Best Shimano Baitcaster Reels

While looking for a perfect baitcaster in a good price range, one always tries to get a reel that casts longer and farther with no difficulty, operates well in all the water conditions be it freshwater and saltwater, and is as durable as the stone. 

Best Shimano Baitcaster Reel

In that terms, we can blindly say the only brand that can satisfy you and that is SHIMANO! The reason being, Shimano has been the leading brand in the baitcasting world. Their reels are one of a kind of solid, versatile, and sturdy that one can rely on for all his fishing activities. 

Nevertheless, the trouble begins as to which one would be the best Shimano baitcaster reel to purchase since you cannot practically buy each of them and test which one’s better. 

But hey, don’t you worry, we have tested a lot many Shimano’s and got you covered with these 5 best Shimano baitcaster reels 2022. for more quality reels you can also check best baitcasting reels for having a number of great options.

Product NameGear ratioWeightDragBest Feature
CHRONARCH G SW7.1:16.511Cross-Carbon Drag
METANIUMU DC7.4:16.711I-DC5 Brakes
17 SCORPION DC 100 HG7.1:17.512X-Ship System
SLX XT 151 -HG8.2:17.211SVS Infinity Brakes
CALCUTTA5.7:19.011 X-Drag Technology

5 of the best Shimano baitcaster reel


Manufactured to perfection.


  • Micromodule Gear
  • SVS Infinity brake system
  • Super Free Spool
  • Cross carbon drag
  • S3D Spool

Shimano Chronarcg G SW tops the list as the best Shimano baitcaster for being a reel with one of the finest manufacturing and heavily loaded-on features.

Experience this masterpiece yourself.

The best thing about the reel is that it does not require any maintenance, unlike many saltwater reels that get rusty immediately. And that’s mainly due to its micromodule and X-ship gear that keeps the reel robust and smooth.

At 6.5, Chronarch is extremely lightweight plus it can hold heavier lines which therefore allows for a longer cast. In addition, the drags work pretty amazingly. And yes, they have heavy gear ratios so it allows speed at a constant control.

  • No Maintenance Required
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Excellent Bearings
  • Smooth Cast
  • No Backlash
  • None

G SW is the best model of the chronarch series having the highest quality bearing system and the drag. All and all, For under 300$ Chronarch G SW is the best Shimano baitcast reel that you can purchase from the whole Shimano’s lineup.


Premium quality Reel for real.


  • I-DC5 brake system
  • X-ship system
  • Hagane body
  • Stable spool design  (S3D)

Metaniumu DC is an all-purpose, rigid, and the most versatile product of the Shimano having premium quality features that you won’t be able to find in any other reel for real. 

Staring from its braking system, it is what they have named I-DC5 and they are based on two adjustment dials. One is for the line adjustment that controls the line while the other controls the lures and works by maintaining the speed of the reel in accord with the lure that has been used. 

Not just that, the reel’s brakes are automatic too so you don’t have to adjust them, that saves your time as well, plus the drags are pretty powerful that can hold up to 5 kg of the species with minimum to no effort.  

On the top, the reel offers a warranty of a year which makes the investment quite safe for 500 dollars. Not to mention, they maintain the quality so it’s a 95% chance you won’t use the warranty ever!

though, you can visit the best cheap baitcasting reels in case you are running out of budget.

  • Highest Quality Manufacturing
  • Automatic Brakes
  • Superb Drags
  • Heavy Duty
  • It’s Pricer

Metaniumu DC is the magnificent and all-powerful reel that you can consider for any fishing environment, for any size of the lure, and any length of the cast. Metaniumu for all reasons is a safe investment and worth the money for successful and comfortable fishing.


Just like the name suggests, 17 Scorpion DC is a hunter for your next big catch.


  • X-ship gear technology
  • I-C 5 brakes
  • Hagane body
  • Super free spool

Made from a heavily rigid hagane body, 17 Scorpion DC is the best Shimano baitcasting reel as being the heavy-duty reel you can ever own. Though we have compared it with the Curado DC, the reason we chose it is for its better casting abilities and other features. 

First of all, there is an X-ship system that keeps the quality of the reel as sturdy as possible for a longer period no matter how constantly you use it. Then S3D spool works as smooth as you want it to.

Just like Metaniumu, it has the dame I-DC 5 braking system that allows for incredible maneuverability and does not let any backlash happen even without the use of the thumb. The distance the reel covers is amazing, and it’s pretty smooth that you’ll the feel.

Chilling isn’t it.
  • Excellent Brakes
  • Premium Gears
  • Anti-Backlash
  • Amazing Cast
  • Instructions are not in English

Nothing could come close to the Shimano Scorpion DC as the best Shimano anti-backlash reel. The quality and the features perfectly match the price that you won’t have to buy another even in decades!


SLX XT for robust catch.


  • SVS Infinity brakes
  • Free spool technology
  • Hagane body
  • Brass gears

The 151 model of the SLX XT series is the fastest, most robust reel in this whole line-up featuring the incredible ratio of 8.2:1., and is reasonably the best Shimano Baitcaster Reel 2022.

The best aspect of the reel is its SVS braking system that makes the reel super fast and smooth. You can mark up the longer distance and cast without worrying about the backlash and line entanglement and roughness.

Besides being speedy, the quality is sturdy plus it is super lightweight and easy to set up and control. The settings are quite automatic for the way the reel works in rough wind conditions.

On the top, this is super cost-effective. You don’t need to set aside a heavy amount whilst you get the most sturdy yet resilient reel ALL-IN-ONE.

