Shimano Curado DC Review | A Comprehensive Analysis

For decades, Shimano has maintained its prestige by continuously bringing change in the field of technology and constantly integrating the latest innovations in its baitcasting reels. The Shimano Curado DC baitcasting reel blew our minds with the inclusion of modern innovation and the latest technology such as Digitally Controlled Braking System, MicroModule Gearing Mechanism, X-Ship Technology, etc.

Shimano Curado DC
Shimano Curado DC
Shimano Curado

Overall, the Shimano Curado DC is a ground-breaking series due to the inclusion of high-end technologies. However, in order to fully understand how each and every aspect of the fishing reel is supposed to function, we will be going to offer you the required information in this Shimano Curado DC Review that will certainly prove to be quite useful.


Feel like you’re running out of time and can’t read the complete article? We’ve got you covered. Here are all the pros, cons, and our final take that you must assess before jumping to any conclusion.

  • Powerful drag system
  • Rigid CI4+ construction
  • Sturdy HAGANE Body
  • Digitally Controlled braking mechanism
  • Micro Module gear mechanism
  • SS3D spool
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • X-Ship technology
  • Drag power is not sufficient for bigger game fish
  • Quite expensive
  • Function to its full potential only in windy locations

Our Final Take:

The Shimano Curado DC is undoubtedly most suitable for amateur anglers fishing in freshwater including lakes and rivers. Shimano is the ultimate illustration of how companies can make their products stand out and gain a competitive edge over their rivals by incorporating state-of-the-art technology, just like Shimano did with the SVS Braking System. To summarize, the Curado DC offers its users a great deal of performance which makes it the first choice when going out to get a new reel.

Comprehensive Review of Shimano Curado DC:

All in all, the Shimano put quite a lot of effort into making the Curado DC as versatile as possible for fishermen which can be seen in its awe-inspiring features. Following are the minute details that we have discussed further below:

Digital Control System:

Shimano DC (Digital Control)

One thing that captures our attention while testing the reel out is the Digitally Controlled system that makes the investment worth every penny. The innovative DC system allows the anglers to control and adjust the braking system themselves which makes the reel even more compatible.

Not only that, the braking system is designed in such a manner that minimizes any risk of making a fishing line coming off the spool. Moreover, the braking system allows the anglers to cast and fish small lures such as perch, or zander.

Carbon Drag System:

My Personal Shimano Curado DC
My Personal Shimano Curado DC

Another factor that we noticed while analyzing the reel is that the Curado DC is loaded with quite a powerful drag system that goes for 11 lbs. The reason behind making the reel with such a drag system is that the reel can be used to fish ranging from small freshwater fish in streams and rivers to medium-heavy saltwater fishes. By keeping this in mind, it can be said that the reel can be utilized for both rivers, ponds as well as offshore reels. 

Rigid CI4+ Foundation:

The thing that makes the Curado DC stand out from its predecessors is that Shimano has brought a remarkable change in this model with the introduction of CI4+ construction. The main cause behind opting for this technology is to make the reel light in weight and make it more rigid in nature. This is the reason why Shimano Curado DC can be used for saltwater fishing effortlessly and has made a name for itself in the field of durability and reliability.

Strong HAGANE Body

The sturdy HAGANE Body of the Shimano Curado DC has certainly caught our attention while we were trying out the reel for ourselves. The powerful HAGANE Body of the Curado DC is composed of aluminum and magnesium making it anti-corrosive which certainly plays quite a significant role in making this reel exceptional from its competitors. 

MicroModule Gear:

MicroModule Gear
MicroModule Gear System

With the implementation of the MicroModule Gearing System, the mechanism allows the anglers far greater retrieves. In addition to that, another thing that we noticed while using the Curado DC is that the advanced technology has proven to be quite useful as the MicroModule Gear eliminates friction in the reel up to a great extent. Plus, this gearing system is so popular among different series as well, for instance, the Shimano Curado 200hg reel is also incorporated with the same technology to maintain the reputation of the brand.

