Best Spinning Rod Under $100 | Well-Constructed Rods at a Budget

Fishing is the most thrilling activity you can decide to do unless you have an extremely low-quality rod because that would only be a real disappointment. Though it does require a hassle to find the best spinning rod under 100 for which you don’t have to break the banks plus it performs well, as of any heavily expensive rods out there.

Best Spinning Rod Under 100

In addition to that, the quality should be at the top. The rod must be reliable and durable that you can count on for years. Above all, it should be so well constructed that it suits your fishing techniques and style. However, in the next section, we have reviewed some of the top-quality rods that you can get for under 100 dollars. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. PENN FISHING SQUADRON III – Best Value Spinning Rod



  • Action: moderate fast
  • Power: medium
  • Material: composite
  • Reel seat type: graphite
  • Length: 9’
  • Guides: stainless steel dura guides
  • Grip/handle: shrink tubes and EVA grips
  • Line ratings: 12-20 lbs
  • Lure ratings: 3/4 – 3 oz
  • Variant: 2 pc

What made the Penn Squall superior is its adaptability with both freshwater and saltwater and the way it handles the heavier lines, lures, and sharks out of the sea. For its unmatched potential, this is one of the best saltwater spinning rods under $100 for any fishing condition.

Unlike typical guides, here are dura guides with zero inserts pop out. Usually, the guides are the first thing prone to damage after the tips and that’s what we find solved pretty amazingly in this rod. Along with the guides, the tip is pretty sensitive and there is a whole lot of vibe to this rod just because of the way it does perform on the sea. You can entirely keep the process on track with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

The reach and response of the rod are what you cant leave unnoticed. Not to mention, this is a 9 feet rod plus the action and power are moderate enough that you can add resistance when you need it and maintain the pace and movements at the most critical moments. Let us come to the manufacturing now, the material the rod features is the graphite composite and blanks that give it extra strength plus the pure graphite seat that decreases the weight of the rod. 

Besides, the fact that made the Penn Squadron an amazing piece of a rod is its accessibility that you can use the rod in both saltwater as well as freshwater without harming its quality and inviting corrosion. And yes, there are rubber shrink tube handles and traditional EVA grips at the end of the rod, and there is enough space to involve both your hands in extreme comfort without any slippery effect and heat.

  • Excellent built
  • Unique handles
  • Farther casting ability
  • High-end performance
  • Slightly heavy

With the latest technologies and features, Squadron is a perfect option for anyone looking for a rod that does well whether it is saltwater or freshwater. Besides, that is a surfing rod, that gives it a class and superiority for reaching the heights of fishing adventures.

2. KASTKING RESOLUTE – Best Budget Spinning Rod



  • Action: fast, moderate fast
  • Power: ultralight – heavy
  • Material: carbon
  • Reel seat: 2 -pc reel seat
  • Length: 4’6” – 7’6”
  • Blank type: KastFlex IM7 carbon
  • Grip/handle: golf-style grips
  • Number of guides: 5 – 10
  • Guide type: AT Microwave Air guide
  • Line ratings: 1-4 ~ 14-25
  • Weight: 2.85 – 5.15 oz

When it comes to budget and quality, Kastking is the first name that comes to mind. In fact, there’s hardly any KastKing Rod that goes beyond hundred dollars. Although, here we are reviewing the Resolute which we like the most in their lineup. 

There are 18 spinning Resolute rods. Apart, there are 9 casting ones too. Though all the 27 models are made from IM7 graphite materials, plus the built is really pretty and solid. There is 2 piece reel seat in all the models with excellent adjusting mechanisms for whatever reel you use. 

Although, there is a vast variation in the power of the rods from ultra-light to heavy whilst you can get your favorite size whether you like lighter conditions or heavy saltwater fishing. There are so many options you can go after, whether you like heavier lines or lighter ones for flipping and pitching. However, in the 18 different models, we like the one with the 6’6” size, and here’s we tell you why. The sensitivity is at its best plus the workhorse is amazing. We used some jigs with this rod, and the hookset works fine. It also handles the heavier lines and allows for a longer cast. 

