How to Cast a Spinning Reel – The Easy Steps

Want to enhance your casting distance and quality? Well, a step-by-step guide on how to cast a spinning reel in the right way including a few bonus tips might help.

How to Cast a Spinning Reel - The Easy Steps

The right techniques for spinning reel casting are exactly what makes them a lot easier compared to a baitcaster. Though a well-casted reel can position you better with your lures being used effectively. In fact, it can even bless you with healthy fatty game fish in both freshwater and saltwater. So, it all comes down to the process of casting, and thus, here we go!

Let’s learn how to cast a spinning reel:

learning how to cast a spinning reel in few steps

The first thing is getting the right equipment i.e the best spinning combo (reel and rod). Make sure your reel is well-spooled and you have set it up correctly. Now with the reel perfectly installed, follow these steps.

  • Grip your rod with the guides and reel facing downward in your dominant hand. With your hand and fingers, make sure the following:
  • Palm on the reel handle where it is joint with the rod in an upward direction.  
    • Ring and pinky finger at the junction.
    • Thumb at the top.
    • Index finger at the line.
  • Pull the line with your index finger in between the pads and release the handle now.
  • Start reeling the line till it’s 6 – 12 inches left hanging from the tip. While you crank the handle, keep releasing the tension from the line.
  • Open the bail now but don’t remove your index finger from the line while keeping it with the rod.
  • Target the place you want to throw your lure at. Considering that area, get yourself in the following position:
    • Right or the dominant leg at the back.
    • Knees bent down a little bit.
    • Your rod above your shoulder with the tip slightly pointing at the back in a vertical position.
  • Throw the rod away in a forward position using the motion of your arm and wrist. (Bonus tip: don’t put too much force). At this point, you can stop holding the line against the rod.
  • In addition, maintain the posture i.e feet on the ground and shoulders straight up to the target area.
  • Once the lure, bait, or spinning rig hits the water, you can close your bail. If need be, you can make adjustments with your hands by setting the position manually. That’s all about how to cast a spinning reel!

Commonly Asked Questions:

You can cast as far as up to 500 feet having a line capacity of 180 yards with a spinning reel.  However, it also depends on the size you choose. For example, a 10 size reel will not give you much line capacity for a longer spinning cast.

Definitely. A reel size decides how much line the spool can bear which directly affects how casting distance as you can cast as far as the line will go. So the bigger the reel, the better the distance.

A tangled fishing line on a spinning reel is because of a poor spooling in which the line gets overlapped over each other causing the line to mess up. The other reason is reeling in the slackline.

Summarizing how to cast a spinning reel:

So can we expect a nice cast with greater distances from you? With the guide considered, we guess “YES”! Though, having the right amount of knowledge about how to cast a spinning reel would definitely help you throughout your fishing activities whether inshore, freshwater or even fly fishing. So raise up your confidence, stay in the right posture, through the line away, and experience the real thrill!

Clinton Shannon

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