Best Telescopic Fishing Rods | Top-Rated Collapsable Rods 

Whether you know a few or a lot of telescopic rods or not, you must be aware of the delicacy of a telescopic rod. Surprisingly, a telescopic rod is nothing like a traditional rod, and thus, the factors differ greatly. With that said, it is also necessary to know what features to look for and how to make a right while purchasing a telescopic rod. Also, they are not at all delicate but the condition is, you must have to buy a well-constructed rod. Don’t worry, below we have the 7 best telescopic fishing rods and that’s exactly where we have covered you.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rods Top-Rated Collapsable Rods 

Well, before we get into the reviews let us explain a few factors to make your mind as to what to expect from a telescopic rod. First of all, they are highly portable and for this reason, they are mostly regarded as travel rods. These rods have guides at one side of the rod which sometimes affects the accuracy as well. Other than that, they are way more versatile than ordinary rods. Based on that, we have researched out a bundle of telescopic rods and reached out with the best of them as follows.

Top Picks from Best Telescopic Fishing Rods:

KastKing Blackhawk II
KastKing Blackhawk II
  • Soloscopic Performance Technology
  • Saf-T Keeper Hook Holder
  • Reinforced Reel Seats
  • Snug-Fit ferrules
  • Comfy EVA Handle
  • 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank
  • Quick Assembly
Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod
Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Reel Seat
  • 24 Ton Carbon Fiber & E-Glass Composite
  • Ceramic Guide Ring
  • Two Rotating Nuts
  • Comfortable EVA handles
PLUSINNO Fishing Rod
PLUSINNO Fishing Rod
  • Graphite Blank Construction
  • Incorporated with carbon fiber
  • Aluminum oxide guide
  • Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seats
  • EVA Fore Grip

1. KastKing Blackhawk II – Overall Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

KastKing Blackhawk II - Best overall

At the top of the list, we have Kastking Blackhawk II which is one of the most popular and stable telescopic rods. Here are the key aspects of the rod that you may get along with. 

Key aspects:

  • Firstly, it is a carbon matrix rod with a graphite reel seat.
  • Due to its creative construction, it does not weigh much and also maintains the quality of the rod.  
  • Floating line guides are yet another perk of this rod. 
  • With this rod comes an ergonomic grip for maximum comfortability. 
  • It offers 14 different length options that range from 6’6 to 8’0
  • You can avail this rod for both casting and spinning models.
  • The useability of the rods involves fishing for trout, bass, salmon, and kayak. Whereas, the condition can be both freshwater and saltwater.

Kasktking Blackhawk II is for everyone! Whether you are new or experienced, this rod has unmatched quality and construction. Also, you can get both spinning or casting models as per your preference in 14 different length choices!

2. Sougayilang Only Brave Collapsible Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Only Brave Collapsible Fishing Rod

Sougayilang comes as the most versatile and portable fishing rod with the most balanced guides. Not only it is made very amazingly but also functions likewise. Let’s have a look at the features you are going to experience with this rod.        

Key aspects:

  • Best action and flexibility you could ask for in a rod.
  • It features a solid carbon fiber material for extra strength and backbone
  • They have excellent customer service.
  • It handles heavier fish species quite easily without getting snapped or broken.
  • It offers the length range of 5’9 to 10’9 with five different models i.e 5’9, 6’9, 7’9, 8’9, 9’9, and 10’9.
  • They are the most lightweight. The heavier rod in this model weighs just only 10 oz while the lightweight is at 6 oz
  • Ceramic guides are yet another best part of the rod – it helps in lining more smoothly and evenly. 
  • For the handles, it has EVA grips.
  • It comes with two rotating screws for the best adjustment of your reel with the rod.
Sougayilang Only Brave lemgth rage

If you are looking for precision and smooth functionality within your telescopic rod, then you don’t have to look past Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod. Not only does it feature a decent build but is very comfortable and accurate to handle a good range of small to medium-heavy fishes. 

3. PLUSINNO – Best Portable Fishing Rod

PLUSINNO Telescopic rod

As for the 3rd best telescopic fishing rod, we have a Plussino fishing rod. These are some of the most innovative and nicely constructed fishing rods with durability as well as budget-friendly price tags. 

Key aspects:

  • The rod is incorporated with the carbon fiber mixed with the graphite blanks for optimum sensitivity.
  • In terms of tips, the rod is highly responsive
  • It includes a stainless steel reel seat, which is anti-corrosive as well to use for seawater fishing. 
  • There are four versions of the rod with different lengths. The smallest one is 5.0 ft, then there are two mid-length rods as 7.8 and 7.8. And finally, the largest rod they offer is 9.8 ft long
  • It features aluminum oxide rods for even line flow. 
  • The weight of these 5 rods ranges from 5.2 – 8.4 oz. 
  • Build with the EVA foregrips for comfortability and slipless gripping mechanism. 

