Best Spinning Rods For Bass Fishing – Reviewed in 2022

The fact that spinning rods are one of the easiest and bass is one of the most wanted fish compels many anglers to go for the best spinning rod for bass that happens to go right by the given circumstance. Although, Most anglers got confused that only baitcasting rods can be used for bass fishing. However, if only you choose the right rod, spinning can be useful too and you don’t need to face a whole lot of backlashes if you are previously not used to it.

Best Spinning Rods For Bass

Speaking of a right rod, one that can handle heavier lures and line has incredible retrieving power and is built with solid material is the best spinning rod for bass. Though we also have explained how to choose one in our buying guide. Nevertheless, here are our 9 best all-around bass spinning rods that will set off the best for your bass fishing.

6’6” – 7’0”
IM7 Carbon
SCIII carbon
Guide Type
Guide Type
Aluminum oxide
Fuji Guides
Kigan Master Hand 3D guides
Premium Anti-Slip
Fast, extra fast
Extra fast
Ultralight, medium-light, medium

1. SHIMANO SELLUS – Best Bass Spinning Rod


Features and specifications:

  • Action: fast 
  • Power: medium 
  • Material: aluminum 
  • Length: 7’1 
  • Line ratings: 6 – 12 lbs 
  • Lure ratings: 1/4 – 3/4 oz 
  • Split grips EVA handles 
  • Aluminum oxide guides

Shimano Sellus is definitely the best spinning rod due to its versatility and high-end performance while there is a lot of attention to be paid to the details. 

The rod comes with a high-end aluminum material that is lightweight as well as sturdy which helps you fight the daring bass out of heavy vegetation. 

The lure ratings are incredible about this rod that carries up to 3/4 oz of crankbaits or curl tail grubs. Then Aluminum oxide guides keep the line flow smooth and even. Moreover, it won’t let the line wear off no matter how critical the situation gets. 

Above all, the length of the rod is ideal. It exactly provides you the reach and casting distance you need to plan out perfect strategies for bass fishing. 

What’s more? It is highly affordable and this is probably surprising since Shimano gears are normally not available at this price factor.

  • Unmatchable power and versatility
  • Greater sensitivity
  • Highly responsive
  • Budget-friendly
  • Super guides
  • None

Getting a rod with the name of the Shimano at such a price factor is the biggest steal. Sellus, besides all the quality features, offers exactly the performance you need to tackle bass at its most complicated vegetations. 

2. PISCIFUN SERPENT – Highly Advanced Bass Fishing Rod


Features and specifications:

  • Action: fast, extra fast 
  • Power: ultralight, medium-light, medium 
  • Length: 6’6” – 7’0” 
  • Zero Coating IM7 Carbon Blank 
  • Premium Anti-Slip Grips 
  • Fuji Guides
  • Ergonomic Palm Curved Reel Seat
  • “S” Style Hook Keeper

With the high-quality carbon fiber built, the Piscifun serpent has never failed to meet our expectations beyond inspiration.


The rod has plenty of features that make it quite appealing, among which the best one is the “S” Style Hook Keeper which probably is the best hook set and provides exactly the performance you want it to.

Then the  Anti-Slip Grips keep the strength of the grips even if you fish in the rain, there is zero chance that you will lose the group on the rod. 

The guides are in a good amount plus they are Fuji which itself speaks for the quality so worries about this aspect. While Ergonomic Palm Curved Reel Seat makes sure your reel is all fixed and is perfectly on the rod.

  • High strength blanks
  • Non slippery grips
  • Ergonomic design
  • Amazing hook set
  • Sensitive tips
  • Larger reel seat

Piscifun serpent is the most affordable yet heavily loaded on technological features. For us, this rod is soo up to the mark that honestly can’t get wrong with this for all your bass fishing. 

3. ST. CROIX MOJO – Best For Saltwater Bass Fishing


Features and specifications:

  • Action: extra fast 
  • Power: medium 
  • Length: 6’8” 
  • Line ratings: 6 – 12 lbs 
  • Lure ratings: 3/16 – 5/8 oz 
  • SCIII carbon construction
  • Fuji DPS reel seat
  • Kigan Master Hand 3D guides
  • Kigan hook-keeper

St. Croix Mojo is specifically designed for bass fishing which is why it has prominence over other rods as being the best bass fishing rod. Besides, there are notable features that we’d like to highlight about the rod. 