Plus, Resolute is a 2-piece rod et the strength it offers is second to none. They all have the spigot ferrule connection that furthermore solves out durability issues that most of the 2-piece rods have. Like Squadron III, Resolute is also easy-going with saltwater.

Whilst, it matches the conditions with rivers, lakes, and ponds as well. We’d also like to tell you the accuracy of this tod and that’s what  AT Microwave Air guide enables. The perfect line management we have experienced with any fishing rod. 

In addition, there’s more to its features and that’s golf-style grips like many of the Kastking rods. Its anti-slip feature is amazing and it lives up to its name. Plus the backbone of all the versions is pretty solid whether it’s lightweight or heavy. These rods are least prone to damage. 

  • Anti-slip grips
  • High-end guides
  • Topmost precision
  • Excellent line control
  • Decent reel seats
  • Hook holder could be at the front

For any fishing technique, any water condition, or any species of fish, Kastking Resolute is a thing you NEED! Even if you travel a lot. For all its built, maintenance, and features, this rod is never going to disappoint you.

3. OKUMA CELILO – Ideal for Novice Anglers



  • Action: medium
  • Power: medium light
  • Material: aluminum, graphite
  • Reel seat: stainless steel hooded reel seat
  • Guide and inserts: aluminum oxide
  • Length: 10’
  • Grip/handle: rear cork grips
  • Line ratings: 4-12 lbs
  • Lure ratings: 1/16 – 1/4 oz

As we go on for the quality and performance, Okuma Celilo, with its 6 different models, is the best spinning rod under 100 that one can go for. There are composite graphite blanks and the plus is the aluminum oxide guides and inserts that speak for the standardness of the rod as it operates with full robustness. It allows you the strength and confidence you need at the water for bigger ones like bass, walleye, or trout. 

Another notable feature about the rod is its medium faction and its flexibility, in the way it moves and works. The medium-light power here is one more advantage you can get with a rod that excessively makes the experience delicate and effortless. The physical features also include a hooded reel seat which we consider of great value. It is easy here to adjust and operate your reel, the positions are pretty good plus the performance and quality are also entirely protected.

  • Splendid reel seat
  • High-end cork grips
  • Various technical models
  • Incredible action and power
  • Cannot handle heavier lines

In conclusion, Okuma Celilo provides an excellent line flow, easy and secure adjustments of the reel seat, perfect medium action plus a quality lifespan. Hence, there are no such specific criteria, this is a top suggestion for literally any angler looking for the best spinning rods under 100.

4. FENWICK EAGLE – Best Trout Fishing Spinning Rod



  • Action: fast 
  • Power: medium 
  • Material: 24-ton graphite 
  • Guides: stainless steel
  • Inserts: aluminum oxide 
  • Reel seat: minimal type reel seat 
  • Length: 6’6” 
  • Number of guides: 5 + tip 
  • Grip/handle: cork and TAC grips 
  • Line ratings: 6-20 lbs 
  • Lure ratings: 1/4 – 3/4 oz 

Fenwick is a great option to consider as one of the best affordable spinning rods. Specifically for the trout, there is no better option exists to go that complements your spinning reel. There are stainless steel guides counting to 6 along with the tip. On application, these guides work great with a 6’6 foot rod. It does improve the distance and the accuracy. Additionally, aluminum oxide inserts do not disappoint in keeping the line quality and strength. 

The technological features also include an ergonomic minimal reel seat, the settings and performance get automatically enhanced by the rod for the way it is built. Another plus is the extra solid 24-ton blanks that stay rigid for the successful retrieve. The cork handles with the TAC grips are what we think is the best feature of the rod.

At this price cost, it is impossible to get such an amazing rod, with these high-end handles that do not cause strain after hours of fishing. Besides, the Eagle is a travel spinning rod that allows for the ultra folding ability plus the ferrule allows for the enhanced casting distance and sturdiness. Ideal for anyone that finds it hard to keep the fishing gears in their original craftsmanship. 