Plusinno lives up to its name at “adding innovation” to your fishing rods. They are lightweight as well as highly budget-friendly. In addition, they come packed with the entire fishing package including reel, lures, bag, etc.

Most Expensive and Strongest Telescopic Fishing Rod:

Though, telescopic rods are generally cost effective however we got the Daiwa Ballistic as the most expensive yet sturdiest rod with max features you could ask for.

4. Daiwa Ballistic X Tele Spin – Most Strongest Telescopic Fishing Rod

Daiwa Ballistic X telescopic fishing rod

Daiwa Ballistic X is the most expensive yet the most luxurious rod to fish with. Well, the hefty price tag allows for a number of benefits that you’ll to know about this rod. 

Key aspects:

  • First of all, this is the strongest telescopic fishing rod on the entire list. 
  • It is made up of the highest quality carbon fiber for strength and flexibility.
  • It can be used for almost all kinds of fishing applications.
  • For the grips, here they have anti-slip EVA handles.
  • The reel seat is a Fuji DPS, known to be one of the easily adjustable reel seats out there.
  • It features 6 perfectly aligned Fujin O guides with 7 sections in the rod. 
  • At 5.6 oz, the rod stays lightweight and comfiest of all whereas the length is at 8.8 ft

In case your expectations lie in the strength of the rod then precisely, you can’t get a better rod than this one! With a little investment, Daiwa Ballistic can accompany you from littlest to heavy fish with maximum portability and the strongest manufacturing.

Best cheap Telescoping Fishing Poles:

Aside from the expensive options, we have made the cheapest section covering the most budget-friendly rods hereunder.

5. Magreel – Saltwater Retractable Fishing Rod

Magreel telescopic rod

Magreel is another carbon fiber extendable fishing pole that is built to resist harsh corrosion of saltwater perfectly, making it one of the sturdiest fold fishing rods. 

Key aspects:

  • Magreel is one of the heavy-duty rods incorporated with 24T carbon fiber
  • There are  6 different models having the length of the rod ranges from 5’9 to 10’8 ft.
  • The weight varies from 5.2 as the most lightweight to 10.5 as the heaviest. 
  • With this rod, you can use the lures of weight around 7 grams to 28 grams.
  • The most suitable conditions for this rod are; inshore and saltwater with your targets on salmon and bass.

If you are looking for a heavy rod, then your pick is all in front of you. Magreel is not just one of the sturdiest telescoping fishing poles but also comes with a reel, lures, and further accessories for fishing activity. So wait no more and have at it while you can.

6. Zebco Roam – Most Affordable Fold Fishing Rod Combo

Zebco Roam Fishing rod combo

Zebco is another affordable extendable fishing rod having one of the decent feature with an attractive green color. 

Key aspects:

  • There’s a twist-lock reel seat that locked up the reel which means no loose adjustments. 
  • The rod is entirely composed of fiberglass
  • It features shock guides for smooth line flow
  • The rod has an original length of 6 ft which can collapse down to 18.5 inches.
  • It has a moderate fast action with a medium-heavy power.
  • Also, it has a comfortable handle incorporated with EVA grips.

If you are a fan of colorful fishing products, then this might be the right product for you. Besides, in terms of build, it has a twist-lock reel seat, shock guides, and EVA grips – all in a fiberglass material. 

7. Quantum Embark – Conveniently Extendable Fishing Pole

Quantum Embark telescopic rod

Quantum Embark is the last collapsible fishing rod and perhaps a versatile and compact one. It is one of the most compact yet comfortable rods having loaded with a bunch of quality features. 

Key aspects:

  • The rod is available in 2 models; one with medium power and one with medium-heavy.
  • There are split-grip EVA rod handles to ensure comfortability and ease. 
  • The glass tip of the rod enables the sensitivity and responsiveness of the rod. 
  • There is a built-in hook keeper for the safe and tangle-free line flowing. 
  • Lastly, this is the only graphite rod on the list which makes it a bit compact but also it is a bit sensitive and less sturdy.

Considering the compact design, Quantum Embark is the most convenient retractable fishing rod. With it, you can have strong grips, decent guides, and a built-in hook keeper along with the glass tip. At that price with this many features, what’s more, you can ask for?

What features to look in for the “Best Telescopic Fishing Rod”?

choosing the right telescopic rod according to your need
Choosing the right Telescopic Rod

As you might be acknowledged by now the durability and strength of a fishing rod. But is it enough to look for durability only? Clearly no! I mean what possibly can you do with a rod if it’s not comfortable to cast with, specifically for telescoping? And this is exactly our motivation to write this guide i.e to research and list down the features that make the best telescopic fishing rod

With the help of this guide, not only you’ll be able to make the right purchase but it’ll also help you make 200 uses out of your telescopic rod. So let’s have a look at the following features: 

The type of built:

Everyone would direct you to consider a quality construction in your rod. And you may wonder with your perplexing mind what exactly is a quality construction? Well, the first has to start with the material that the reel is constructed from. It should be either carbon fiber or fiberglass. (not the pure carbon) and let us tell you why. 

