Best Piscifun Baitcaster Reel | Guide And Reviews

If you want a reel with as premium of quality as any high-profile brand under an attractive price factor then you are luckily at the right place. 

Best Piscifun Baitcaster Reel

We have brought about 5 best piscifun baitcaster reels having top quality features and characteristics under the price anyone could afford. 

While here to give a little intro of the brand. It was founded in 2013 by two best friends peter and ben. Aside from this, they have dedicated themselves to producing the fastest and errorless reels while maintaining cost-effectiveness. 

Piscifun Spark Piscifun Phantom Piscifun PerseusPiscifun Alloy M Piscifun Salis X
Gear ratio8.1:1 , 6.6:1 7.0:1 6.3:1 6.3:1 , 7.5:1 , 8.4:1 6.2:1
Weight7.2 oz 5.7 oz 8 oz 7.4 oz 25.7 oz 
MaterialAluminum Carbon fiber Aluminum Aluminum Graphite 
BrakingsMagnetic brakes Dual Dual Magnetic Magnetic 
Drag max16.5 lb 17 lb 18.5 22 lb 37 lb
Ball bearings7+1 6 + 1 5 + 1 8 + 1 6 + 1 

1. Piscifun Spark

Piscifun Spark
Machined spool? that only possible in Piscifun.


  • CNC machined spool
  • Carbon fiber drag
  • Double shaft supported line wind

Piscifun spark because of its heavy durability and sparkling features is first on the list of best piscifun baitcaster reels. 

Spark also feels lightweight and is super comfortable that you can use them for elongated sessions without getting any strain and fatigue, thanks to the ergonomic handle design. 

The drag is super powerful here, made of carbon fiber material, and can hold up to 16 pounds of line with fewer to no efforts. 

Piscifun Spark Content
The ergonomic design is all what I can ask for.

For the spool control and efficient cast, there are Magnetic brakes that are easily adjustable and work as per your wants. In addition, the bearings are yet another mention-worthy feature of the reel having 8 top-quality balls that do not let any friction create. 

Worried about the wind? Get a phantom and put aside all the hesitation and have the finest and smoothest fishing experience while beating the wind with its Double shaft supported line wind.

  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy gears
  • Powerful drags
  • Casts longer
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Requires educated thumb control

Piscifun is a top recommendation from our side to fish at a longer distance with a smoother feel. Besides being extremely inexpensive, the reel is loaded with quality features that will actually sparkle your entire fishing session with it.

2. Piscifun Phantom

Piscifun Phantom
Not one but dual breaking system.


  • Dual braking system
  • 4 disc carbon fiber drag
  • CNC Hollow Aircraft Duralumin spool
  • Double anodized harden main gear

Due to the weight and highest quality construction, Piscifun Phantom is the top-tier reel of the whole piscifun lineup. 

As compared to the spark, it has a more powerful drag featuring a max limit of 17 lb that means you can pull up the heaviest fish from the sea without caring about the line breakage and the efforts. 

The best thing about the Phantom is its dual braking system that is both internally and externally adjustable which gives the reel an added strength and accuracy while casting for a long distance. 

Piscifun Phantom content
How can you resist Phantom?

The reel weighs only 5.7 which is the lightest of weight any baitcasting reel could have. In addition to that, the reel has an extended crank handle which adds to both the power and comfort of the reel. 

  • Solid gears
  • Anti-friction
  • Excellent brakes
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Incredible cranking power
  • More expensive than spark

Having an amazing style and being highly performance-oriented, Phantom is a top-tier piscifun baitcaster that is going to meet your expectations on a whole different level.

3. Piscifun Perseus

Piscifun Perseus
Durability and in-budget all in one baitcaster.


  • Reinforced CNC brass gears
  • Carbon fiber drag washers
  • Bearing fixed pinion gears
  • Double line winding shaft

What about a saltwater reel for under 40$ dollars with some sound durability? Here we have the best all-purpose reel from piscifun known as Piscifun  Perseus that has been breaking the records for being the heavy-duty and highly corrosive reel from the piscifun. 

Just like the phantom, it has a dual braking system;  6-pin centrifugal inside that functions well while also there is a 10 button magnetic dial so that you don’t need to open the side plates to adjust the brakes. 

It has a highly corrosive shield that protects the reel material and gears for a longer period of time. Though here the ball bearings are fewer in quantity as compared to the upper two reels it works amazingly though. You don’t need to worry about the friction. 

There are bearing fixed pinion gears that keep the alignment of the gear and the spool in a perfect position so it does not wrap or flex over a long period. 

  • Budget-friendly
  • Saltwater friendly
  • Highly anti-corrosive
  • Excellent braking system
  • Fewer ball bearings

Piscifun Perseus is truly made for those who want nothing less than a perfect baitcasting reel for all fishing purposes whether freshwater or saltwater, light lures or heavy or windy or calm environment, it never disappoints. 

