunglasses is to ensure they fit on your head perfectly especially if you have a small head. Maui Jim by manufacturing Stingray simply cut off all the worries about fitting mechanism medium-sized heads having 55 mm width and 36 mm height. 

Not only do they feature an ideal fit but also the glass lens is not heavy, and they can last for years without any defects. 

PolarizedPlus 2 technology of Maui Jim makes sure you have glare less vision throughout while protecting you from all the harmful + irritating blue light. 

  • Rx-able
  • Ideal frame size
  • 100% polarization
  • The frame’s pretty cool
  • Might get scratched after a while

4. Men’s Makoa Polarized

Men’s Makoa Polarized

Mokoa is known for its unique lens colors and the best crispiest optics possible. The lens quality is extremely solid and reliable and hardly gets any scratches on them even if you try a key on them. 

The plus point is, their UV protection is amazing, you can spend a day in a scorching sun without any tiredness on the eye. Along with UV coating, it implies extra hydrophobic and oleophobic coating which maintains the life of your sunglasses. In addition, all the lenses are available in glass and are highly polarized.

Men’s Makoa Polarized content
  • Lightweight
  • Allows for prescription
  • Reduces eye strains
  • High-quality glass lens
  • Does not feature a nose pad for additional grip

5. Peahi – Maui Jim

Peahi - Maui Jim

Peahi, the greatest of all, is one of the best-selling sunglasses of Maui Jim. Because of their style, they always add elegance to your face. Also, with Peahi, the vision is possible in the highest contrast imaginable. 

It functions as smart as it looks so you don’t have to compromise on UV protection, and sensitivity of your eyes because of style. It also offers 100% polarization within glass lens technology. 

Then comes the color range, which is impossible to get in any other Maui Jim since they have almost all the shades an angler might want. 

  • Weightless
  • Repels water and oil
  • Wide variety of colors
  • UV protection up to 100%
  • Quite sensitive

6. Wiki Wiki Aviator – Polarized

Wiki Wiki Aviator - Polarized

Wiki Wiki is an aviator style Maui Jims featuring a metal frame that is both lightweight and comfortable plus it also doesn’t give headaches which is why you can wear them for a whole day without even feeling them. Due to the 99.9% polarized technology, they work fine on beaches and oceans for fishing.

Among the available lens colors, the HCL bronze lens is highly suggested for fishing since the contrast is maximum plus the glare is equal to zero. Overall, the fitting mechanism is cool and fits medium to large-sized heads. 

  • Comfy
  • Rx-able
  • Offers maximum coverage
  • Reduces glare up to 100%
  • Can be used for regular purposes
  • Metal frame; that can be rusted in contact with excessive water

“Buyer’s Guide for choosing the right pair Maui Jim Fishing sunglasses”

The following buying guide will help you understand several of Maui Jim’s specialized features while also answering your queries and concerns to help you decide, which is the best Maui Jim sunglasses for fishing?

PolarizedPlus2 lens technology:

Every sunglasses brand implies their specialized lens technology like costa does 580, Oakley does PRIZM, etc. Similarly, Maui Jim has revolutionized its own lens technology eliminating additional glare, making the vision vibrant and clear, and reducing eye strain.

However, the following listed feature is what makes polarizedplus2 an eccentric lens technology: 

  • Anti-reflective coating: the anti-reflective coating does not allow any glare to come from behind, which creates irritating light patterns yet also disturbs the view. 
  • Bi-Gradient mirror coating: bigardient mirror coating is Maui Jim’s specialized coating that reduces the light coming from above and below of the lens allowing your eyes to relax at tiring beach activities. 
  • Scratch-resistant coating: it also implies a thin layer of scratch-resistant coating that protects your lenses from getting unwanted scratches. 
  • Hydrophobic coating: repels water so that the anglers would enjoy a whole day in water without a smudged view. 
  • Oleophobic coating: an oleophobic coating that keeps the oil at the bay advancing the view as clear as crystal.   

Lens color guide:

Lens color guide

Originally, the basic lens color series found in Maui Jim are  Hcl Bronze, Maui HT, Neutral Grey, and Maui Rose. The following are explained further as well to have the best Maui Jim sunglasses for fishing. 

For inshore, you can either choose Maui HT or Hcl bronze. For their contrast enhancement factor, you can use them for normal fishing days as well. 

For heavy light or sunny say, use neutral grey or grey base as it provides maximum coverage from sunlight while promising original colors. 

Maui Rose is the lens color of the deep sea, low light, or even sight fishing for its vibrant vision outcome. 

for a detailed guide, you can also visit best lens color for fishing.

Frame material:

There are commonly three types of materials available in the market if you are going for Maui Jim Sunglasses; nylon, acetate, or metal. 

Acetate and metal are highly unrecommended because acetate would not come off durable if your preferred fishing environment is sunny and overheated while metal frames would rust in water. 

So, the ideal frame material to choose in your Maui Jim pair is nylon since they are durable, lightweight, and can be used in a warm sunny environment without any harm. 

Fit and coverage:

Fitting and coverage are as important as choosing the lens technology and frame design. That being said, the fit should be ideal and match the measurement of your head to the width and temple height of your sunglasses. You can also have Maui Jim’s nylon nose pads that guarantee an extra smooth fit. 

Additionally, you have to look for coverage as small sunglasses might not provide much while larger ones may constantly slip away from your face. For this purpose, you can consider glasses with increased height and less width for a comfy fit. 


Almost all the Maui Jims allow for a prescription so you can customize them directly by the retailer.

They offer a limited warranty of two years. Although, you can have a refund minus shipping cost for valid reasons.

Due to their effective lens technology, anti-reflective, and glare-free vision, a pair of Maui Jim is absolutely worth the money and ownership.


Although any pair of Maui Jim sunglasses would complement any kind of fishing sports be it fly fishing, sight fishing, etc. taken into account, we have managed to finalize three products to be the best Maui Jim sunglasses for fishing.  

That includes: 

  • Hikina 
  • Peahi and, 
  • WorldCup

We hope the guide was useful and helped you in making the right choice for yourself. Have a great fishing session ahead! 

though, if you happen to want some varieties from diverse brands, you can check our polarized fishing sunglasses and get a pair from a top-tier brand at affordable rates.

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