Best Spincast Reels | Buying Guide

A spincast reel is a very simplest selection for any amateur fisherman who just recently get obsessed with the fun-full sport of fishing. 

Best Spincast Reels

We had to admire your choice since the best spincast reels, actually, is the easiest one yet super affordable. Comfortable to use, easy to operate, and does not require much science and technology to understand various complicated parts like that in baitcasting or conventional reel

Though we also think that spincast reels should not be bounded to novice anglers only they suit well to the experts of the field as well. But that requires a whole lot of research to what spincast reel matches the skill level of a pro angler and meets their expectation. 

However, you don’t need to do that “ whole lot of research” perhaps that’s what we have done for you. Based on our research and experience, we have tested many spincast reels at different aspects and thus, giving out these 9 best spincast reels.

Top 9 Best Spincast Reels in 2022

Abu Garcia Abumatic 170
Abu Garcia Abumatic 170
  • Quadcam Pick Up System
  • Multidisk Drag System
  • Aluminum Body And Core
  • Benefits:
  • Smooth Operation
  • Strong Built
  • Cast Longer
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Zebco bullet
Zebco bullet
  • Zero Friction Pickup Pin
  • Gripem’ All-weather Handle Knobs
  • Precise Machined Brass Gears
  • Benefits:
  • Comfortable Knobs
  • Incredible Bearing System
  • Powerful Drag
  • Excellent Retrieving Rate
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Daiwa gold cast
Daiwa gold cast
  • Oscillating Spool Level Wind
  • Rotating Tungsten Carbide
  • Line Pickup
  • Rugged Metal Body
  • Benefits:
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Easy To Maneuver
  • Saltwater-friendly
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Pfleuger President
Pfleuger President
  • Dual Titanium Pins
  • Instant Anti-reverse
  • Technology
  • Drag Applied Spool
  • Benefits:
  • Sturdy And Lightweight
  • Comfortable Handles
  • Quality Construction
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Kastking Brutus
Kastking Brutus
  • MaxiDur Ball Bearings
  • Aluminum Honeycomb
  • Design Cone
  • PVC Handle Knobs
  • Benefits:
  • Enable Balance And Control
  • Incredible Design
  • Speedy Yet Comfortable
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Daiwa underspin
Daiwa underspin
  • Hardbodyz™ Rigid Aluminum Alloy Built
  • Rotating Titanium Nitrided Line
  • Oversized Line Aperture
  • Benefits:
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Left And Right Switch
  • Speedy Yet Accurate
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Zebco omega
Zebco Omega
  • All Metal Gears
  • Instant Anti-reverse
  • Dual-adjustable Disk Drag
  • Benefits:
  • Incredible For Heavy Species
  • Extra Dual Paddle Handle
  • Faster Retrieve Rate
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Kastking cadet
Kastking cadet
  • Trouble-free Pish Button
  • Teflon Drag Washers
  • Smooth Line Aperture
  • Abs Thumb Bar
  • Benefits:
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Easy To Use
  • Anti-friction
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Magreel spincast
Magreel spincast
  • Dual Pickup System
  • Adjustable Drags
  • PVC Knobs
  • Abs Thumb Bar
  • Benefits:
  • Interchangeable Handles
  • Attractive Color Hues
  • Zero Line Winding
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1. Best Spincast Reel: Abu Garcia Abumatic 170

Abu Garcia Abumatic 170
With Abu Garcia’s spin you’ll definitely win.


  • Weight: 30 grams
  • Material: aluminum 
  • Reel size: 170 
  • Gear ratio: 3.9:1 
  • Max drag: 10 lb 
  • Ball bearings:
  • Pick-up system: Quadcam 
  • Drag type: Multidisk drag 
  • Line capacity: 140/12 (mono) 

Abu Garcia is the most dominant name in the entire world of fishing tackle and has some reputable names in manufacturing spincast reels. Though, we think Abumatic 170 model is the best spincast reel in the entire Abu Garcia’ lineup. 

The build quality is what makes Abu Garcia stands out. The aluminum material keeps the reel sturdy and lightweight. Plus, the internal pickup system features Quadcam technology that additionally keeps the performance classy and smooth. 

Dominant your cast for big catch.

The bearing system is another hallmark that keeps friction far away from the reel plus the drag that allows for the fish as heavy as 10 lb. 

Above all, with this reel, you don’t have to worry about long distances and cast pretty much farther, because the reel has a big size plus the gear ratio is what offers you to explore various waters and have some worthwhile experience. 

