Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Effective Date _______

The Privacy Policy of Fishing Vogue defines how the website collects information, what is the intention of collecting data, and how the information is being used.  The way fishing gears and accessories are of high regard to us, our reader’s privacy and information matter to us in a similar manner. 

At Fishing Vogue, you are agreeing to the practices of disclosure of information. If you do not wish your information or data to be revealed then we suggest you refrain from accessing this website. For more information, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

What Information Does Fishing Vogue Collect?

Fishing Vogue obtains information and data from the visitors on the website solely for the purpose of improving the overall experience of the user. In addition to that, the collected information also plays a vital role in getting the statistics that help in enhancing the contents of the website.

Collection of Personal Information:

Personal information is the one that helps us in identifying an individual. It includes first name, last name, email address, mailing address, contact number, county, city, and state. Usually, Fishing Vogue obtains such information at the time of creating an account. On top of that, we also acquire information when you subscribe to our newsletter, leave a comment, reach us for an issue, and report a bug. We also retain your information at the time you are linking your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, along with similar online social media platforms. 

Collection of Non-Personal Information:

Fishing Vogue also keeps a track of non-personal information regarding a visitor on the website. The non-personal information may include the user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet Protocol Address (IP), operating system, browser type, and URLs of recently surfed websites.

How The Collected Information Is Utilized?

The information and data collected are used in improving the experience of individuals on our website. Along with that, the obtained information also plays quite a significant role in enhancing customer care as well as the performance of the website.

For instance, if you agree and subscribe to our newsletter, then the information gathered at the time of registering the account will be utilized to fetch your information and all relevant promotional material will be emailed to you.

How Data Is Shared?

Fishing Vogue is a website based in the United States. Even If you are providing your data from the US, your data might be shared outside your city and/or state for further processing. Along with that, the people residing outside the US, when providing information, must keep in mind that their personal information will be stored on the systems located in the US. The jurisdiction might differ from your location.

Information Disclosure:

We at Fishing Vogue hold the data and information of our visitors very valuable. In addition to that, we do not disclose any information collected from our users until and unless there lies a greater threat to the website. There are some situations in which disclosing the information becomes obligatory.

  • The data might be disclosed to defend and protect the rights of property of the website.
  • The collected information may be revealed to respond to legal requirements
  • If another company merges or completely takes over, all the acquired information and data will be transferred to the successor. Although at the time of passing on the data, a message will be displayed on the website along with an email that will notify each and every single individual associated with the website about the transfer of ownership.
  • If an entity claims the infringement by your side then your information and data will be disclosed to that said entity.
  • The acquired information may be revealed to affiliated third parties for marketing purposes.
  • All the collected information may be disclosed to higher authorities if we become aware that the individual is indulged in any sort of illegal activity.
  • Fishing Vogue holds the right to reveal any information if and when sees fit.

Data Security:

Fishing Vogue believes that the information and data we collect are extremely valuable. Hence the reason why we make every possible effort in order to protect the information you provided. Acknowledge that fishing vogue is not to be held responsible for the information you reveal yourself such as pictures, contact number, and email address in the comment section, online forum, or elsewhere.

 Protecting the data and information of our readers is our number one priority and this is the reason why we are dedicated to keeping the information you provide safe and secured.

Children’s Privacy:

We at Fishing Vogue highly disregard the collection of information and data from children. If we become aware of the fact that we have unintentionally gathered information on underage children then we remove all the data collected on them right that moment. This website is not intended to be used by individuals under the age of 18. If you are a parent and/or legal guardian that knows Fishing Vogue has wrongly obtained information then kindly contact us at [email protected]

Cookies, Web Beacons & Log Files:

Fishing Vogue asks you to whether accept the cookies or not. If you choose to accept it, then you are permitting us to collect your information. But on the other hand, if you decline cookies then you won’t be able to enjoy some features. Cookies are basically used to remember your previous information, for instance when you revisit the website, the dialogue box of log-in would autofill on its own. Not only does this enhances the experience for the users but at the same saves an adequate amount of time too.

Web Beacons are also used by Fishing Vogue in order to keep a record of what content attracts the most traffic on our website. In addition to that, the web beacons also allow the site owner to track where the user has spent the most time on the entire website.

Fishing Vogue utilizes log files as well in order to retain information about the patterns and similar activities of the website. In simpler terms, it provides the entire history of a user about their behavior.

Basically, Fishing Vogue combines all three technologies in order to enhance the overall performance of the site. Along with that, the blend of these trackers helps in determining what content has the most traffic and makes changes accordingly.

Does Fishing Vogue Change Its Privacy Policy?

Fishing Vogue constantly makes changes to its privacy policy occasionally. The prime objective behind keeping the privacy policy up to date is to improve the website. If any changes are made, all the concerned individuals will be notified via email. Moreover, the changes made will be announced on our website as well.


We also provide our users to opt-out from our services. A proper step-by-step guide describing how to opt out of the services is mentioned in each and every single email we sent along with the promotional offer and newsletter.