Carbon fiber is a high-density material with the highest flexibility. These rods are exceptionally responsive as well. However, they come heavy as compared to graphite rods or pure carbon ones.

Other than carbon, Fiberglass is a good option. These are stiff and sturdy rods with so much power to offer. Nevertheless, if you don’t fish heavily (using heavier lures and jigs) then you may go for lightweight graphite or carbon rod but make sure you are gentle with it as it may break real soon. 

So this is the material for the construction, step ahead to see the components that come under the overall build of the rod. 


Titanium oxide or ceramics – are your best options. Stainless steel is a good option as well but makes sure The guides on the reels affect the quality of reeling the line in. Also, they are built on one side of the road so you gotta be additionally careful about that. 

The alignment of the guides is also a matter of concern over here. If the guides are not aligned in a specific sequence, then there’s no chance of getting the line through it smoothly. In addition, you have to look out for the friction factor as well and make sure it is at least as possible. 

For the guides, “metal” is the least recommended since they easily get corroded which means you can’t use them in the saltwater. They are heavy as well and also there’s so much friction. 


Understand the sections as the weak point or joint in your rod. More sections will allow you to have more length and more portability to store the rod. However, it’ll similarly increase the sensitivity of the rod. These sections make the rod vulnerable because not everyone knows the art of assembling, handling, and dissembling the rod. 

That is why look for fewer sections in your rod for a safe side. At least when you are just beginning fishing with a telescopic rod.


The handle represents your gripping mechanism on the rod. Though there are shorter and longer handles available. With the longer handles, you’ll have more control and maximize casting distance. However, if you don’t plan to cast longer, then you may go for the shorter and more comfortable shaft.

Along with the handles, you gotta see the grips as well. And for this, consider the EVA grips. The grips must be tacky and firm. Also sweet resistant and stain-resistant grips add value to it. Other than EVA, cork handles or contour grips can be a good substitute for it. 

Reel seat:

Although, many of the telescopic rods come with the reel attached to them. In the case of the rod only, you have to consider the reel seat as well. The size must be ergonomic and the screw adjustments should be accurate as well to accommodate any kind of reel. 

General specifications:

Apart from the construction, here are the general specifications that extensively enhance your fishing experience. Luckily, there’s not a huge list of specifications that you gotta read. Just length and weight make about the entire specification in a telescopic rod. 


Aside from being an advantage, length itself is a crucial factor. Normally, the length of the rod varies from 6 to 14 inches falling with short cast and long surfing rods within. And obviously, there’s no ideal fishing rod if you were wondering. It all depends on the fishing technique you use, which thus becomes your ideal length for a specific situation.  

Despite that, the length also occurs at the skill level you are at while fishing. For example, you cannot start fishing with a 14 feet rod at the very start. At least, 6-7 inches should be your range if you are not an experienced angler.

Although, both collapsed and extended rods will be affected by the entire length of the rod. Also, you can customize the long length in a telescopic rod. 


In telescopic rods, weight plays a strange role and by strange, we meant the characteristics of the weight factor over the reel. Normally, lighter rods are preferred with a good build. However, here the heavier rods have more leverage. If you are going for a heavy rod, it’ll;

  • Have a good length
  • Solid construction
  • More durable and comfortable

You may also be advantaged with the lighter rods too as they are easy to transport (because what are telescopic rods used for other than for traveling?). However, they are often sensitive so you have to be careful with them almost always. 

How much should you spend on a telescopic rod? 

And finally comes the most important factor! The price is where all other factors are dependent on – directly or indirectly. Normally, you’ll find telescopic rods for as cheap as 30 dollars and as expensive as 300 dollars. And then, the decision comes all the way down to your hands. 

However, before you make any decision regarding the rod, make sure you have your list of requirements all aligned with the rod you are considering. In our opinion, you can start with the cheaper but well-constructed rod. After going with it, you can invest a good amount in it. And always remember, the most expensive is not always the best! So make your decisions wisely.


To date, the longest fishing rod is the ZFF Telescopic Carbon Fishing Rod with a length of 13 meters long.

With a proper corrosion-resistance coating, you can use the rod for sea fishing. Before that, make sure you check the strength of it to deal with the harsh conditions of the sea.

Traditional cannot be collapsed while the telescopic rods can. There’s a huge difference in the structure of the rods as well. The guides in the traditional are evenly constructed whereas telescopes contain them at one side.

Ending Note: 

With the guide and FAQs, we are just ending the article right here. But before that, let us summarize it for you. Since all of them are portable, making quality construction your priority. Never settle for the misaligned guides. In addition, you can compromise on the weight in return for the strength of the rod. And practice the right method for assembling and disassembling the rod to keep it lasting for a longer time.

That’s it, this is all you need to know about the telescopic rods. Perhaps you may choose from our top picks;  

Have a nice journey with your new travel fishing rod! Goodluck!

Clinton Shannon

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