How to Spool a Spinning Reel | No Line Twists!

Backlashes are a regular issue of a baitcaster anyways so a spinning reel should be the least to expect tangled lines and a well-spooled reel is the way that can save you. Besides, spinning reels are a workhorse when properly spooled which is why learning how to spool a spinning reel is a necessity for every angler out there.

How to spool a spinning reel without line twist

Here we brought you the simplest method mentioning all the required tools along with answering all your queries to get your reels spooled properly.

List of tools:

Before we get down to the process, make sure you have all the tools ready on your table. These should include;

How to spool a spinning reel: (Step by Step)

Spooling a spinning reel requires assembling the reel to the rod first. Now take the line from the filling spool through the eyelids of the rod to the reel. Tie the knot, close the bail and start reeling in to spool your spinning reel.

However, the process is not as simple as it seems which compels us to explain it further as follows;

1. Assemble the reel on the rod:

Start by opening the bail of the reel and making it string on a spinning rod. If you are re-spooling the spinning reel, you can remove any line previously spooled on the reel. Tighten up the screws so that the reel won’t get detached in the middle of the spooling.

Assemble the reel on the rod

2. Keep the line and reel in the right direction:

Check the winding direction of the reel by turning the handle a few times. It is to make sure the reel and the spool wind in the same direction. If the reel turns clockwise, you’ll have to keep the spool in the same direction that allows the line in the clockwise direction. The same is the case with the anti-clockwise direction.

Keep the line and reel in the right direction

3. Start feeding the line through the eyelid of the rod:

Take the line and pass it through the first eyelid of the rod and then tie an overhand knot. Keep the knot tight then slide the spool in it, and finally make 2 more overhand knots on the spool to secure it firmly.

4. Close the bail and start reeling in:

Now comes the actual process of spooling a spinning reel with the line end being perfectly knotted to the spool. Close the bail and keep the spool in a flat-lying position and start putting the line on a spinning reel. Keep holding the line in the middle of the eyelid and reel and with a pinch apply tension on the spool continuously while cranking the reel.

Though, it is recommended to use a few monofilament or fluorocarbon lines as backing if you are using the braided line. In addition, you can use a line conditioner on the line as it helps smooth line flow and enhances the distance.

5. Keep reeling till it’s 1/8 inches left:

Once the line is spooled enough that it is 0.32 inches left, just stop spooling the line. First of all, the line will be enough for a decent cast and changing lures even if you fish in saltwater. Second, the over-spooled line tends to backlash and finally, it makes the reel unnecessarily heavy.

6. Cut the line and tie the lure:

In the last step, cut the excessive lines with a scissor or line cutter. Though, leave a few inches for securing purposes. Though, with the free end, you can tie any lure or bait, secure it with the tape or simply put it in the tab of the reel (if it comes with it).

You can also open the bail and string the line through the remaining guides and then leave a good amount down there before cutting it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Soaking the line before spooling always helps in a more even and smooth line spreading especially with mono. The reason being, the line soaks up the water which, as a result, sits on the reel without any tangles.

As explained above, the line should be spooled will its 1/8 inches left. In other cases, you can consider 3/16 inches from the edge.

Well, underfilling a spinning reel is not a good option as it affects the reel performance badly. Though, you can keep an eye on how much the spool is getting filled to get it in the right amount as – not too little and not too much.

Wrapping Up:

Understanding how to string a spinning reel or how to spool a spinning reel can make you master spinning reels up to 90 percent for sure. Though, it all takes a little bit of patience, the right direction of the reel, and of course, the right way which we think we are successful in providing you with. Now, we are really hoping for a perfectly spooled reel having 1/8 inches left from the edge. So, enjoy longer and smoother casts with your newly spooled reels, good luck!

Clinton Shannon

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