  • Superb grips
  • Quality built
  • Ergonomic reel seat
  • Greater casting ability
  • Not so sensitive tips

Getting exceptional gripping, quality guides, and above all, ergonomics at this budget is a TOTAL STEAL. Specifically for trout techniques and excessive traveling conditions, Fenwick Eagle is the perfect pick to consider. 

5. SHIMANO FXS 2 PIECE – Best Bass Spinning Rod Under 100



  • Action: fast
  • Power: medium heavy
  • Material: composite
  • Reel seat: locking graphite reel seat
  • Number of guides: 6+Tip
  • Length: 7’
  • Blank type: aero glass blank construction
  • Grip/handle: EVA
  • Pieces: 2
  • Line ratings: 12-25 lbs
  • Lure ratings: 1/2 – 3 oz

Truth aside, Shimano gears are extremely expensive despite the reason. Although, we were successful in bringing the best budget-friendly rod with the most versatile Shimano’s feature that you can get in Crossfire. Crossfire is a 2-piece rod with the ferrule exactly in the middle.

Though the length goes up to 7 feet and it gives a desirable equal length when you put it in the halve. The strength besides, is amazing and it carries out casting pretty nicely. Overall, the rod can be the best use for the bass and trout techniques and that’s rightfully we would rate it as the best bass spinning rod under 100. As another option, you can always use this none for the rives or little saltwater conditions, you won’t be disheartened. 

We also loved the locking reel seat that is good to control and set up. The fixes and flexibility are amazing. Any of the Shimano’s reels will sit perfectly down there as a plus. The features also include aero glass blanks which are known to be the superior quality ones since they provide ultra rigidness when dealing with the heavier species. Also, the good gripping system is covered by the EVA meaning no slip no matter how wet, dry, or hot the condition gets. 

And sensitive are the tips, not the rod that you could snap in one or two times use. Furthermore, the line handling mechanism of the rod is amazing, we use a 20 lb test line with spinning jigs and it worked splendidly. Besides, we did catch 3 bass fishes with no issues at all. 

  • Non-diminishing guides
  • Superb compact design
  • Prolonged casting ability
  • Exceptional blank quality
  • Require maintenance in a long run

No matter how far you got in your fishing game, if you haven’t fished with Shimano, you cannot legally call yourself a true angler. So step ahead, and get yourself the incredible Shimano FXS and see what you were missing. 




  • Action: fast 
  • Power: medium heavy 
  • Material: composite 
  • Reel seat: hooded 
  • Length: 6’6” 
  • Guide material: aluminum titanium oxide 
  • Grip/handle: cork 
  • Line ratings: 8-17 lbs 
  • Lure ratings: 1/4 – 3/4 oz

At last, the 6th best spinning rod is the Crossfire by one of the most trusted fishing gears brand known as Daiwa. With medium-heavy power and fast action, the rod functions amazingly. The tips are sensitive plus the blank depicts an exceptional quality. The rods have great responsiveness and enough length to give you reach and extended distance. 

The cork grips give the premium control and easement. It feels good on the hand plus it is wear and weather-resistant and provides superior strong grips whether you fish in the rain. The hooded reel seat happens to be another great feature of the rod with decent adjustments.

Dissimilar to typical guides, the rod’s eyes are made of aluminum titanium oxide which enables excellent line flow with balance and accuracy. It additionally allows for various lines to be used with the rod without the risk of wearing off.

Though it might be as solid as the above-reviewed ones which you can use for heavier techniques or in diverse conditions but at the price factor of under 30 dollars, it is a great option for lightweight conditions and freshwater species. When we speak of the kind of strength and application, we didn’t mean the quality. You can expect a longer stability period from the rod and it does perform well and smoothly.

  • Smoother cast
  • Quality guides
  • Excellent power
  • Anti-slip handles
  • Little fragile

For any angler being a freshwater freak, Crossfire is the best spinning rod under 100 that you won’t regret purchasing. 