Enjoy smooth casting with SLX XT.
  • Powerful Bearings
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fast & Speedy
  • Anti-backlash
  • Zero Friction
  • Non Impact Resistant

SLX XT is a performance-oriented best cheap Shimano baitcasting reel that will neither cost much nor disappoint you with its invaluable features. For the money and quality, it is worth giving a shot!


Calcutta will give you the best classic performance.


  • X-Drag technology
  • X-Ship gears
  • Compact body design
  • Super free spool

Shimano Calcutta is the revolution to the round reels having all the features of a low-profile reel while maintaining the class and characteristics of a round one which ultimately makes it the best Shimano baitcaster for good reasons.  

First of all, the X-Drag is what we like the most in the reel. Its retrieving power is amazing, the pressure it applies is worth experiencing, the feel and the strength are absolutely admirable. That is combined with the X-Ship gear technology that keeps the gear sturdy and resilient. 

Unlike many round reels, Calcutta does not feel heavy and it only weighs 9 ounces plus it covers a huge mile without allowing backlashes. In addition, the slower gear ratio makes the reel pretty reliable that makes heavy fishing super easy by giving the required resistance and strength. 

On the top, the reel is highly durable and the quality doesn’t get destroyed even after years of successful use.

  • A Solid Combo of Speed & Accuracy
  • Excellent Cranking Power
  • Excellent Drags
  • Caster Farther
  • Zero Friction
  • Required Professional Fishing Tech to Use It

Shimano Calcutta, being a round reel, is undoubtedly the best Shimano casting reel for the quality fishing experience in both fresh and saltwater. For its quality and construction, it worths each penny you append to it.

Things to know before buying a Shimano… 

Because Shimano baitcasting reels have certain unique features and technologies hence it’s a must for one to know before you make a purchase so that the best Shimano baitcaster reel can be attained.

Material: (Hagane body)

Almost all the Shimano baitcast reels are built with Hagane material a mixture of aluminum and magnesium. 

The combination reduces the reel weight and this is the reason Shimano reels are the most lightweight reels in the whole baitcasting world. Besides weight, hagane body material entails the following advantages:

  • Rigidness
  • Impact-resistance
  • Anti-distortion
  • Non-body flexing and wrap
  • Excellent cranking power

MicroModule Gear:

For the gears, Shimano has specialized technology that they call MicroModule gear. It is super fast and speedy. Also, anti-corrosive too that allows saltwater fishing without bringing damage to the reel. 

It enables power and senses that you can actually feel the movements and sense even the minor strike with it. 

While the best thing about the micro module gear is that it doesn’t make the gearing sound, which many reels do. The feel is amazing. Also, they are pre-lubricated so don’t have to spend extra time and money on the additional lubrication. 


There are two types of braking systems that Shimano uses for their reels. Both stand out in their functionality and have distinct features based on their price. 

SVS Infinity:

SVS Infinity is the combo of both centrifugal and magnetic brake systems Shimano has manufactured the reels with SVS Infinity technology in such a way that reduces friction both internally and externally and keeps the spool function smooth and sleek. 

Though you can adjust the brakes from both inside and the outside and not to mention the two infinity braking system offers no thumb control since many are not that pro with using thumb and invites backlashes so here these can get you all covered! 

I-DC 5:

I-DC 5 is a dual adjustment braking system having one dial inside and one on the outside. The inside one manages the line type e.g balances the speed and resistance required for fluoro, nylon, or mono, all differently. 

The outside one works out in accord with the lure you use, for example, if you use a finesse lure it applies the pressure and force according to that weight without a manual setup.  Consider reading how to set up brakes on a baitcaster for detailed information.

It also works admirably under heavy wind conditions when the chances of backlashes are at max, there you’ll love the work of these brakes. 

Although, I-DC 5 uses heavy technology since they are kind of automatic and don’t require a manual setup no matter the lure and line size and thus they come at a heavy price but are absolutely worth it. 

Spool technologies:

S3D Design:

The design involves the use of an aluminum wall on the spool which result reduces the vibration when you reel and retrieve the line. It creates a soft feel whenever the spool movement occurs by minimizing the shock as well. 

Super free spool:

If you’re familiar with Shimano reels, you might have noticed that there is no such friction on the reel even with fewer bearings. The reason is the construction, and more precisely the super free spool technology. 

It can be deciphered as when you disengage the clutch for the cast, it kept the pinion gear and the spool alignment in a perfect position with the help of the ball bearing and thus no such friction is created and so that you can have the smoother cast at a farther distance. 

Cross-carbon drag:

The drags are composed of carbon with a hatched surface that allows for holding more grease and this is what exactly kept the drag work smoothly for a longer period without heavy lubrication. 

The settings are pretty easy and it performs well even during heavy saltwater fishing without asking much effort. 

X-Ship gearing system:

Alongside micro module gears, there is X-Ship technology for the drive and the pinion gear. Though you don’t need to dive much into mechanics but here is to answer the query that why Shimano doesn’t use many ball bearings?

The reason being, X-ship gear technology allows for robust gear engagement without using a lot many bearings and is more resilient and powerful. Plus, it allows for smoother reeling even when you’re engaged with a heavier fish. 


Considering a thorough comparison and analysis of all these Shimano baitcaster reels, we have picked Metaniumu DC as the best Shimano Baitcaster Reel for its highest quality features and maneuverability. 

For a budget yet valuable pick, you cant have a better pone than SLX XT. and finally, we have one of the supreme round reels as the Calcutta that covers huge distances with zero difficulties. 

I hope we made it clear enough for you to make a wise purchase. So get set and give it a shot!

Clinton Shannon

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