Smallest Baitcaster Reel | 6 Best Ultralight Reels 

Obviously, who wants a huge-sized heavy davy baitcaster when all they want is lightweight and finesse fishing? And there the need is the small and ergonomic reel that is easy to handle, convenient to manage, and works smoothly. Even though most of the low-profile bait caster reels would help you, that is not enough so here in this article we got you covered with the smallest bait caster reels so give it a read and get yourself an ultralightweight baitcasting reel and make most of your finesse fishing trips!    


Although a baitcaster lying between 4-7 oz is your option for having a good lightweight baitcaster reel. There is Shimano Aldebaran MGL at 4.8 oz which is known as the popular ultralight baitcaster reel. Similar to that, there are a few many reels that live up to that requirement. However, weight is not the only factor we are going to look into i.e it is built, the drags, braking system, material, and above all, the operation for how smoothly it works with the lightweight rigs. So lets us get you the reels with all these features that you’d love to have by your side!

Top 6 Smallest Baitcaster Reels

So far, these are your best option for ultralight fishing that can provide you with the most advanced features along with durability. Smallest baitcaster reels at a glance;

Shimano Aldebaran MGL4.8 ozMagnesium50
Piscifun Phantom5.7 ozAluminum70
Daiwa TATULA SV TW6.7 ozAluminum100
Shimano Curado MGL 706.9 ozAluminum70
Daiwa Steez CT5.6 ozMagnesium70
Piscifun Spark Pro7 ozAluminum70

1. Shimano Aldebaran MGL

Shimano Aldebaran MGL


Speaking of the smallest baitcaster reel, we couldn’t think of a reel better than the Shimano Aldebaran at 4.8 oz. Not only does it weigh the lightest among all the baitcaster reels but has the S3D spool, X-ship gears, and Hagane body that makes it one of the sturdiest and top-notch reels in the lineup. Then comes the Silenttune feature that makes the casting process serene and quiet.

The specifications call for the excellent bearing system composed of 10 well-constructed ball bearings making it ultra-smooth and sleek to cast with. The two different gear ratios i.e 6.5:1 for medium speed and 7.4:1 for fast and finesse fishing. While the 10-pound gear system serves as the cherry on top of this incredibly constructed reel. However, it is a bit pricier and we feel like, it should be as it offers more than an angler could ask in a reel.


  • Hagane body 
  • S3D spool 
  • SVS infinity braking system 
  • X-ship gear technology 
  • Cross carbon drag system 
  • Silentune quite casting technology 
  • Magnesium frame  

Why should you choose Shimano Aldebaran MGL?

Besides being the most lightweight, Shimano is the name that we could trust for quality and functionality. Aldebaran MGL is heavy-duty, offers as a maximum of features as a reel could, and works amazingly for lightweight fishing. It’s working with the lightweight lures and rigs that can truly make you a fan of this reel!

2. Piscifun Phantom

Piscifun Phantom


Piscifun Phantom with the carbon-fiber built is a great reel to have to carry all your finesse fishing activities. The reel is incorporated with the 7.0:1 gear ratio with which here you cast and there you retrieve with a blink of an eye. Moreover, its aluminum gear along with the anti-corrosive ball bearings makes it exceptionally sturdy and robust.

It features a dual braking system that gives an easy control system to manage the entire reel at your fingertips. Lastly, the elongated cranking handle truly makes this reel the most convenient and powerful to retrieve easily and smoothly.


  • Carbon fiber built 
  • Fast gear ratio 
  • Elongated cranking handle 
  • 4 disc carbon fiber drag washers
  • Double anodized Aircraft grade aluminum gear
  • Anti-corrosive bearings count to six 

Why should you choose Piscifun Phantom?

Well, “cost-effectiveness” is one of the reasons that make the Piscifun Phantom a highly considerable option. With being lightweight, it is user-friendly as well with all the high-end features such as a powerful drag, dual braking system, and durable gears. The quality and the price is a total steal for this reel!




Compatible, fast, and ruthless – that’s the explanation we have for the Daiwa Tatula SV TW model. Built with the specialized braking system which what they call is the Airbrake technology, you’ll have minimum no backlashes issues.

The zero adjusts spool works exceptionally for maintaining spool tension. That combined with the hyper-fast gear ratio of 8.1:1 is totally a beast! What’s more? The T-wing system-level wind takes out pretty makes all the operation by itself making the reel automatic and stress-free.