4. Piscifun Alloy M

Piscifun Alloy M
Ready set Fish.


  • CNC Hollow spool
  • High-density EVA knobs
  • Audible micro click tension knob
  • Oversized line guide

Alloy M is the next low-profile and low-maintenance reel on our list having an Alloy like sturdy body and features. 

The best thing about the piscifun reel is that the construction is pretty resilient and it offers three different gear ratios for magnificent and speedy fishing. 

Being a low-profile, it has one of the powerful drags in the whole piscifun lineup which adds to the beauty of the reel. Combined with the highest gear ratio, this reel could outperform many expensive and popular baitcasting reels. 

And guess what? the reel is extremely anti-corrosive and has a greater amount of ball bearings which makes it friendly with saltwater as well. In addition, the reel does not require maintenance and tuning, unlike many inexpensive reels. 

Though, you can also check best cheap baitcaster under $50 for more affordable reels. 

  • Durable
  • Powerful drag
  • Incredible body
  • Greater ball bearings
  • None

Want a reel with a solid structure and maximum durability, end your search and get this reel right at the moment. For its features, it’s a guarantee that it’ll never ditch no matter what. 

5. Piscifun Salis X

Piscifun Salis X
Things are getting professional here with Salis X.


  • Line release switch
  • Stainless Steel Rivet Reel Foot
  • Linkage line wind
  • Powerful handle

Finally, we have a round reel to our collection of the best piscifun baitcaster reel for the most pleasant ever saltwater fishing. 

Let us start with the drag, there has some mighty and incredible drag system that holds as heavy as 37 pounds of line and applies magnificent pressure to pull up largemouth bass and other heaviest fishes of the sea without breaking the reel. 

In addition, it also casts miles away without backlashes and entanglement of the line, and that is possible due to the bigger spool of the reel. There is also a line release switch so that you can easily engage and disengage the line. 

Besides, the reel has a sensitive bait clicker that will et you know when the fish has hooked. Plus, the handle is powerful and it allows for, maximum cranking power. Not to mention, the reel also has sturdy construction and design which makes it an attractive choice as being a round baitcaster. 

  • Durable
  • Casts longer
  • Incredible drags
  • Smooth line release
  • Only have a single handle

If round reels are what you prefer, then you have absolutely found your best match. This reel is going to be the best inexpensive yet heavy-duty round reel that will add class to your baitcasting reel collection. 

Buying guide: 


Based on the piscifun reel reviews, most of the piscifun reels are aluminum made, some are carbon fiber as well and very few are made of graphite. 

Among many reel materials, Aluminum is regarded as the top-quality material for baitcasting reels because of its anti-corrosiveness and durability. 

Another advantage of aluminum is that it cuts off the weight of the reel and thus allows for fishing at the most premium comfort possible. 

Ball bearings:

Ball bearings in the reel are for removing the friction which might be created as a result of the movement of the spool shaft and the pinion gear. For a reel to run smoothly and it is a must that it has a good number of ball bearings of better quality. 

However, an ideal number is 6 including the roller bearing but consider having more than that since the more the bearings, the more the reel will operate smoothly advice versa. 


In a piscifun reel, handles are one of the best features of the entire reel. The reason is, they have worked on the length of the handle plus the soft feel it has is totally unmatchable. You can reel the line and retrieve it with absolute comfortability. 

Another thing about the handles is it doesn’t leave marks on the hand after constant fishing and you can’t even feel the fatigue which normally reels create when they operate. 


Drag is one of the critical components in a baitcasting reel and that helps in the retrieving of the line after the fish has been hooked. 

Though, piscifun reels usually have a heavier drag system like that in these five best piscifun baitcasting reels that have at least 17 pounds of drag so applying pressure for a heavy fish. 

Despite, for smaller fishing and flipping, the drag must be set before the cast to a lower pound so that it won’t get you in any unforeseen trouble. 

Gear ratio:

Gear ratio is the speed at which the spool rotates every time you turn the handle. It is usually represented in the form of three numbers for instance 6.3:1. Those Piscifun reels which have been reviewed here gave normally medium to high-speed gear ratios. 

Though, a high-speed gear ratio usually helps with smaller fishes and is normally designed for pro anglers who require speed and are efficient with managing backlashes. But yeah, a medium gear ratio would be your top pick if you need patience and a calm process for your fishing. 


Considering the comparative analysis, here we’ll conclude the article with our pinpoint opinions on the above-reviewed reels to arrive at the best piscifun baitcaster reel. 

For a budget-friendly, durable and speedy reel, go for the Piscifun Sparkle

Piscifun Phantom is for those who require a heavy-duty yet extremely lightweight reel having quality brakings and drag. Finally, if saltwater is your type then your best pick would be none other than Piscifun Salis X.

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