  • Smooth operation
  • Excellent drag
  • Strong built
  • Cast longer
  • Anti-corrosive and anti-friction
  • Require maintenance 

When there’s a name of Abu Garcia, you don’t need to look into the details, you just have to buy it right away because that’s what a wise and passionate angler would do. Although, the details are enough for you to not miss out on this, so hurry up and get yours. 

2. Zebco Bullet

Zebco Bullet
Zebco will put your spin on it.


  • Weight: 0.7 pounds 
  • Material: aluminum  
  • Gear ratio: 5.1:1 
  • Max drag: 14 lb 
  • Ball bearings: 8
  • Pick-up system: dual  
  • Line capacity: 90/10 lb ( mono) 
  • Instant anti-reverse clutch 

Zebco, being the inventor of the spincast reel, has top-tier spincast reels that do not compromise on quality and performance. 

First of all, it cast incredibly greater and longer and allows for using about 20 pounds of braided line and can have eyes on the most precious fish under the sea. And don’t worry about the retrieval, it works admirably at that phase picking up the massive line of 29  lb. 

You simply can’t ignore the bearing system here, unlike many spincast reels, their 8 ball bearing system is unmatchable and you can’t get this mighty bearing system in any spincast reel for sure. It’s just beyond amazing. 

Above all, the reels work butter-like smooth. No tangles, no reverse line, no roughness. That’s a pure premium reel you can get at this price factor. Plus, it is comfy as hell, the knobs are designed in such a way that you can hold them any season you go fishing. 

  • Comfortable knobs
  • Powerful drag
  • Incredible bearing system
  • Cast smooth and fast
  • Excellent retrieving rate
  • Feel heavy sometimes

Zebco bullet is the reel of the highest possible caliber with all the features of a top-rated spinning reel in such the easiest form of the spincast. While you can use it at skill level whether you are a pro or an amateur, so it’s a must to buy reel. 

3. Daiwa Gold Cast

Daiwa Gold Cast
With a dash of gold, Fishing becomes magical.


  • Weight: 9.2 ounces 
  • Material: metal
  • Gear ratio: 4.1:1 
  • Ball bearings: 1
  • Pick-up system: rotating tungsten carbide line pickup 
  • Drag type: multi-drag 
  • Line capacity: 8/75 lb (mono) 
  • Oscillating spool level wind 

Even if someone has zero knowledge of fishing, they would be familiar with the name of Daiwa and that’s what speaks of the brand. However, here we have a gold cast that we would pick for any day for any fishing technique. 

Not to mention, it was really hard to choose between silver and the golden model since both stand out in their features, but break down to their performance, the gold cast really deserves to be in our list of best spincast reels 2022. 

As one of the best aspects of the reel, the wonderful hues do not wear off no matter in what water you operate the reel. It’s completely made out of metal which keeps the quality. There’s cross0bobbin winding which keeps the line flow smooth and sleek. 

The only drawback is it might cause friction sometimes since there is only one ball bearing but it’s not as worst as many other cheap spincast reels out there. Somehow, you can trust the reel for its overall performance. 

  • Comfortable
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Attractive looks
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Saltwater-friendly
  • Only 1 ball bearing

Daiwa gold cast, at this price tag, is one of the smoothest and durable spincast reels you can get that never fails to perform as per your expectation. 

4. Pfleuger President

Pfleuger President
You have bigger wish to fry? Try president.


  • Weight: 8.6 oz 
  • Material: aluminum 
  • Reel size:
  • Gear ratio: 3.4:1 
  • Max drag: 6lb 
  • Pickup system: dual 
  • Ball bearings: 5  
  • Drag type: spool applied drag 
  • Line capacity: 90/6 yds/lb 

With an admirable anti-reverse system, Pfleuger President is a decent option to pick. The reel has some amazing features that highest-quality build as well as a moderate gear ratio which makes a classical reel to go fishing with. 

There are dual titanium pins due to which the operations and reeling become super smooth. Plus, the bearings composed of 5 stainless steel balls work amazingly. In addition, there are soft-touch knobs that keep the comfy vibes alive as long as you keep using them.  

However, if you are going for this reel, consider removing the pre-spooled line and use some other mono, braided, or any line that you prefer. 

Lastly, these reels basically work for the freshwater but with proper maintenance, you can use them for in-shore fishing as well. 

  • Quality construction
  • Comfortable handles
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Quality construction
  • Smooth reeling and casting
  • The pre-spooled line is not so great

Piscifun president is a multi-purpose reel that serves you at its best. We highly recommend this reel to any angler looking for a solid yet stylish reel on which they can rely, for a healthy period. 

5. Kastking Brutus

With KastKing – Bait it, until you make it.