Kigan Master Hand 3D guides and Kigan hook-keeper are happened to be the top aspects of the rod. What they do is to eliminate the line entanglement and friction at the best and provide maximum robustness. 


The tip has absolutely amazing sensitivity due to its extra fast tip and additionally allows for the tracking of any moments under the sea so you can keep up the accuracy and control throughout from cast to retrieve. 

Above all, the rod works splendidly for finesse fishing so you don’t need to keep waiting for the summer and can unhesitantly go in the winter for getting the bass caught without any hassle. 

In addition, the Fuji DPS reel seat is yet another hallmark of the rod that provides ultimate coverage to your reel and enhances its performance.  

  • Decent cast and retrieve
  • Exceptional reel seat
  • High quality guides
  • High-end hook set
  • Not so attractive design

ST. Croix Mojo lives up to its name at both cost-effectiveness and sturdiness. Although, it is the best bass spinning rod for finesse fishing. You don’t have to look past after the Mojo. 

4. CADENCE CR5 – Best Composite Spinning Rod For Bass Fishing

Features and specifications:

  • Action: fast, extra fast 
  • Power: medium, medium-light, medium-heavy 
  • Material: hybrid 
  • Guide: 8+tip 
  • Length: 5’10” – 6’9” 
  • Grip type: split   
  • Handle type: full, split 
  • Stainless steel guides with SiC inserts 
  • Fuji reel seat

Cadence CR5 is one of our favorite spinning rods for bass that not only performs exceptionally but also beats the level of a highly expensive rod at its best. 

The rod features a dual handle configuration meaning that you can choose either a full grip for total power and control or the split one to have the most comfortability. 

Furthermore, the rod is available in various sizes but we’d suggest going with the model having medium power and 6’6” length. This, among the 11 models works best for all techniques of bass fishing.  

Unlike typical rods, the rod is not made with a single material. Instead, cadence has used 3 different materials e.g graphite, stainless, and carbon for the various components which as a result makes the rod extremely well-balanced but also lightweight. 

Although, the guides are plenty in numbers but also are of quality. The line-flowing feature of the rod is worth experiencing. Along with guides, there is a Fuji reel seat like the above two which additionally increases the value of the rod. 

  • Features quality material
  • The top tier reel seat
  • Excellent performance
  • Abundant guide rings
  • Dual handle option
  • Requires moderate treatment

If you consider craftsmanship as one of the critical parts of the rod, then no rod can satisfy you better than the cadence CR5. Apart from that, the rod has every feature and trait that you could ever ask for in a spinning rod. 

5. SHIMANO EXPRIDE – Best Medium Power Spinning Rod


Features and specifications:

  • Action: moderate-fast 
  • Power: medium 
  • Length: 6’6” 
  • Line ratings: 8-16 lbs 
  • Lure ratings: 1/4 – 3/4 oz 
  • Hi-Power X construction
  • CI4+ Reel Seat
  • Fuji K-Frame SiC Guides
  • AA Cork and EVA handles

One of the hardest parts to find in a rod is the perfect blend of power and action that matches the technique just as you want. Luckily, we found Shimano Expride to be the one having an excellent combo of the moderate-fast tips with medium power. 

Apart from its functionality, there are certain compelling features that deserve a closer look, of which X construction is of great value in our opinion. The carbon is diagonally wrapped which forms an x shape on the blank of the rod giving it ultra-strength and backbone which an angler requires.


The rod comes with Shimano’s amazing reel seat which they call CI4+ which is composed of carbon material instead of resin that is easy to access and use with any reel you like.

For the guides, here is Fuji K-Frame SiC Guides in abundance not only keep up the quality and strength of your line but also prevents friction and thus enable smoother line flow and enhanced casting experience. 

As much as the rod has the technical peculiarity, it does not neglect the angler’s comfort level and thus used AA Cork and EVA handles that feel great on the hand and does not get slipped from your hands no matter in what condition your fish in. 

  • Perfect combo of power and control
  • High-end reel seat
  • Solid construction
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Comfiest grips
  • Pricier

If you need the best bass fishing rod that you can actually rely on, look no further than the Shimano Expride. Even if it is costly, you never regret spending any amount on this rod for its superb quality and built. 

6. UGLY STIK GX II – Best Bass Spinning Rod for the Money


Features and specifications:

  • Action: moderate-fast 
  • Power: medium-heavy 
  • Material: graphite, fiberglass 
  • Length: 6’6” 
  • Line ratings: 8 – 20 lbs 
  • Lure ratings: 1/4 – 3/4 oz 
  • Ugly Tuff one-piece stainless steel guides
  • EVA grips
  • Clear Tip design 

With a duplex of graphite and fiberglass, Ugly Stik GX II is another high-strength yet affordable rod that has one of the best tip designs. 