Super-free Spool:

One impressive little detail that left us all surprising is the Super-free Spool that plays a huge role in bringing down the friction, which provides the anglers with an opportunity to cast the line quite freely into the distance. We’d also like to report how just this feature helped us to get 3 big basses out of Colorado when we are out on a fishing trip last year. 

X-Ship Technology:

The X-Ship Technology offers enhanced gear durability. This modern technology helps in strengthening pinion gears on both sides of the reel. So that the pinion gears remain in perfect alignment with drive gears which means that the gears won’t move even in the heaviest of loads. From this, we observed that the X-Ship Technology also allows the fishermen to further improve their casting line skills with lighter lures, resulting in longer casts.

IDC-4 Technology:

The IDC-4 stands for Intelligent Digitally Controlled technology comprising 4 different braking settings that can simply be adjusted on the go. These 4 braking settings allow the users to adjust ideal braking options according to their desired requirements.

In addition to that, the IDC-4 Technology provides the anglers a chance to fish without facing any backlash issues in harsh conditions when the reel is adjusted properly.

Line Capacity:

In the case of monofilament lines, the Shimano Curado DC reels accommodate a line capacity of 10/120, 12/110, 14/90. On the other hand, for braided lines, the line capacity is 20/150, 30/135, 40/105 in all of its different variations of the model. These capacities help reel in a great number of test lines which gives you leverage for having a massive amount of yards in your possession with a greater casting distance. 

Feather-like Weight:

The Shimano Curado DC is built in such a manner that it provides the most comfort to its users. With a lightweight of only 7.8-7.9 oz, the reel is fairly easy to carry around and handle. Because of its modern design of CI4 side plates, the reel immensely helps in reducing the weight of the reel.

Gear Ratios:

The Shimano Curado DC amazes us with a wide range of 3 different gear ratios that are 6.2:1, 7.4:1, and 8.5:1. These are the fast ratios that can pretty much frame you in a good position to fasten up your casts and catches with multiple successful retrieves. 

The main focus behind having 3 gear ratios is that the maximum number of anglers can use the reel with ease, no matter if they are experienced or not. Though, we cannot emphasize the enormous 36-inch retrieval per crank, enough on the handle of Shimano Curado DC 150 XG

SVS Infinity Braking System:

The SVS Infinity is quite a powerful braking system that uses tiny weights on the inside of the reel to trigger the brakes. The braking system is designed in a way to applies friction when casting.

One thing that we discovered while testing the SVS Braking System is that it allows the anglers in adjusting brakes on Shimano Curado and maintain the speed of the spool. This system can come in very handy while fishing with lighter baits as well. Moreover, the brakes of the system can be regulated with the help of the external knobs that come with it.

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings:

The Shimano Curado DC comes with a 6+1 rust-free ball bearing system that can hold out against severe saltwater conditions. The stainless steel bearings are used to prevent corrosion and for smoother operations. In addition to that, the ball bearings are composed of stainless steel that assists in the longevity of the lifespan of the reel.

Specs Chart:

CUDC1507.8 oz6BB + 1 RB6.2:12620/150, 30/135, 40/10511 lbs
CUDC150HG7.8 oz6BB + 1 RB7.4:13120/150, 30/135, 40/10511 lbs
CUDC150XG7.8 oz6BB + 1 RB8.5:13620/150, 30/135, 40/10511 lbs
CUDC1517.8 oz6BB + 1 RB6.2:12620/150, 30/135, 40/10511 lbs
CUDC151HG7.8 oz6BB + 1 RB7.4:13120/150, 30/135, 40/10511 lbs
CUDC151XG7.9 oz6BB + 1 RB8.5:13620/150, 30/135, 40/10511 lbs


In retrospect, it won’t be wrong to say that Shimano Curado DC has, effortlessly, raised the bar of fishing while simultaneously proving once again why Shimano is an exemplary name among all of its competitors.

Conclusively, we hope that the Shimano Curado DC Review has answered all of your queries and made you aware of all of its components and functions necessary to operate the reel to its full potential. This guide contains comprehensive knowledge of the product that will surely help you in making up your mind as to why or why not you should take the Curado DC on your next fishing voyage.

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