  • Weight: 9.8 ounce 
  • Material: graphite 
  • Gear ratio: 4.0:1 
  • Max drag: 11 lb 
  • Ball bearings:
  • Handle type: PVC handle knobs  
  • Pick-up system: dual 
  • Drag type: teflon drag washers 
  • Line capacity: 10/160 , 12/130 

Kastking Brutus is another wonderful spincast reel that we have ever used. Besides a lot of reasons, this reel can cast really longer and farther than you can even imagine. In general terms, it can compete with a high-end baitcaster and still get the win. 

First of all, the drags are QUALITY! And we meant it. You can literally hook up the heaviest fish on the water and be able to retrieve it without any difficulty. Plus there are dual pick-up pins that make sure of the smoothness throughout the cast and retrieve. 

Whilst, the best aspect of the reel is its reversible handles that can be turned either right or left; depends on what your fishing styles are. This is one of the most unique features you can find in any fishing reel. 

Pvc handle knobs are yet another remarkable feature of the reel due to which the handles are super comfortable and allow for a longer session without any fatigue and strain. Plus, it looks very stylish and attractive having a honeycomb design which is why it is a 10/10 from our side. 

  • Durable
  • Incredible design
  • Speedy yet comfortable
  • Enable balance and control
  • Bit heavy

Considering the pros and cons, Kastking Brutus is by far the speediest yet smoothest reel you can ever cast with. Plus, the name is highly regarded so you need not to worry about the quality and make the purchase already. 

6. Daiwa Underspin

Daiwa Underspin
Experience So-Fish-ticated casting with Underspin.


  • Weight: 5.5 oz 
  • Material: Hardbodyz™ Rigid Aluminum Alloy
  • Gear ratio: 4.1:1
  • Ball bearings:
  • Pick-up system: rotating titanium nitrided line 
  • Drag Type: rear
  • Line capacity: 4/85 (mono)

Underspin is another versatile spincast reel from Daiwa having a more sophisticated style and less price cost. 

One of the best features of the reel is its oversized line aperture that makes the casting incredibly smooth. Plus, the drags that the reel has incorporated are easily adjustable so be tensed about the custom distance settings. 

Additionally, all the components of the reel are well constructed which in results allows for the accuracy you need as a beginner. And yes, don’t worry about the strength, the reel is manufactured from top-quality Hardbodyz™ Rigid Aluminum Alloy material which secures the performance for any water activity. 

Like the Goldcast, it too has only one ball bearing but the higher gear ratio will get the job done if you require extra smoothness and sleekness in the cast. 

  • Durable
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Left and right switch
  • Speedy yet accurate
  • Fewer bearings

For all good reasons, Daiwa Underspin is the best spincast reel to start your fishing career. Apart from being lightweight and easy maneuverability, it is super affordable. What’s more you could require?  

7. Zebco Omega

Zebco Omega
Omega will give you some extra advantage.


  • Weight: 10.6 
  • Material: aluminum 
  • Reel size: 30 
  • Gear ratio: 3.4:1 
  • Ball bearings:
  • Pick-up system: 3X Positive Pick-up Ceramic Pins
  • Drag type: Triple-cam dial-adjustable disk drag
  • Line capacity: 85/10 

And here comes one of our favorite spincast reels, the Zebco Omega! With its loaded features and several benefits. 

3X Positive Pick-up Ceramic Pins is what we loved the most in the entire reel. It has some really unmatchable vibes and performance that you can depend on for fishing at any water type you like. The reel just never disappoints. 

In addition, 7 mighty stainless steel bearings excessively make the reel smooth. Then comes the Triple-cam dial-adjustable disk drag that ensures you don’t feel any difficulty while getting the fish right on the boat from the water. 

Let us not forget the Oscillating quick-change spool which keeps the line flow smooth and even. Plus, it does not let the line damage. And of course, you are allowed to change the hand retrieve, the reel has it all in just one piece. 

The gear ratio in the reel goes perfect by the technique it allows, unlike some reels that tend to offer fishing heavier species but do not work on the gearings. Plus, it is made of metal which means there’s no chance of roughness and rugged feelings. 

  • Faster retrieve rate
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Extra dual paddle handle
  • Incredible for heavy species
  • Feels a little bit heavy

If you love bass, walleye, trout, and other heavier species in the sea then Zebco Omega is the one. Not only the reel cuts off the need for the baitcaster or spinning reel but also offers an amazing price tag so listen to us and get this reel right away!! 

8. Kastking Cadet

Kastking Cadet
Look for your King fish with Kastking.