Other than the tip, the rod features unique one-piece stainless steel guides under the name of Ugly tuff which is actually pretty tough. They do not get corrode, neither gets broken so you can easily go on with them for a good time period.

The rod cast admirably, it has the capacity to handle up to 20 lbs of the line without any worries. Also, the action and power feel super great and it is worth enduring for having the most dauntless fish being hooked up and retrieved. 

Above all, Ugly Stik offers a huge warranty period of 7 years which we have rarely seen with any rod. Consequently, it won’t be a problem even if you break the rod. Plus point, the rod does not cost much if you were worried about the price factor. 

  • Exceptional strength
  • Toughest guides
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Casts longer
  • Not has the greater sensitivity

In terms of toughness, strength, and cost-effectiveness, Ugly Stik GX II is the best bass fishing pole that you can go for. For the quality, performance, and features, price tag, we’d suggest you closely consider this above all. 

7. DOBYNS ROD FURY SERIES – Most Flexible Bass Rod


Features and specifications:

  • Action: fast
  • Power: medium  
  • Material: graphite 
  • Length: 6’6”, 6’7”, 7’0 
  • Line ratings: 8-17 lbs 
  • Lure ratings: 3/16 – 5/8 oz 
  • Fuji reel seat
  • AA grade cork grip

Fury is one of the most flexible series featuring the best rods for bass fishing by Dobyns among its champion, sierra, etc. The rods of these series have an exquisite strength and ability that we think they are one of the best bass fishing rods out there with such an amazing cost price.

The accuracy is one of the best features of the paddles that do not let you track down the entire process from the casting process to retrieving. Plus, it has some worthwhile features that we’d like to discuss here. 

Like all the high-end rods above, the fury series also has the fuji reel seats that allow for hassle-free setup for the reel plus enhance its performance. 

Although, there are graphite blanks that make any sensible angler think that it might be prone to breakage yet there has enough backbone plus the kevlar wrapping to this rod that gives it ultimate strength to handle bass of any weight. 

  • Amazing blank construction
  • Zero hassle to setup
  • Pin-point accuracy
  • Ultra-flexibility
  • None

Dobyns is the best pick for anyone looking for versatility and strength in a rod. While it gives pinpoint accuracy that’s rightfully why we would highly recommend any shape size from the fury series to any control freak angler. 

8. CADENCE ESSENCE | Best All-Around Bass Spinning Rod


Features and specifications:

  • Action: moderate, moderate fast, fast 
  • Power: ultralight, light, medium 
  • Material: stainless steel 
  • Length: 5’6” – 7’0” 
  • Stainless steel guide with SiC inserts 
  • Cork and EVA handles 
  • 24T carbon blank 

Essence from the cadence is another best all-around bass spinning rod that truly got us obsessed with its performance and workhorse. 

The 24-ton carbon construction makes the rod really lightweight and sensitive. It furthermore enables strength and robustness to get the lure right into the bass’ mouth with minimum to no difficulty while fighting with it when it seems nearly impossible. 

The EVA grip handles are what make the rod easy to maneuver. The anti-slippery effect is great and it lives up to its name by providing a super solid grip on the handle to have full control and accuracy in your hand. 

The lovely feature about the rod is, besides providing at par performance, protecting the line quality with its SiC inserts. No matter how stretched up it gets, the inserts keep the strength without getting it wrecked. 

Moreover, you can also trust the rod for Finesse fishing. The strength and solidity do not disappoint there and you can actually some of the mighty basses in your favorite season despite the weather condition. 

  • Ergonomic firm grip
  • Incredible strength
  • Unbreakable built
  • Healthy lifespan
  • None

If you are a consistent fisherman, you instantly need this rod. Not only does it perform well but also has some technical features that additionally make the process easy and worthwhile. So take a step ahead and make it yours. 

9. FENWICK HMG – Most Stiffed Spinning Rod


Features and specifications:

  • Action: moderate fast, fast, moderate
  • Power: medium, medium-heavy, ultralight, light
  • Material: graphite
  • Length: 6’ – 7’6”
  • AAA Cork full grip handle
  • Fuji guides with aconite inserts

Fenwick HMG is a worthwhile addition to our list of the best bass fishing spinning rod due to its material and construction and the ability to handle the biggest bass out of the stuffy vegetation.