Pre-purchase consideration: 

Many people tend to be so compromisable when they are looking for something cheap to buy which in our opinion, is a wrong practice whatsoever. Although you are indeed going for an affordable spinning rod yet there still are several factors that need to be considered before you decide to buy the best spinning rod for 100 dollars.

Among which the most important ones are:


Quality is the most significant factor that one cannot neglect no matter how cheap or expensive a rod is. Although, certain components and traits decide how will be the final quality of the rod, which material and construction come first. If your rod is well-built with some of the high-end matters such as aluminum or carbon, the quality is going to be incredible if you consider the aspects of sturdiness and robustness. 

For the internals, the blank should have a solid backbone and for that, it should be thick, but not that much that it starts feeling heavy on the sea. The guides are yet another component that excessively contributes to the quality of the rod. They should be either made of stainless steel or aluminum with oxide inserts. Their construction should be the most solid of all. And yes, considering getting guides in plenty of numbers. 

Then comes the tips that should be sensitive, and has decent action that does not mess it up in the process of retrieving. Last but not least, they should give a flawless performance and that depends on the kind of use it offers. Although graphite rods are a good option but then comes the strength of the rod, and then the style of fishing. If you like lightweight fishing then graphite rods give the best quality due to their lightweight otherwise aluminum and carbon rods are a way to go for medium power rods.

Reel seat:

Normally, spinning rods have the reel seat installed at the bottom of the rods yet the thing is about the rear grip. In these rods, look out for the distance at which you can place it up and make sure it is in the good access that you don’t need to stretch your arms much to access especially in the bigger rods. In addition, the reel should be of quality as any of the Fuji reels and some other ones that the brands have specifically designed that features either aluminum or carbon. 

Rod length:

Another critical factor to decide when buying the spinning rod is what length you are going to choose since there are so many options even in just one rod. Though, when it comes to the length it is not necessary the longer is always the rod and performs the best. To some extent, it is true that the longer rods work exceptionally yet the technique matters a lot in that as well. If you are fishing with heavier techniques and aiming for a longer cast, then you need a rod with a min length of 6’. 

Although, for lightweight fishing, shorter rods are preferred with moderate action and lightweight power. In addition, shorter rods will give you more accuracy and control factors as compared to the longer ones. Alternatively, there are surf rods as well with excessively larger lengths, and as far as the bass fishing with spinning rods, they are considered a good option. To get one, you can check Penn Squall that we have reviewed above. 

Rod variant: (one-piece, two-piece, telescopic)

Though that might be your personal preference, you should always go with what you would like the most depending on the following factors. If you travel a lot and have maintenance issues with how you will keep the rod. We’ll suggest you go with the 2-piece or telescopic one since they are easier to maneuver and easy to carry wherever you want them to.

Although, one-piece rods, due to their durability and strength are preferred if you are fishing bass, walleye, trout, or similar pieces of the same weight and techniques. Yet, there can be storage issues if you travel a lot since any misplacement would damage your rod so you must keep this in mind while looking for a one-piece rod.

Comfort level:

For an inexpensive rod, the target can only be achieved if the rod has the desired comfort level that you can wish for. It must have the comfiest handles, maybe EVA foams or cork ones. The grips should be anti-slip so that you can have a strong hold on the rod. Additionally, the control factor should be maximum, or else the accuracy would be the minimum which means you are spending a full of 100 dollars for nothing.


With everything taken into account, any rod from the above-reviewed list would do justice by providing the best possible performance you could expect. And of course, we assume that the details must be enough for you to understand how to actually pick the best spinning rod under 100$. Besides, you can also have a look at how we would pick one.

  • On the top, we’ll definitely choose PENN FISHING SQUADRON III for its reliability and fleek performance.
  • KASTKING RESOLUTE is the best option for its plenty of variants in size, action/power, and techniques.
  • OKUMA CELILO is our third-best option for its high-end features.

That’s all.

Clinton Shannon

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