  • Weight: 7.4 oz 
  • Material: graphite 
  • Gear ratio: 3.1:1 
  • Max drag: 6.6 lb 
  • Ball bearings: 6  
  • Pick-up system: dual 
  • Drag type: fingertip control drag 
  • Line capacity: 6/140, 8/110, 10/100mono 

Kastking, without any doubt, is a reputable name in the fishing tackles’ industry which is the reason, we brought another one of Kastking’s in our list of best spincast reels. 

Kastking cadet is one of the easiest reels in the entire line-up, even the kids can operate it without any difficulty, thanks to the trouble-free push button. 

The drags here are one of the easiest in the entire world of fishing reels. You simply just require one finger to set it up and boom! You’re all set. Along with the bearing system of 6 ball bearings, there’s not even a bit of friction and roughness. 

Above all, the reel at 7.4 is really lightweight and easy to hold. Plus, it has some really comfortable knobs which feel so good in the hand. Plus, the construction is very sturdy whilst all the components are well built that adds extra years to its life. 

  • Easy to use
  • Anti-friction
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Excellent bearings
  • Does not have a dual retrieving handle 

From beginners to pros, one can’t go wrong with Kastking Cadet. From quality to performance everything is on point, so don’t let any delay in your fishing career. Get this one and start it all!  

9. Magreel Spincast

Magreel Spincast
Magreel keeps your Reel rolling.


  • Weight: 8 oz 
  • Material: stainless steel 
  • Gear ratio: 4.3:1 
  • Max drag: 11 lb 
  • Ball bearings: 6
  • Knob: PVC 
  • Pick-up system: dual 
  • Line capacity: 6/110 lb/yds 

At last, we have Magreel spincast reel that you might be hearing about for the first time. Although, it is actually a worthy reel to consider if you are looking for an all-purpose reel with some quality features. 

With the unique craftmanship, the reel offers a dual pickup system that goes beyond providing the highest quality performance without any ling tangle and reverse. Not to mention, the reel works pretty speedily having a fast gear ratio which makes the process butter-like smooth. 

PVC knobs are yet another noteworthy feature of the reel that makes it super comfortable. Plus, the reel is not in boring old-fashion colors, here you can get an eye-catching blue or red to add some style to your fishing. 

Last but not the least, there has an interchangeable handle like all other preeminent reels reviewed above that not only serves all your needs but also adds to the number of benefits that come with the reel. 

  • Solid built
  • Heavy drags
  • Zero line winding
  • Interchangeable handles
  • Requires maintenance

For 30 bucks, this is the best affordable spincast reel that you can use on both saltwater as well freshwater. Plus, it has one of the premium features that you certainly won’t regret buying this amazing piece of a reel.  

Things to consider before looking for a spincast…  


Aluminum, graphite, and carbon fiber are good choices for high-end best baitcast reels. These materials make the reel really sturdy and durable but they are higher on price level do must not neglect that. 

Whilst, there are plastic reels as well but they are the least durable but the most lightweight. If you are planning to gift the spincast reel to any younger angler mainly for practice, you can unhesitantly choose the plastic one. 

Gear ratio: 

Gear ratio means “how much the line covers the spool for every time you crank or turn the handle”. Although, gear ratios in the spincast reels are usually slower. The highest gear ratio you can get in the spincast reel is 4.5:1 or hardly 5.0:1. 

While choosing the gear ratio, you must reckon what types o fish you are interested in casting? If that is the small fishes, for the faster gear ratio and for the medium-heavy fishes, of course, that what a spincast can handle, go for the slower gear ratio. 

The science behind it is the “torque”. The more the torque, the easy it will be to retrieve the heavier species and vice versa. 

And sorry, we forgot to mention, it’s in numerical form. Like 2.3:1 or 3.6:1 etc. 

Furthermore, check out the gear material as well. Ensure that it does not make of plastic if you expect the spincast to last for a good time period. Here any anti-corrosive and rust-free metal will be preferred, more precisely stainless steel or aluminum. 


Have you ever wondered what keeps the hook fixed in the fish’ moth when you have just captured it? It is what the drag system does and thus it is important to look at how efficient a drag system you can get in the reel. 

Starting with the types of drag available in the reels which can break down into three categories: 

  1. Star-shaped dial 
  2. Internal wheel (that is placed at the top of the reel)
  3. Circular dial at the roar 

Star-shaped dials are considered the most sophisticated one but they are the hardest to access. In contrast, the remaining two are easiest to use and configure. One drawback with the internal and circular dial is that you can accidentally change the configurations during use. 

But please remember, do not expect the drag to pull out larger fishes or carry the heavier lines for you since it’s against the manufacturing of spincast reel and you will very much like to regret it. However, you can get one best baitcast reel if you like catching bigger species. 