The rod is stiffer and due to its thick blanks it successfully made up among the powerful rods for heavier species like bass, trout, walleye, etc. Plus, the tip is excessively sensitive to keep your process fully tracked.

The aconite inserts in the Fuji guides are another remarkable feature of the rod that performs its functions by keeping the lifespan and performance of the line. in addition, the guides are in abundance so you can finally say goodbye to friction and line entanglements.

Unlike split grips, there are AAA cork full grip handles that allow you to involve both your hands and thus multiply the power and leverage to better handle the fish and best boost your casting and retrieving process.

As long as it is concerned, the only drawback is the reel seat position that we found typical to tackle since it is uplocking so as we grab the rod, we got screw side at the best reach instead of the reel.

  • Excellent maneuverability
  • On fleek performance
  • High-end grips
  • Solid guides
  • Reel seat should be downlocking

For the left-handed fishermen, this is unthinkably the best bass fishing spinning rod that we think you should not drop out. Consisting of all the 3 elements of power, control, and strength it’s highly preferred for bass fishing.

Pre-purchase considerations:

Saltwater spinning reel buying guide


Guides are one of the critical parts of the rod that happens to manage the entire performance of the rod by keeping the line quality and functionality in accord with your expectations. 

The number of guides will tell you how the line flow will be. For this, consider good them since the more will be the guides, the less are the chances of friction and line twisting. 

However, the quality of the line is dependent on the inserts or, as a whole, the material of the guides. Zirconium guides are considered the best inserts that keep the wearability of the line and increase its life span. 

Although, as for the whole guide material, ceramics are of a top-class but expensive one. However, stainless steel is another solid material and is less expensive too but requires a Lil bit of maintenance.

Power of the rod:

The power of the rod is described as the force needed to bend the rod without breaking it. Modern rods usually come with the following power labels. 

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Lightweight 
  • Medium- lightweight 
  • Medium 
  • Medium-heavy 
  • Heavy 

To be exact, if you’re going for the bass, the above 3 is not going to help you as much as the latter three will, and the reason being, bass fish is usually heavy so in case you have opted for the lighter one, you would most likely break it.  

The action of the rod:

Action is the natural bending trait of bending while power is the manual one. Fast action is the most common rod action available out there because of its tip sensitivity and stiffness. The other options are moderate-fast and slow. 

Specifically for the bass, a moderate fast action is recommended due to its moderate bending ability and desired sensitivity. However, a slow-action rod could be the best if you aim for the fighting bass in the heavy covers and vegetation. 


Carbon is unmatchably the best material for a bass rod. It has the most stiffness, strength, and backbone needed to make the rod sturdy enough to go for bass of any pounds of weight. 

Graphite and other hybrid materials are also a considerable choice if you are not going to spend a good amount of money on them. 

Length of the rod:

Usually, longer rods are preferred for bass fishing. A good bass fishing rod ranges somewhere between 6 to 8 feet max. Shorter rods, for the fishing technique, will limit your casting distance as well as leverage over the fish.

Another reason for choosing the longer rods is, that they allow using larger lures plus the kind of hook set needed to catch the bigger bass. 

Handle type and gripping mechanism:

Full, split, and the pistol, with the pistol being the rarely available one. Though full grips give more space on the rod and allow for using both your hands to add power to the rod. Split grips are commonly used due to their ergonomic design and palm-ability. 

While considering the grips to be EVA, Cork design, or the Winn to have ultra-comfortability and stronghold. 

Rod variant:

Spinning rods are typically available in either 1pc or 2-pc with one piece being tough and durable and the 2-piece for having multiple features in a single pole. 

Although it is mostly a personal preference that what variant would match the best for your technique. However, here is an outcome that will help you figure that out. 

If you go for the one-piece rod, you will get strength, solid backbone, and durability. But, the casting distance would be the same as the one plus it might not be so flexible. 

In contrast, a 2-piece rod is the most flexible and gives you more leverage over any water condition or for any casting distance you aim for. 


Though we are glad that you made till here and we are sure that you probably have got your best spinning rod for bass. To summarise we’d like to suggest you never compromise on the quality as it is the basic feature that will help you get the bass out of heavy covers. 

Still, finding it hard to choose the best bass spinning rod? You can also choose from our best picks. 

Good luck!

Clinton Shannon

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