  • Zero adjust spool 
  • T-wing system-level wind 
  • Rigid aluminum body 
  • Mechanical Airbrake knobs 
  • Hyperfast gear ratios 
  • Ambidextrous orientation available 

Why should you choose Daiwa TATULA SV TW

If you want the speed as well the monster efficiency for lightweight fishing, then this is for you. It can provide you with the three fast options for lightweight fishing along with the decent aluminum built with well-constructed components. Besides, you’ll also have a choice of what hand orientation you want this reel for.

4. Shimano Curado MGL 70

Shimano Curado MGL 70


Another pick from Shimano is for affordability and performance! Curado MGL 70 features a MicroModule gear system with X-Ship technology making the reel extremely smooth and robust.

The reel is loaded with many features including a cross carbon drag system for effortless retrieves, MagnumLite spool for a non-tangled spooling, specialized bearing system of Shimano (S ARB) making the reel extremely sleek to use.


  • Cross carbon drag system 
  • MagnumLite spool 
  • Shimano’s specialized S ARB bearing system 
  • X-ship gear system 
  • C14+ carbon fiber built 
  • MicroModule gear system 
  • Frictionless super free spool    

Why should you choose Shimano Curado MGL 70

Shimano Curado MGL 70 is your best bet for flipping and pitching. Not only it is incorporated with quality features but also packed with a reasonable price tag – an added value though – so it’s definitely a not-to-miss reel with all these compelling characteristics.

5. Daiwa Steez CT

Daiwa Steez CT


Daiwa Steez CT is a reel you can’t go wrong with. The reel has to offer incredible components with its powerful bearing system composed of 12 corrosion-resistant balls, and a CT SV spool that takes care of the line with a T-shaped guide by eliminating all the forming backlashes.

Though we are a fan of the casting control that the reel offers; a few features we found truly intriguing are zero adjusters and Magforce Z which enable zero effort casting. The Air-brake system is yet another feature that didn’t fail to amaze us with efficient control.


  • Air-brake system 
  • Lightweight magnesium built
  • Duraluminium CT SV spool
  • Zero adjuster
  • T-Wing system 
  • 12 anti-corrosive ball bearings 
  • MagForce Z cast control 

Why should you choose Daiwa Steez CT

This 70-size Daiwa Steez CT is a performance-oriented reel being incorporated with technological internal and external components from gears to the brakes. Not only does it work fine but also has a healthy lifespan with less maintenance so don’t miss out to experience the most effortless casting with its highly advanced features.

6. Piscifun Spark Pro

Piscifun Spark Pro


Piscifun spark pro due to its captivating design and stability made it to our list of the best smallest baitcaster reel. What you can get with this reel is the carbon fiber drag along with a magnetic braking system meaning a cast with zero backlashes.

Additionally, you can take this reel to any water type whether freshwater or saltwater and that is how trustable the quality of this reel is. The aluminum main gear and the double-shielded bearings resist the corrosion perfectly and keep up the operation smooth and fine.


  • Adaptable in both fresh and saltwater 
  • Disc carbon fiber drag system 
  • Magnetic braking system 
  • Excellent cranking power 
  • Double hardened anodized Aircraft  main gear
  • Machined gear system 

Why should you choose Piscifun Spark Pro

Whether it is budget or functionality, the reel has covered you all! It’s stable, compact, user-friendly, and gives you no headache for managing and controlling the reel so step forward and save your money and efforts with this exceptional thing for finesse fishing.

What Makes The Smallest Baitcaster?

Precisely, the “weight” and the “size” of the baitcasting reel give the reel the title as to whether it is a small or large baitcasting reel. Speaking of that, the specifications concerning both which make the smallest baitcaster reel are as follows

  • Weight: 4 – 7 oz
  • Size: 50, 70, and 100

These are the basic factors that make the reel “palmable” so this is your prior consideration while buying one. Other than that, Material also has a part to play in making the reel lightweight which insists us to give you two options i.e Magnesium or Aluminum.

Well, magnesium is half of the aluminum weight so they have an upper hand in these cases (consider Shimano Aldebaran or Daiwa Steez CT). However, these reels are expensive and rare which allows moving to aluminum reels. Aluminum reels, on the other hand, are lightweight as well. They are highly anti-corrosive and meet the budget requirement pretty nicely.

Wrap Up:

Perhaps, a small baitcaster reel is all you need for fishing lightweight species while with the reviews of these 6 top-notch smallest baitcaster reels, we are positive that one of these would have matched your requirements. Besides, here is our conclusion;

That being said, we are done here. Hope you have hundreds of unforgettable fishing trips with these reels.

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