Reel size: 

The size affects the weight of the reel as well as the comfortability. Of course, the smaller the reel, the easier it will be to use. However, with a small-sized reel, keep the line, lure, and rod size small unless you want any troubles. 

Pick up system: 

The tony internal components in the spincast reel are referred to as a pick-up system. The pickup system manages the line to be hooked perfectly and thus makes sure that you don’t lose out on the line and the lure. 

Usually, there are 2-3 pick-up points and that is more than enough. There is no need for more than 3 pick-up systems. Whilst, make sure they are made of metal not plastic otherwise the numbers would barely be just numbers only. 

Anti-reverse system:

The anti-reverse system is compulsory in any spin cast reel. Some reels have a built-in spincast system that runs automatically and prevents the line from running backward in case you turn the handle in the wrong direction. 

In other reels, the anti-reverse button is situated outside and you can manually on or off when needed.  

Button or trigger: 

Spincasting reels either come in button or trigger/ underspin versions. Push buttons are easy to use and can be operated by the kids even. Though, push-button spin cast reels are to be used with a baitcasting rod other than a spinning one. 

In contrast, the trigger is commonly used among many anglers. It combines some of the good features of a spinning reel as well and is used with a spinning rod.  

Though, you shouldn’t start with the trigger one if you don’t have any fishing experience previously. But, we’ll suggest getting both the models and look out for yourself which style fits the best for you. 


Just like the baitcasting reels, spincast reels also have bearings that perform the same function of removing the friction here. 

Though, here you need to look at what material are the bearings composed of? While speaking of the material, you can generally find either ceramic or stainless steel. 

Both materials are preferred since both of them provide a smooth casting ability, are corrosion-resistant, and removes the friction at its best. 

Though, the only difference is ceramic bearings are more expensive and provides way more smooth casting as compared to stainless steel so you also have to look for where your preferences lie? Either cost or the quality?

Plus, don’t forget to consider the number of ball bearings. Generally, there are 4 to 7 which perform well. You must be lucky if you get a reel with more than 7 ball bearings. Whilst, don’t consider the reel having less than 4 ball bearings. 

Things to remember when using Spincast: 

If you’re fishing with no experience in your hand, this section is notably made for you. We understand that there are a number of factors that might have attracted you to this activity or maybe you just got too enthusiastic to try it out. 

However, if you keep these few things in your mind, only then you can go along in this arena because we don’t want you to suffer from heartbreaks, disappointments, and regrets. 

So the first thing is, Don’t use bigger baits. Not only they are hard to manage but also spincast normally don’t support it so go with the lighter ones such as plastic worms etc. 

You need to take care of the line as well. Do not go for the heavier lines despite how big the spincast reel is.

Along with that, keep your focus on the smaller fish species such that it does not pull much of the line because even if you reel excessive line, it will cause a backlash in the cast or probably the breakage of line in the retrieve. 

Line selection is very important here. Mono lines are failed to be exact. The reason is, mono lines have a thicker diameter and they tend to take more place without the reach. 

Braided lines are highly recommended for spincast reels not only because they are thin but also have more strength than mono and fluoro. 

Lastly, spincast reels require maintenance especially if you have used them on the sea. The reason being, they are packed and any dirt and mud stay inside which then cause the reel to operate roughly and in the meantime affects its life. 

For the cleaning purpose, you can use a soft cloth or towel and gently clean it up as far as you can reach the inside and use a suitable lubricant for greasing purposes. 


Spincast maintenance requires washing the reel thoroughly with fresh water, you can use warm water as well. After that, let it dry, and then apply some lubrication on the parts that are easily accessible. In this way, you can maintain the reel life longer without any harm.

Spincast reels are the cheapest yet the easiest reels in the market today. They are easy to operate and above all, they do not cause line tangle or backlash which is why they are the popular choice among many anglers.

Due to their simplicity and ease of use, it is a common misconception that only beginners can use the spincast reel. Although, those pro anglers, who casually fish or find the baitcasting and spinning reels hard to use, can definitely opt for the spincast reel.


To be precise, you cannot get any reel easier than the spincast if you are going fishing specifically, for the first time. Although, the above section covered a wide variety of best spincast reels that will, for god reasons, won’t disappoint you.  

However, here are our top recommendations as well, in case you look for pinpoint accuracy. 

  • Abu Garcia Abumatic STX & Max Pro
  • Zebco bullet 
  • Daiwa gold cast

Select any one or two, buy it, and make your fishing experience count!

Clinton Shannon

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